Newspoll: 53-47 to Labor

Malcolm Turnbull’s personal ratings bounce back from recent lows, amid an otherwise stable set of readings from Newspoll.

Via James J, tomorrow’s Australian brings us another result showing Labor leading 53-47 on two-party preferred, from primary votes of Coalition 38% (down one), Labor 38% (steady) and Greens 10% (steady). For some reason, Malcolm Turnbull’s personal ratings have recorded an uptick, with approval up four to 34% and disapproval down four to 54%, but lead as preferred prime minister is unchanged, shifting from 42-32 to 43-33. Bill Shorten’s ratings are unchanged at 36% approval and 51% disapproval. The poll was conducted Thursday to Sunday from a sample of 1846.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. too pessimistic Steven. Labor took it to the last election and haven’t backed away from it since. Now Liberal state governments are out and proud saying it has to be addressed the momentum is with reform. That of course doesn’t mean it will get up, but I’m pretty confident that this pack of loons is determined to give itself the mother of all hidings that Labor will have the means of making reform stick.

  2. Prakash was from a Cambodian and Fijian background
    It is time for Dutton to give all Cambodian and Fijian grandparents and great grandparents a pizzling for dereliction of duty.

  3. The story I read is that Turnbull and Morrison took negative gearing reform to cabinet and they got rolled by Dutton et al who said that they should instinctively oppose a labor policy. So the PM AND THE TREASURER for god sakes got rolled in Cabinet on this and Malcolm took it on the chin. As Ratsak says, all that’s done has create trouble for him.

  4. Brandis needs to go to protect the Government from further embarrassment.

    Negative Gearing needs to go to give all individuals a fair go on the home ownership playing field.

  5. Boerwar,

    Looks like it’s going to be a big year. I have a big worry for Lismore at the moment. The drought index up there in the ‘nuclear option’ territory.

  6. I just saw a Canberra ABC news report on negative gearing. Lashings of Scott Morrison, but also the token property investor arguing the case – a fellow named Phil de Fegely with ‘two small apartments’.

    So I googled him. Turns out he is a real estate auctioneer. So, in the industry with a big stake in rising property prices.

    THEIR ABC never pointed out this salient conflict of interest.

  7. TPOF – Your ignoring the indian guy who said he was competing with property investors. I actually thought it was fairly balanced. The auctioneer looked like a turd and Morrison looked mad as usual.

  8. Good afternoon all,

    I have come here to make one comment only, then I will leave and never return.
    If the moderator would permit this it would be greatly appreciated.
    I am going to assume that at least some of you will know who is
    posting this comment.

    I feel compelled to apologise unreservedly to anyone here I may have upset
    or hurt recently.
    By way of explanation, and without attempting to excuse myself, or
    elicit sympathy, It should be known that I have several diagnosed and
    at times acute psychiatric disorders.
    On top of various medications for this, I am also prescribed very
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    All of this is usually manageable, except for when I drink.
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    I know that drinking is a temporary solution and only make these
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    I woke up yesterday Morning, racked with guilt and too depressed to
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    I have literally no recollection of what was said only that it was
    very bad, I haven’t looked back through older pages to see, and can’t
    bring myself to do so.

    What I am attempting to say is that person is not me, it is the demons
    in my head, and probably nothing I say when in this state of mind has
    any basis in reality.

    If you were to ask anyone who knows the sober me, they would tell you
    I am a very nice bloke.
    The kind who would pull over on a free-way to
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    Goodbye and God bless.

  9. Outlook from that nest of Commie Warmists the Bureau of Meteorogy is for hot and dry over Eastern Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. Melbourne and Adelaide look about average, while Tas and SW WA including Perth look cooler.

  10. “Our Pauline” was swimming off Yeppoon and saving the reef from 15k off the coast. Unfortunately the imbecile of a thing is speaking in the beer garden of my local watering hole (Emu Park ) in 23 minutes. I’ve posted up my opinion on this on several local social media outlets. Lets just say that there are a lot of ignorant rednecks in my neck of the woods.
    I’m passing on attending. I think a severe bout of diarrhoea would be more enjoyable and enlightening.

  11. John Smith

    Oh, ha ha. I guess its’s just a coincidence, but you seem to have the most common name in Christendom.

    Anyway, I call bullshit on your “announcement”

    How about you piss off to where eternity awaits you.

    And take John Boy with you.

    There’s a good lad.

  12. I see Melbourne is having a cool spell, it hasn’t reached 18 there since Monday and the Thunderstorm Asthma emergency. Pauline Hanson would probably say that means Global Warming is disproved. Maybe Bolt or Ackerman or one of the usual suspects is already declaring that.

  13. Eminently predictable: Turnbull’s “American Success” may turn out to be a case of counting way too many chickens before they are hatched.

    PArfor the course with this incompetent mob.

    Two senior Republicans have written to the Obama administration demanding it release details of the US-Australia refugee deal and accusing it of withholding information from Congress.

