Newspoll: 54-46 to Labor

Malcolm Turnbull’s personal ratings deteriorate still further amid an otherwise stable result from Newspoll.

Newspoll retains its comatose form in its latest fortnightly result, with Labor steady on 37%, the Coalition down a point to 35%, the Greens steady on 10% and One Nation steady on 9%, and Labor’s two-party lead unchanged on 54-46. Malcolm Turnbull’s personal ratings have worsened, down one on approval to 31% and up three on disapproval to 59%, while Bill Shorten is respectively down one to 32% and up one to 56%, with Turnbull’s lead as preferred prime minister at 41-33. Poll courtesy of The Australian; numbers helpfully related by GhostWhoVotes.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [Dan Gulberry
    comment image:large

    It was a clash of scheduling rather than the 37 viewers his show attracted.]

    Poor Chris, has he ever fully recovered from his dose of ABC satire?

  2. C@

    I’ve noticed that before.

    Why does the SMH put this sort of article in with whether ‘home & away’ is worth watching tonight?

  3. I was a bit concerned (not really) that the LNP might wage a ferocious and hard hitting campaign in Qld and blow Labor out of the water. Until I saw a couple of their ads on prime time TV tonight. So I went looking for the videos and found those plus a couple more.

    Feast your eyes on this amateur hour stuff

    They were supposed to have a huge war chest. Hope they wasted a lot of it on this crap.

  4. CTar:

    On Aussie internet, Telstra have sent me a free NBN modem and phone that I can install and sign up to join. If I choose not to I have to send the kit back (they give a reply paid return bag).

    I keep hearing all the terrible complaints and don’t want to go there, but OTOH I wonder if I should look a gift horse in the mouth.

  5. Wow, Chris Kenny has been ‘boned’ by SkyNews. How humiliating that he ranks below such twerps as Murray and Bolt. And Campbell Newman FFS, he is worse on TV than Bronwyn Bishop.

  6. Tim Nicholls: “Queensland in the 1970s wasn’t hamstrung with too many rules and regulations.”
    “We need a government that gets out of the way. To let business get on with the job.”
    ….of ripping the guts out of Queensland until there is no Environment left, unlike the way there was when I moved here with my mum and dad in the 1970s. 😉

  7. sprocket_ @ #447 Monday, October 30th, 2017 – 6:57 pm

    Am up here in the Sunshine State at the moment. No sign of any campaigning whatsover yet, although the Courier Mail had about 8 pages of coverage.

    What is Murdoch’s view at this early stage? Well a pox on both parties is his opening gambit in the CM editorial.

    When push comes to shove, the Curious Snail will back the LNP; unless of course there is a pending landslide then they will back the winner to give the impression they are kingmakers.

  8. CTar1

    Overt the Tasman read it and weep…
    “In practice this means customers will see download speeds between 900Mbps and 970Mbps and upload speeds of up to 500Mbps.” Chorus’s residential wholesale gigabit broadband service will be available to broadband retailers at an introductory price of NZ$60 a month (US $45) until 30 June 2017 after which it increases to NZ$65 a month. The business service will be priced at NZ$75 a month (US $56) from launch”

    Full article:
    For more articles like this, follow us @GlobalTelecoms on Twitter.

  9. Confessions, did you ask for the modem and phone? Seems rather a risky marketing ploy. I wonder how many modems and phones going missing.

  10. Confessions @ #455 Monday, October 30th, 2017 – 8:52 pm


    On Aussie internet, Telstra have sent me a free NBN modem and phone that I can install and sign up to join. If I choose not to I have to send the kit back (they give a reply paid return bag).

    I keep hearing all the terrible complaints and don’t want to go there, but OTOH I wonder if I should look a gift horse in the mouth.

    “fess, you get the free modem and phone service whoever you go with. Look up MyRepublic. I had such a smooth transfer with them I hardly noticed it. Aussies in the Call Centre and a decent Aussie company.

  11. Poroti, I heard a well-informed caller on Jon Faine the other day complaining about the shit NBN we have compared to NZ, Japan (and quiet a few other countries). Jon Faine was trying the excuse that we are a spread out country etc so should expect to have a crap service. The caller would have none of it, he just said Jon didn’t know what he was talking about and was WRONG. It was powerful and shows the dissatisfaction the population has with what Malcolm has dished up.

  12. PeeBee

    The problem with the argument “we is a big country” is running a cable a long way between cities is not that expensive it is the “house to house” delivery which costs and urban NZ is as dense as urban Aus. Even though the the distance between cities/towns is waay less in NZ the “verticality’ and instability of the landscape makes up for a fair bit of the distance advantage.

  13. ‘fess

    I can install and sign up to join

    I don’t know nearly enough to offer even a suggestion on this stuff but I’m wary of these sort of offers that require you to pay for their service for a year or more i.e. sign a contract.

    I keep my mobile phone on pre-paid and my Fetch box I bought rather than have my internet supplier supply it for ‘free’ if I signed up for a set period.

  14. Poroti, that is what the caller said to Jon. The Australian NBN is a cockup, because Malcolm wanted a cockup and that is what we got.

