Newspoll: 53-47 to Labor

Nearly two-thirds of respondents want Barnaby Joyce out as Nationals leader, as the Coalition and Malcolm Turnbull lose their gains from the year’s first poll a fortnight ago.

Newspoll has Labor’s lead back at 53-47, after its first new poll for the year a fortnight ago had it down to 52-48. The Coalition is down two on the primary vote to 36%, with Labor steady on 37%, the Greens steady on 10%, and One Nation bouncing back three points after a recent slump to 8%. Malcolm Turnbull’s lead as preferred prime minister is down from 45-31 to 40-33. All we have in terms of leadership approval at this stage are that Malcolm Turnbull’s net rating has weakened from minus 13% to minus 18%. Also featured is a finding that 65% of respondents believe Barnaby Joyce should resign as leader of the Nationals, which breaks down into a lot of detail I’m finding hard to parse from Simon Benson’s report in The Australian. The poll was conducted Thursday to Sunday from a sample of 1632.

UPDATE: Malcolm Turnbull is down three on approval to 34% and up four on disapproval 54%; Bill Shorten is steady on 34% approval and up two on disapproval to 54%. Only 23% agreed that Barnaby Joyce should remain Nationals leader, with 29% favouring him resigning from the front bench, 15% bowing out at the next election, and 21% quitting parliament immediately. The poll also finds 64% support for a ban on sexual relations between politicians and their employees, with 25% opposed.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. BW

    Sure, in complex or wide-ranging matters.

    But going in there with traumatised kids, and making sure he did not leave out “I hear you” or “give me your suggestions “?

    It is now absolute madness, and I’ve got to wonder is this accidental.

  2. Trump – “We’re going to be very hard on gun licences, we’re going to be very hard on mental health and gun licences, and very hard on lots of other stuff


  3. Saw Kim Beasley on ABC24 commenting on the current America/Guns thing. Smart man our Kim. Very direct and rational.

    Wonder if Truffles will be as direct and rational when he is asked about it.

    anyway, just visited the Infowars website to see what the fuss is about. Must now go and wash…….

  4. “We’re going to be very hard on gun licences, we’re going to be very hard on mental health and gun licences, and very hard on lots of other stuff”

    That would be hard on tweeting, hard on golf and hardon Stormy.

  5. Reachtel in the field.

    Primary vote?
    Preferred PM?
    PM satisfaction?
    Should Barnaby Joyce resign?
    Who should lead the Nats? (Canavan was one of the options.)
    Immigration levels too high, too low, about right?
    Immigration a benefit, cost, or neutral to economy?

  6. booleanbach

    Tah muchly for those links. This, praise be the intertubes, is an interview of Osama in 1993 by Fisk.

    Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace: The Saudi businessman who recruited mujahedin now uses them for large-scale building projects in Sudan. Robert Fisk met him in Almatig

    Bin Laden sat in his gold- fringed robe, guarded by the loyal Arab mujahedin who fought alongside him in Afghanistan. Bearded, taciturn figures – unarmed, but never more than a few yards from the man who recruited them, trained them and then dispatched them to destroy the Soviet army –

    ………………….If I had training camps here in Sudan, I couldn’t possibly do this job.’

    And ‘this job’ is certainly an ambitious one: a brand-new highway stretching all the way from Khartoum to Port Sudan, a distance of 1,200km (745 miles) on the old road, now shortened to 800km by the new Bin Laden route that will turn the coastal run from the capital into a mere day’s journey

  7. The ALP is in a very hard situation. It can’t report on politics, because it isn’t allowed to say mean things about the government which make Malcolm cry, and if it says anything about the Opposition it will have to talk about the government because balance.

  8. Ruddock is well and truly locked on to the public teat. Turnbull appointed him Special Envoy for Human Rights while he was still in the parliament and having been elected way back in 1973 I hate to think what his superannuation is worth.

  9. It’s way past time we had this issue raised. Just a shame that it had to be Abbott that did it. That will make it very hard to keep the debate objective and rational.

    Dick Smith’s been on about it for years. As has Karl Kruszelnicki. Of course, Abbott has different motivations to those two.