    Analysis Australia’s deal to resettle refugees in the US: what we know so far
    The details we do and don’t know about the US agreement to take some refugees from Australian run-detention on Manus Island and Nauru
    Read more
    The two men also raised “concern” about their country accepting refugees from countries designated as “state sponsors of terrorism”.

    Veteran Iowa senator Chuck Grassley and Virginia congressman Bob Goodlatte, chair of their respective houses’ judiciary committees, addressed Tuesday’s letter to secretary of state John Kerry and secretary of homeland security Jeh Johnson.

    Earlier this month Kerry and the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, revealed the US had agreed to consider resettling an unspecified number of refugees from Australia’s Pacific island immigration processing camps.

    Grassley and Goodlatte indicated they had been offered a classified briefing on the deal, but instead called for the agreement to be made available to all members of both houses: “We … firmly believe the American people should be fully aware of the specific details of this agreement and why it was done in secret.”

  14. Surprise surprise. As predicted, the execrable 7.30 leads with TERRRORISM, and no mention of Brandis.

    No wonder the ratings are tanking.

  15. Interesting comment on the Guardian:

    As someone who followed all the MDP discussions closely for
    some time, I seem to have missed a major point here and need
    help understanding.

    When the agreement was finally ratified by all the States it was
    clear that SA could get its 450 gig’s on any year with inflows
    from the 30th percentile onwards ie: there was plenty of wriggle
    room. The water buy back and the remediation programs further
    ensured this and the farming and community offtake (at 1995
    levels) was also assured.

    To my knowledge Vic., SA and NSW have stuck to their allocation
    levels ie: they have not allowed the cap. to grow

    I cannot locate public records for Qld. since they ratified the MDP
    on their usage vs allocations.

    Certainly various farming reports about crop sizes, land under irrigation
    etc. indicate ongoing growth of offtake since the agreement in that State,
    certainly well above 1995 levels.

    I can only conclude that Joyce is covering up for some breach of the
    2013 agreement by Qld. corporate farmers or Govt. or has made some
    huge “misspeak”.

    Has Barnaby promised the 450 gig’s to a party or parties outside the
    agreement……does anyone know ?

  16. John Smith

    That is one of the most heart felt apologies I have ever read.
    I believe you when you say you are fundamentally a decent bloke because only a decent bloke could have written that. So don’t be too hard on yourself. You have an illness which clearly makes your life very difficult and I wish you well in your constant battle with it.

    PS Don’t pay too much attention to what Kezza said. She has had a few problems of her own.

  17. What was vicious about calling out ludicrous John Smith?


    Do I have to couch everything I say in terms of cute doggies, or navigation techniques in optics?

    You’ve never been backward in coming forward.

    Am I taking up your space?

  18. Really? I comment for second time, from lurking back [almost daily like hundreds of others] to the Gillard years and I cop abuse from Kezza regardless of other members saying same/similar?
    CRIKEY.. pun unintended
    You’re a nasty piece of work mate as BB has just pointed out.

  19. I would demand Turnbull’s children as hostages, and even that probably won’t work.

    Sometimes sacrifices have to be made and Turnbull has never resiled from making others make those sacrifices for his greater good.

  20. John Smith,
    I appreciate your personal insights made public tonight.

    We all have our demons to varying degrees and if I could tell you about my past of dancing with the devil it would make you blush. However I had an epiphany one day, like I hope you have and it seems like you have. Mine revolved around the fact that I had little people (at the time) that I had brought into this world, and it was damn time that I stopped acting like a 2 year old myself. I just thought that I wanted to be clear-eyed enough to drink in every breath they took and every move they made before they grew to hate me for what I was.

    It became very easy after that because I just felt personally embarrassed if I lost control. I did. A few times. However that just reinforced, after I had realised what a ninny I must have looked like, my determination to do the right thing.

    The return on investment you get from your family appreciating the effort you are making, because they can see the good in you, as you say, just makes your heart burst with the sort of love you thought you would never be able to feel for anyone on this earth, so self-absorbed was I.

    Alcohol and other drugs, I realised, were just like putting band-aids on a gaping gash.
    Prescribed medication is a different question, of course. However, even so I always just ask to be given the lowest dose I can comfortably get away with. And I have actually found that laughter IS the best medicine. So now my motto is ‘Live, Laugh and Love’.

    And, relax. Don’t stress. Don’t think you’ve got to conform to all the ridiculous expectations that society tries to impose on you. In the end no one profits from the sort of attitudes Bob McBob displayed. Most of all you. But also, importantly, your wife and family.

    Peace. Brother. And good luck! And, remember this, start with baby steps but keep putting one foot in front of the other. It gets easier the more practice you get and in the end you’ll feel like all your Christmases have come at once. How good is that!?!
    : )

  21. Brandis is unfit to sit on a stool*.

    *I’ll let you pick your own definition of stool that best suits your contempt for the Toad.

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