Australia Institute gas industry poll (open thread)

A finding of strong support for gas export gaps and windfall profits taxes offers the only relief amid a post-budget polling trough.

The only recent poll I’m aware of is an Australia Institute survey on gas industry policy, which finds overwhelming support for export caps (52% strongly in favour, 28% somewhat so, 5% opposed and 2% strongly opposed) and a windfall profits tax (39%, 31%, 7% and 5%). However, the setting of the questions, which noted that the proposals had been made by former ACCC chair Rod Sims, might be thought encouraging to favourable responses. The poll was conducted November 1 to 4 from a sample of 1001, using an online panel licensed from Dynata. Such a poll wouldn’t normally be enough for me to hang a post on, but a new open thread is needed and I’ve been too consumed by the Victorian election to look into anything else. So there you have it.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. “ Do jockeys speak, or do they just go along for the ride?”

    Better ask Richo that. Or, actually Richo’s corporate developer and MSM mates. In think Minns is there as the rum corp’s safe Plan B – to look earnest and bobble his head at appropriate moments without actually holding the corp to account. Unlike McKay (which is why the MSM de-platformed her from the outset of her leadership).

    He does have a very unfortunate public speaking voice however. No gravitas at all.

    I notice that Aaron is now trying to finger Daley’s supporters for undermining McKay. … desperate shabby stuff.

  2. Andrew_Earlwood, on what basis do you think Richo, supports or supported Minns? He was quite happy to throw his voice behind McKay. Anyway, who cares what he thinks or does.

    I am surprised Daley has any supporters.

    And both Searle and Lynch gone so Daley might just make AG if Labor gets to Government which is going to be a stretch.

  3. Well richo did suport mins cant see any were that lynch is gone i think daley only had searle and marjary oniel as solidkey backers maybi the uselis david haris i think mckays key people were the cfmeu fergeson ggroup plus catley the soft left still have anthony diadam finn and voltz

  4. well being a good speaker isnt evry thing albanese and bidon both arnt great speakers bbut seem good administraters both have longexpirence have a good record of negociating with the mps seem tto work well with there cabenit plus perottit is not a great speaker iva seems arogent and out of tuch

  5. steven larwence is labors long time aterney general but hill have to spend a few years the problim for minns is with acseption of houssos jackson and at times prue car he has a weak team john graham is good but ryan park has not been great in health desbite the liberals failures joe haylin is good when she gets to speak mins is probaly the most boreing opposition leader in a while

  6. Aaron Newton. Take the tip. You can celebrate. Lynch is going. Now, can you cross him off your list? That leaves Donnelly and Daley I think?

  7. MH17 judgment as I understand it: three convictions (two Russians and one Ukrainian separatist), sentenced to life in prison; one acquittal (accused not in a position to affect events)

  8. MH17 trial verdicts:

    Girkin, Dubinsky and Karchenko convicted, all sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia. Remaining defendant Pulatov (the one who chose to have defence counsel) acquitted, because no evidence of direct involvement or responsibility for firing of the Buk missile which destroyed MH17. Compensation to value of 16 million Euros ordered against the convicts, who remain at liberty in Russia until the revolution, but are unlikely to travel abroad ever again.

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