Federal election 2019 live

Live coverage of the count for the 2019 federal election.

12.06am. “We’re bringing back Macquarie”, says Scott Morrison in his victory speech. Not so fast — Labor have just hit the lead there. And not because of that Katoomba pre-poll booth I mentioned a few times earlier, which barely swung on two-party preferred.

11.13pm. Kerryn Phelps has her nose in front in Wentworth, but I would note that the Rose Bay pre-poll hasn’t reported yet. It wasn’t a booth at the 2016 election but was at the by-election, and when it came in, there was a pretty handy shift to the Liberals. Also outstanding is the Waverley pre-poll booth, which does a very great deal of business.

10.59pm. The Liberals have edged into the lead in Boothby, after Glenelg pre-poll swung 4% their way (though Brighton went 3% the other way).

10.57pm. Labor just hanging on in Cowan, well out of contention now in Swan, and every other WA seat they hoped to win.

10.56pm. I was suggesting Labor wasn’t home in Moreton before. Probably safe now. But Mansfield pre-poll swung 14.4% to Coalition, while Rocklea and Wooldridge didn’t move.

10.39pm. With 45.8% counted, South Australia looks like three Liberal, two Labor and one Greens. Centre Alliance performing weakly at 2.8%.

10.38pm. Oh, and by the way — Clive Palmer is on 3.4% in Queensland and is being flogged by One Nation.

10.38pm. Jacqui Lambie is on 8.7% in Tasmania and should be back. The result should go two Liberal, two Labor and one Greens. 58.2% counted.

10.35pm. One Nation are on over 10% in Queensland, where I’m inclined to think the most likely result is Coalition two, Labor two, Greens one, One Nation one, with 33.4% counted.

10.34pm. Looks like three Coalition, two Labor and one Greens in Victoria too, with 32.4% counted. But maybe Labor could take a third seat off the Coalition, if their position improves as more metropolitan votes come in. No one else is cracking 3%.

10.32pm. Some early indications from the Senate. Starting in New South Wales, with 35.6% counted. One Nation aren’t doing great at 5%; United Australia Party tanking on 1.4%. Looks like three Coalition, two Labor and one Greens.

10.30pm. Labor leads 1.3% in Lilley, which Nine projects down to 0.5%. One pre-poll in swung slightly more heavily than the 5.2% norm; two more are still to come.

10.28pm. Labor leads 2.3% in Blair, which the Nine computer projects down to 0.9%. One pre-poll booth, Ipswich South, swung typically; two more are outstanding.

10.21pm. That Katoomba pre-poll booth in Macquarie which Anthony Albanese said had swung heavily to Labor still isn’t in the system. Labor has a raw lead of 1.3% lead there, but absent pre-polls (Katoomba and five others), the Nine computer projects absolutely nothing in it.

10.19pm. A 9.8% swing has reduced Labor to a 4.9% lead in Hunter, projected to be 2.7%. Should be okay for them, but the one pre-poll booth swung 14.1%, and there are eight still to come, whih are worth keeping at least half an eye on.

10.16pm. Labor leads 2.8% in Eden-Monaro, Nine computer projects 1.3%, 1.6% swing to Liberal. There are eight pre-polls, none of which have reported.

10.14pm. Labor leads by 2.0% in Dobell after a 3.5% swing to Liberal, with the Nine computer projecting 1.4%. Two pre-polls, Tuggerah and The Entrance, have swung normally. Pre-polls yet to come from Charmhaven and Gosford.

10.10pm. Independent Helen Haines holds what the Nine booth projects as a 1.8% lead in Indi: two pre-polls in, Wodonga, which swung heavily to Liberal, and Mansfield, which swung only very slightly (by swing here, I mean compared with Cathy McGowan’s margin of 4.8%). Wangaratta pre-poll still to come. Very much too close to call.

10.04pm. The Nine computer now projects a tiny lead for the Liberals in Chisholm. Four pre-polls still to come may decide the result. The one pre-poll that has reported, Blackburn North, swung 1.6% to Labor.

