Newspoll: 54-46 to Labor (open thread)

Strong voting intention numbers for Labor and sagging personal results for Peter Dutton, but still no bottom in sight for the Indigenous Voice.

The latest Newspoll courtesy of The Australian maintains the general pattern of late in finding Labor maintaining strong leads on voting intention while Indigeous Voice support continues to collapse. The two-party result is 54-46 in favour of Labor, out from 53-47 last time, from primary votes of Labor 36% (up one), Coalition 36% (down one), Greens 11% (down two) and One Nation 6% (down one).

The leadership ratings are highlighted by a slump for Peter Dutton, who is down six on approval to 32% and up three on disapproval to 52%, while Anthony Albanese is up one to 47% and down three to 44%. Preferred prime minister is nonetheless little changed, with Albanese’s lead out from 50-31 to 50-30.

The good news for the government ends on the question of the Indigenous Voice, on which yes is down two to 36% and no is up three to 56%. Pyxis Polling’s promptly published methodology statement tells us the poll was conducted Monday to Friday from a sample of 1239.

UPDATE (Freshwater Strategy): Less happy news for Labor on the voting intention front a Freshwater Strategy poll in the Financial Review, the third federal poll from this outfit this term. The previous poll in May gave Labor a lead of 52-48 when the general trend was around 55-45, and this one has it at 51-49, from primary votes of Labor 33% (down one), Coalition 37% (steady) and Greens 13% (up one). Anthony Albanese has net negative personal ratings with 38% favourable (down four) and 41% unfavourable (up four), while Peter Dutton is at 30% (steady) and 40% (down two). Albanese’s lead as preferred prime minister is in from 51-33 to 46-37. A question on the Indigenous Voice finds yes on 33% and no on 50%. The poll was conducted Friday to Sunday from a sample of 1003.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Steve777: “Meanwhile, that National and Daily Rupert operate as propaganda arms of the Liberal party when it counts.”

    Other way around; The LNP acts as the political arm of the murdoch gutter media.

  2. Assuming that Sunak waits until the end of next year to go to the polls and subsequently loses, that will mean that the lifespan of this Conservative government would have been about 14.5 years, which is less than the Thatcher-Major years (18 years) but longer than every Australian Government bar the Menzies (II)-Holt-McEwen-McMahon period. Although, in terms of terms of power, it has been in power for four terms (the middle two each only lasting around two years each), which puts it on par with the Howard Government and behind the Hawke-Keating Government and the aforementioned Menzies et al. Government.

    So yeah, the bread’s a bit stale there. And then there’s the complete circus that occurred regarding the leadership last year. And the British economy being hit pretty hard by inflationary pressures right now (worse than Australia.) It’s the best time to be a British Opposition Leader. Just don’t Bill Shorten (or Neil Kinnock) it!

  3. The Qatar airlines issue really sucks badly. Joyce just wanted handouts with no competition and it looks like Lab and Lib were happy to accomodate. This looks really shit. Protectionism and huge Exec salaries.

  4. Nath

    You most obviously do not frequent the Collins Street Melbourne Institutional Clubs where your bills are put on your account

    True that Costello may not particularly endorse Dutton but Costello has a bias against Labor – even a hatred of Labor.

    Costello made his name with Dollar Sweets, remember?

    And you could speculate he holds the likes of Samuels, Howard and Kroger in contempt – so there may just be plenty of bad blood where Costello treads (and, you could speculate, replicated)

    He is the Chair of 9 Entertainment – and wields influence aka Murdoch and Stokes

    The irony is that the so called “Future Fund” continues to accrue compounding wealth – to cover the Contingent Liability being the Superannuation Defined Benefit entitlements of Public Servants (are they now on Accrual schemes so no Contingent Liability?)

    The government are intimidated by Costello including because he remains Chair of the “Future Fund” and brags about its performance

    The question is could those funds be better deployed in the National interest instead of remaining invested as they are and merely accruing more compounding “wealth”?

    Before you get to the impact of any liquidation on Markets

    But it will remain until Costello exits stage right (I was going to say “left” but that is a stretch too far!)

    Imagine the outcry if Labor attempted to redeploy that fortune?

    I would understand that for all the concerns, the influence of Murdoch, Stokes and Costello is on the wane as their subscribers age

  5. You most obviously do not frequent the Collins Street Melbourne Institutional Clubs where your bills are put on your account

    I suspect that is true of the vast majority of human beings.

  6. In regard text messages from iPhones

    I am currently assisting someone who has had monies removed from their bank account by an unauthorised Visa Debit Card transaction (a purchase)

    The financial institution claims a text message and a response

    Except the iPhone identifies no such text message nor any response

    And the PERSON impacted has signed Affidavit stating that no text message was received, supported by a screen shot of the text communications

    And no text message sent

    It is going to get interesting since we have established that the only person/institution holding BOTH the Visa Debit Card details AND the iPhone number is the financial institution

    Bank details confirm no on line purchases – only tap and go for incidentals

    So tell me about text messages

  7. And the British economy being hit pretty hard by inflationary pressures right now (worse than Australia.) It’s the best time to be a British Opposition Leader. Just don’t Bill Shorten (or Neil Kinnock) it!

    However, I have it on the highest authority (my future daughter-in-law), that the thing that is really pissing off the Brits right now and turning them off Rishi Sunak, is the banning of XL Bullies. As long as Keir Starmer doesn’t go through with that he’ll win in a landslide. 😀

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