    Not only did he select the worst technology, he also sat on his hands when it comes to greenfield developments. A young architect I know was looking for a new flat. Number one criteria was the new flat had to have fibre to the premise as he works from home. He has rejected quiet a number of new flats because the developers put copper in the walls from the basement (which in many cases are serviced by fibre). The loss of speed in the copper, even after a few floors, is significant. Malcolm should have mandated fibre from the basement to the flats for all new developments. He is a complete idiot and should not have been given the responsibility.

  15. PeeBee:

    No I didn’t ask for it. I got an email from Telstra a couple of weeks ago telling me my new hardware was on its way and this afternoon when I got home from work it was sitting on the front doorstep.

    My first reaction is to post it back. I wonder if others who have the NBN newly connected in their neighbourhood have had similar offers, or if this is a proactive marketing solution given the high volume of NBN complaints.

  16. re. Bishop and MOMENTUM – I saw this as a tilt for the big chair, clearly she was trying to outdo Turnbull and his Continuity with Change

  17. Confessions

    It is a legit offer. I had the same package turn up on my door step from Telstra. New modem and the phone thingy.

  18. It’s ON !
    “No plans to challenge
    Julie Bishop says she is happy with her current role ………………..”

    That looks like an “official denial” so yes, it’s on.

  19. poroti

    see download speeds between 900Mbps and 970Mbps

    It’s the ‘up to X’ that’s crap here. I want to see ‘between’.

    Morrow goes on about not enough people sign up for the ‘faster’ services but who is going to when they don’t guarantee that you’ll get the faster speed?

    My ADSL now is pathetic at 5Mbps at it’s best so I’d try the up to 25Mbps a second and see how that went … if I didn’t get close to 25 consistently why would I sign up for anything more?

  20. Confessions, would you know how to install the modem? I mean, there has to be a socket to plug it into. Thinking about it, I suppose that socket would be the one your current phone is plugged into. (Ie using the old copper wires that Malcolm thinks is good enough).

    Had a neighbour knock on the door yesterday asking if I was on the NBN yet (I’m not). He was trying to work out why his NBN connection has failed (it had been out of action for 3 weeks). He had been asked to see if other people in the street were having problems so as to isolate where the problem was. He was not happy!

  21. Confessions

    I have it and was meant to install it last weekend. But never got around to it. Such is my sense of urgency to join Fraudband. 🙂 The modem is (apparently) needed for fraudband and the phone is an ‘optional’ so you can make phone calls using the internet.

  22. Jusr watched leigh sales nice little tummy rub with julie bishop. compare and contrast with sales hectoring of sally mcmanus last week.

  23. CTar1, exactly, if it is substandard, why pay more. One neighbour has a 12.5mbps service (not very well advertised by the way), just run a phone. His speed in actually is 4mbps, I haven’t asked if phone can work with that speed!

  24. PeBee/Confessions

    The Modem comes with a fairly straight forward “How to” install card. It should be OK for all but the least confident “tech” people. In which case a call to Telstra should ( eventually) get you on to someone to walk you through the set up.

  25. Poroti, many RSP ‘give’ you a phone service, but you actually pay for it. If you don’t want a landline, let them know, you may save $10 a month. Many people I know only have mobiles. They are usually young and can’t see the need for two phones so ditch the landline.

  26. poroti, PeeBee:

    I’m of a mind to send it back and wait out the 18mths until I have to make the switch. Hopefully by then some of the problems may have some kind of resolution.

    But at the moment I have no desire to move to Fraudband either!

  27. PeeBee

    I’m Ye Olde and ditched the land several years ago. Why ? The #$#$%$%$!!!! phone calls from a zillion and one charities in the evening.

  28. Confessions

    Your thinking is along mine. Wait until I have to and hope that some of the crap has been ironed out by then. So I’ll keep it tucked away till then.

  29. I think Kevin was right about the ‘drag back’ to the conservatives in actual elections as distinct from polls. Labor has scored 53% 2PP in a real election only once since WW2 (i.e. Hawke 1983). Then whatever the score is at the end of election night is depressingly whittled away in postals in the following 10 days. Labor needs to go into the election with at least a 52 lead, preferably 53.

  30. I just keep my landline for the internet service. I turned off the ringer ages ago. I had elderly family members who would call my landline rather than my mobile, but sadly they have passed. I’ll ditch the landline when I get the NBN.

  31. There are many strings being pulled on Michaela Cash’s union bashing puppet.

    There are many turns being made on Michaela Cash’s union torturing rack.

    There are no doubt many twists remaining in Michaela Cash’s tale of how the media got invited to a police raid on a union for which no crime was alleged to have been committed.

  32. Confessions @ #470 Monday, October 30th, 2017 – 6:22 pm

    Thanks C@t, will check it out. But we don’t have much choice in regional WA for internet providers.

    My inlaws use Westnet (iiNet) in Manjimup and pre NBN it was a good service. The NBN speeds they achieve now are atrocious. I’ve previously posted about actual down/up speeds achieved and on the basis of their experience, would advise you to stay away from Westnet/iiNet NBN, despite having 12 years of great experience with them as a business and home customer on ADSL.

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