Newspoll: 51-49 to Coalition

The first Newspoll in three weeks records a coronavirus-related surge in personal support for Scott Morrison, familiar from international experience.

Courtesy of The Australian, the first Newspoll in what has been a dramatic three weeks finds the Coalition restoring its two-party lead, now at 51-49 after being the other way around last time. On the primary vote, the Coalition is up two to 42%, Labor down two to 34%, the Greens up one to 13% and One Nation up one to 5%.

These changes are modest compared to the leaders’ ratings, which, as Kevin Bonham notes in comments, produce the strongest improvements in Newspoll history for a prime minister on both personal ratings and preferred prime minister. Morrison’s approval rating is up 20 to 61%, with disapproval down 18 to 35%, and his preferred prime minister lead has blown out from 42-38 to 53-29. However, Anthony Albanese’s ratings have also improved, up five on approval to 45% and down four on disapproval to 36%. Eight-six per cent of respondents expressed approval for the JobKeeper scheme with 10% disapproving, with 64% rated the $130 billion expenditure the right amount, compared with 14% for not enough and 16% for too much.

The poll also repeated a suite of questions on coronavirus and the government’s response that featured in the last Newspoll three weeks ago. The headline findings are that 84% profess themselves worried (up eight) and 14% confident (down six) about the impact of the virus on the Australian economy; 41% are confident (down six) and 57% worried (up six) about the preparedness of the public health system; 67% are confident (up four) and 32% worried (down three) about information available on how to protect one’s self; 47% are confident (down fourteen) and 33% worried (down fourteen) about the performance of federal and state governments in managing the economic impact; 59% are confident (up eight) and 28% worried (down five) about governments’ preparation of the public health system to cope; and 75% are confident (up ten) and 20% worried (down eight) about governments’ performance in informing Australians how to protect themselves.

Sixty-seven per cent professed themselves worried about catching the virus, 38% about higher government debt, 36% about job loss, 35% about falling superannuation balance, 15% about house prices falling and 7% about none of the above. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Friday, a subtle shift from its usual field work period of Wednesday to Saturday, from a sample of 1508.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. The question is actually ‘ Who do you prefer as PM..”

    The SmearStralian polishes the graphic to read a more emotive term..

  2. Morrison proving that there is a reason why folk buy shit products like Coca-Cola, BMWs and what not: they love the bullshit.

    Scotty from marketing. A true political genius.

  3. And a repost of the expose of a possible Russian stooge making sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Biden – picked up by desperate Bernie Bro’s dupes like Clem and Nicholas..

    #1) A tweet response made by Reade just weeks before coming forward with new allegations seemingly contradicting her original story, and just days before The Daily Beast reported on the Russian media becoming concerned with Joe Biden’s resurgence. As you can see it seems as though Reade is admitting that she’s waiting for the perfect time to release her new allegations in order to hurt Joe Biden’s campaign:

  4. Its Time

    That bit of clickbait refers to the repurposing of an existing anti-clotting drug, which apparently has had some success in a particular group of severely ill covid19 patients.

    Not exactly a cure but might help some.

  5. Trump is also experiencing a lift in his approval too. Not as remarkable as Scotty because he’s Trump and he’s hopeless, but still.

  6. “sprocket_says:
    Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 9:47 pm
    Fess, my mother got her $750 yesterday for being a Senior Card Holder”

    What’s she going to spend it on, to stimulate the economy?

  7. Ok, so they consistently misreport the results. Almost a reverse push poll.

    how can you take them seriously when the polling results are spun by Simon Benson and crew?

  8. sprocket:

    Retirees getting their cash is one thing, but I didn’t think the extra unemployment payments were going out until this month or maybe later, and they’re the people who need it. But I may have misread that.

  9. Arrogant lefties here are frothing at the mouth because the average aussie sees the Government, And Scotty from Sales, as doing a good job balancing health and economic challenges.

    They do not see Albo or anyone else in the ALP as doing any better.

    Take off your red coloured glasses and accept reality.

  10. Blobbit

    My mother is not spending her stimulus money on anything. She is 89, near blind, and has everything she needs.

  11. Re: It’s Time – from the previous thread:

    “ Should we call this the Anna Bligh bounce?”

    Hope so.

  12. sprocket_ says:
    Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    Ok, so they consistently misreport the results. Almost a reverse push poll.

    how can you take them seriously when the polling results are spun by Simon Benson and crew?
    Is there any need to embellish the bias of The Australian?

  13. HoldenHillbilly showing us his colours.

    Okay, HH, how about you admit then that Morrison couldn’t have performed his job half as well if he didn’t have Sally McManus from the ACTU and the Labor Premiers helping him in the National Cabinet?

  14. Morrison’s net rating has gone from -12% to +26%, which I make to be the best result for a Prime Minister since Turnbull’s honeymoon period in October and November 2015. But Albanese is up too, from evens to +9%.

  15. Events, dear boy, events

    From Dr Bonham..

    Highest #Newspoll netsat poll-to-poll gains by PMs:

    38 Morrison (COVID-19)
    24 Howard (Port Arthur)
    20 Howard (Tampa)
    19 Hawke (Gulf War)
    18 Howard (9/11)
    18 Howard (Bali)
    17 Howard (Olympics)

  16. And a repost of the expose of a possible Russian stooge making sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Biden

    Your Russia-baiting is a disgusting attempt to discredit a person who has given a plausible account of being raped. What Tara Reade has said about Russia has no relevance at all to whether or not she was raped by Joe Biden.

    When will you take rape victims seriously? When will you grow a moral backbone?

    A very common trope that is used to smear rape victims is to try to portray them in an unfavourable light, instead of actually engaging with the substance and the details of their story.

    Mainstream Democrats claim that it is very important to listen carefully to rape victims and to take their accounts seriously. That is the main precept of the MeTo movement. But they are not doing that for Tara Reade because they find her accusation inconvenient. So instead they are engage in the same victim-shaming that is typically deployed against women who come forward.

  17. “sprocket_says:
    Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    My mother is not spending her stimulus money on anything. She is 89, near blind, and has everything she needs.”

    Indeed. Not saying she shouldn’t get the money, but that was the problem with that stimulus package. Giving money to a group of people where’s there’s a significant proportion who wouldn’t spend it.

    Anyway, that seems like a lifetime ago.

  18. You need a Seniors Health Care Card or Pensioner or Vets card to get the 750 Oxford. A Seniors Card issued by state governments is not enough.

  19. Not surprised at the TPP change, but surprised at degree of the change the PPM and approval ratings. However, I did think Scomo was doing a pretty good job at managing the crisis – finally a break from the dizzying spin. Up to him if he wants to keep his attitude change or if he’ll spiral down afterwards like Rudd did.

    In a crisis people look for strong leadership and stability, and he is offering it, or at least appearing to (which is all that matters in politics). Furthermore, it looks like people also approve of Albo (but by a less large increase), so it’s also a rally-around-the-flag effect.

    I wonder what the poll ratings for the state leaders would be, my feeling would be a similar movement. Would be interesting to get polling on NT, QLD, NSW & VIC

  20. Morrison has also smashed the record for poll-to-poll net satisfaction increase – he’s up 38 from -12 to +26, the previous biggest gain being 24 for Howard post Port Arthur.

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