Ipsos: 55-45 to Labor

The Coalition crashes in the latest entry of a poll series that is coming in unusually high for the Greens.

The Fairfax papers have an Ipsos poll that belies last week’s improvement for the Coalition in Newspoll. The report identifies Labor’s two-party lead as 55-45, but it features a chart showing Labor to be leading 56-44 “by overall preference flows”, whatever that means. The primary votes are Labor 34%, Coalition 33% and Greens 16% – a high Greens apparently having become a feature of this series. Malcolm Turnbull is down five on approval since November to 40% and up three on disapproval to 48%, while Bill Shorten is down two to 35% and steady at 53%, while Turnbull’s lead as preferred prime minister is down from 51-30 to 45-33. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Saturday from a sample of 1400.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. zoomster

    ‘The only reason that your kid will never leave home or use that vocational degree that had become redundant by their third year of study is the variable of avocado on toast.’

    Sorry, what?

    A reference to the journo twit who wrote a while ago that if the “young people today” stopped having $20 smashed avacado for breakfast they would be able to save up for a house deposit .

  2. Can someone explain what is happening. The numbers to click on for groups of 50 comments have disappeared. A handful of comments displayed. There are Reply boxes next to each of the comments but no explanation of what this means. And no numbers or times on comments so no idea which are the latest. I can’t cope. Lets see what happens with Submit

  3. Ok am glad not only me, have emailed Crikey like Grimace,message back 3 hours ago back to u shortly.
    I am off until fixed up hmmm how long will that be I wonder?

  4. I’ll be back if/when they fix this latest debacle.

    Being unable to jump more than 5 comments is bloody ridiculous! How many “show more” hits does it require to get to the last of 2000+ comments d’you think?

    Stupid, stupid … STUPID! FFS you need coders who know what they’re doing

  5. poroti,
    yes. That’s one of the ratbags I was referring to.

    I have, many years ago, been faced with a shotgun wielding old man when I knocked on his rickety door in country NSW in order to access his property I was entitled to access. The situation was resolved by the mans attractive grand-daughter who appeared (the old man probably called her beforehand). She also happened to be the daughter of the president of the local Nationals branch.

    Her and her father and mother initially liked to call me the ‘cuntsultant’. After scones and tea relations warmed somewhat.

  6. Jenauthor

    At the least a practise site to look at setup before installing.

    However maybe its the ABS/Centrelink/ATO coders.

  7. CTar1

    Turnbull is saying his government is ‘delivering the economic growth the people of Australia deserve …’

    The Harbourside Mansion demographic obviously consider the peasants undeserving.

  8. Swanny to Truffles

    Wayne Swan
    Labor in the middle of a global recession grew the economy by 16%, that was good for business and workers #auspol #qt

    March 28, 2017

  9. @ Wakefield – it’s being set up to work like the comments in any of the Fairfax/ABC/Guardian live pages, such as Politics Now, markets Now, Politics Live etc.

    So you see newest first, and you are meant to respond to people by building up threads, instead of it all being in one.

    Basically, its more conducive to short, quick posts talking to another person who isonline at the same time, with posting as the main thing they are focusing on. It is of course terrible for lengthy discussions, involving multiple people and over multiple hours, days or weeks.

    A while back, I seem to remember they asked us if we wanted to move over to this system from the old one, with the answers ranging from “no please” to “hell no”.

  10. GG
    Bandt wasn’t just talking to the people immediately affected by the cyclone, but all Australians. The Greens need to bring up these issues, because the fence sitters in the ALP sure won’t want to rock the boat.
    When half Australia – including the ALP – is pushing the Adani mine, then we need people to stand up and call it out.
    If it annoys a few people with damage from the cyclone, then that is too bad. It’s no where near as offensive as what is happening to the Barrier Reef, or the damage to the economy and the jobs of those exact same people if the Reef disappears.

  11. This is very difficult for someone eight hours behind Australia to keep up with where the comments are up to.

    Hate the only a few comments loaded at a time and no time stamps or page numbers.

  12. It’s taken 6 or so questions re’ AFP pay and conditions to get the government to say there are pay negotiations going on.

    F#ck’en pathetic!