  10. This is a very good article on the modus operandi of the Russian bots and trolls:

    Analysis of automated Twitter accounts and those linked to Russian influence campaigns show how they use daily news events to act on the Kremlin’s reported desire to promote disharmony abroad…

    On any given day it shows how the accounts seek to hijack news events to get eyeballs and retweets on their posts.

  11. CTar1

    Yes, the willingness of French workers ,farmers,students etc to arc up has long kept my hopes up for we peasants in the West. That and German unions being on company boards. Anglo-Saxon world, not so much.

  12. C@tmomma

    The Russkiy bots can be as Putinist as they like but the notion that $5 million, can blow away the $1.6 billion is a bit of a larf. Especially as a fair amount was after the election and some were, quelle horreur, dedicated to “cute puppies’.

  13. I just noticed that Andrew Broad, who has called out Barnyard as being unfit to lead the Nationals, and should go to the backbench, is in fact the Member for Mallee. In the interview I heard, he said WTTE that ‘his people had talked to him about it, and wanted something done’ – his people being his Nat members in Mallee.

    Now one of those people is John Forrest, former Member for Mallee for 20 years until 2013, and National Party whip. He would hold Mallee with 70% primary. A true Mallee Boy, the voters there loved him.

    I had a fair bit to do with Forrest back in the day, and he was one of Nature’s Gentleman – honest, concientous, loyal, but always looking to do good. He never rose above the Whip role to a minister because, well to be frank, he wasn’t an arsehole nor an arse licker.

    So it is not surprising that the first break in the wall of spivs supporting the rooting rorter Barnyard comes from the new Member for Mallee, who despite having a reputation as a god bothering hick, is smart enough to take the gentle counsel of his branch members.

  14. poroti:

    It’s alleged those Russian bots stole the identities of actual Americans to solicit fundraising activities. Surely you don’t condone that.

  15. Confessions

    Yes indeed identity theft is a crime and that is pretty much all Mueller has them for. Their ads, no matter how putinbot, were in size and number a pimple on the bum of the flea on an elephant.

  16. GG

    Correct. That is what happens when you’re composing an email to your local branch with one part of your brain and slagging off at the national broadcaster with another…

  17. I suspect Emma Alberici has won an internal battle at the ABC over her article.

    Even though some things have been cut out of it, it is probably an even stronger argument against the government’s policy.

    I think I saw somewhere that she had had her lawyers involved, which is obviously why the ABC has put in the bit about how respected she is and I suspect she was the one who did the rewrite personally.

    I think her editors who folded when Turnbull arced up have probably been the big internal losers.

  18. Poroti:

    Twitter disagrees if the number of bot accounts that have been purged are any indication.

    And besides, 150M Americans were exposed to Russian propaganda during the election. We wouldn’t be having this ‘debate’ if this was Isis media. Malcolm Nance says he wrote a book about the influence of Isis on social media and facebook and twitter were quick to shut down those accounts and adverts.

  19. Player One @ #2491 Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 – 10:06 pm

    LU not logged in @ #2475 Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 – 9:26 pm

    Dick Smith’s been on about it for years. As has Karl Kruszelnicki. Of course, Abbott has different motivations to those two.

    Yes, but neither of them has managed to get a debate going. Abbott may do that – but it will be a debased debate!

    I’m happy with a debate as long as it doesn’t resort to racism and bigotry.

  20. Right Wing poster boy Andrew Hastie opining on BeetRooter..

    Hastie- “No one is perfect but as I said the office of Deputy Prime Minister is the second highest in the land, it requires character, and I believe he (Joyce) has failed that character test.”

  21. Hastie- “No one is perfect but as I said the office of Deputy Prime Minister is the second highest in the land, it requires character, and I believe he (Joyce) has failed that character test.”

    Where does Military Boy fit the GG is his hierarchy of office bearers?

  22. WB

    “Trump isn’t very good on his feet and clearly doesn’t really care about the kids enough to trust himself to wing it.

    And that’s not a big deal?”

    Let’s put it this way; it hasn’t lowered my thinking about him. I knew he wasn’t good on his feet and didn’t care about dead kids before. The man is a moral vacuum. He hasn’t got a shred of humanity in him.

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