  13. Cyclones are more frequent and more intense than they would be if we had used our real resources sustainably. It is important for people to understand the political failures that are doing immense damage to people’s lives. Alternating between neoliberal Labor and neoliberal Coalition won’t do a modicum of good. Busting a gut so that some senior politicians from your tribe can become lobbyists for financial or fossil fuel groups in a few years’ time is a tragic waste of effort. The cannon fodder who do all that door-knocking to help a few people get a cushier life are doing themselves a grave disservice.

  14. Good afternoon all,

    The statement by Bandt re Cyclone Debbie is exactly the same as Turnbull and others jumping on the blackout in SA and blaming renewerables while thousands of people were still wthout power. No different.

    Both were nothing more than political opportunism and both deserve to be called out.

    You cannot pick and choose righteousness to suit your cause. No defence for Bandt. He is as bad as Turnbull.


  15. Doyley
    There is a difference. Turnbull lied. Bandt did not.
    Turnbull would not have been criticised if he had been telling the truth about the power outages. The political opportunism lay in the lie.
    People who come up with arguments like “you cannot pick and choose righteousness to suit your cause” use it as a smoke screen to cover their own political motives – such as dislike of the Greens.

  16. Did I read correctly from the final report on the SA power blackout that wind turbines will be a part of the solution rather than have been the cause?

  17. William – can you give us an update about these changes to PB ?

    – Have you any information from crikey about this?
    – Are the changes permanent ?
    – Is there anything you can do to have crikey web staff lay off changing things for the negative – at least for users, of whom quite a few are also Crikey customers, atm anyway.


  18. Nicholas
    Cyclones are more frequent and more intense
    * More intense
    * Less frequent

    According to someone who actually knows, ie the professor of Climate Science at James Cook University, Townsville, who I heard interviewed on the radio in the car just now.

    Still, Nick Boy has never let the truth get in the way of a good ‘tribal sledge’, and he can go shove his hauteur where the sun don’t shine for this:

    The cannon fodder who do all that door-knocking to help a few people get a cushier life are doing themselves a grave disservice.

  19. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has hired Audrey Zibelman, one of the leading players in New York’s ground-breaking “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV), as its new chief executive.

    Audrey ZibelmanThe appointment of Zibelman (pictured right) follows the death last year of her predecessor Matt Zema, and could signal the biggest ever shift in culture and technology of the AEMO, which is responsible for the operation of Australia’s main grids, but which has been criticised in some quarters for its slow response to renewable energy and other new technologies.

    The Reform the Energy Vision plan, launched by New York in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, in which thousands of New York State residents were left without power for weeks, is considered to be the most ground-breaking and progressive in the world.


  20. Troy,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, I do not like greens politicians, Bandt, Di Natalie etc etc because of their self righteous purity bullshit.

    Bandt wad using the Cyclone as a political opportunity just as Turnbull was using the blackouts. Both are bullshit but according to you Turnbull is a bastard for doing so but Bandt is a hero.

    Bandt is a hypocrite and if some posters , yourself included, try to justify the difference then they do themselves no credit.

    Anyway, nothing much more to say. We shall continue to disagree.

    Cheers and have a great day.

  21. Bandt’s claim that fossil fuel use is causing more frequent and more severe extreme weather events is factually accurate. Turnbull’s claim that South Australia’s black-out was caused by renewable energy was completely fake. There is a salient difference between the two.

  22. WTH is this? Where is the first and last post? This is just awful to try and follow and why are there only 6 posts??

  23. Catmomma, do you feel proud that Mark McGowan and his senior ministers will be taking lucrative lobbying posts for parasitic organisations in a few years thanks in part to your political peonage? Does it warm your heart to contribute to that outcome?

  24. Trog,
    Yeah, but making those comments in that situation and in that way undermines the whole objective.
    Fire and brimstone might make your self-righteousness glow and appease the inner need for opportunistic vindication. But, it will peeve a lot of people and they will simply stop listening.

  25. Nicholas,

    The point is both were using natural disasters to justify a political position at the same time people were struggling to survive without essential power food etc etc. and even before recovery efforts were under way. In fact Bandt jumped in even before the full force of the cyclone had hit.

    Anyway, time to go.


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