10.02pm. The yo-yo of Swan has swung back in favour of the Liberals, while Labor maintains only a fragile lead in Cowan. Still nothing in it in Boothby, Labor very slightly ahead.

9.44pm. Labor has very tenuous leads in Blair and Lilley, so there’s certainly paths to a Coalition majority. Other seats the Liberals wouldn’t be giving up on include Corangamite, Eden-Monaro and Moreton.

9.42pm. Now it’s getting very close in Chisholm. Other seats the Liberals wouldn’t be giving up on yet include Corangamite, Dobell, Eden-Monaro,

9.39pm. Spoke too soon about Swan — close again now.

9.34pm. Particularly remarkable results from scanning around include double-digit two-party swings against Labor in Hunter, Capricornia and, would you believe it, Dawson. The latter two suggest a very strong Adani effect.

9.30pm. Another blow for Labor with Swan now looking beyond their reach. However, they have moved ahead in Cowan, so it looks like status quo in WA.

9.21pm. Anthony Albanese just said on Nine that there is a big swing to Labor on the Katoomba pre-poll centre in Macquarie, which is not in the system yet. That should save Labor’s bacon there.

9.17pm. Very advanced stage of the count in Bass, with even the pre-polls in, and Labor look too far behind.

9.05pm. Both Labor-held Cowan and Liberal-held Swan are very close, but Liberals looking good in Hasluck, Pearce and Stirling. At best though, a net gain of one for Labor in WA.

8.54pm. And if all goes well for the Liberals in WA, the door widens a little on the prospect of a Coalition majority.

8.51pm. First results look encouraging for Christian Porter in Pearce. Ditto Stirling, but very few votes there. Some results in Cowan, looks close, but too early to be meaningful. First booth looks good for Liberal in Hasluck. Individually all too early to say, but collectively discouraging for the notion that WA might save the day for Labor.

8.48pm. Given pre-polls heavily favoured the Liberals at the Wentworth by-election, I would read the present lineball result as somewhat encouraging for the Liberals.

8.45pm. Haven’t said a thing about Wentworth — it looks very, very tight. A number of the independents failed to mark much of a mark, including Kevin Mack in Farrer and Rob Oakeshott in Cowper.

8.38pm. Labor looks okay in Solomon; the CLP leads on the raw vote in Lingiari, but the Nine computer projects them ahead, because these are mostly conservative booths from Katherine and such.

8.29pm. Another big picture overview. In New South Wales, Labor wins Gilmore but loses Lindsay; Tony Abbott loses Warringah. Labor-held Macquarie could go either way. Labor wins Chisholm, Corangamite and Dunkley. Tasmania: Labor loses Braddon and looking shaky in Bass. Queensland: Labor to lose Herbert and Longman, Leichhardt looking unlikely now. In South Australia, the potential Labor gain of Boothby is lineball. Talk that Labor is in danger in Lingiari, but the Nine computer projects them in the lead, and there’s nothing from Solomon yet. Nothing meaningful yet from Western Australia. My best guess remains that the Coalition will land just short of a majority, but the wild cards of WA and pre-polls remain in the deck.

8.20pm. By best guess is that the Coalition will land a few seats short of a majority, but again: nothing yet from WA, and the possibility it will play out differently on pre-polls. The likely cross bench: Adam Bandt, Zali Steggall, Bob Katter, Andrew Wilkie, Rebekha Sharkie … possibly Helen Haines, probably not Kerryn Phelps.

8.14pm. I’ve been doing real work for the last half hour, but the situation hasn’t fundamentally changed: a few gains for Labor in Victoria, maybe a net gain for the Coalition in New South Wales, Braddon and possibly Bass lost by Labor in Tasmania as well, and a net loss for Labor in Queensland. Boothby lineball though, and Labor praying for gains in Western Australia and a favourable dynamic on pre-polls.

7.48pm. Macquarie lineball, but looking better for Labor than earlier.

7.46pm. Also, the first results in Boothby are good for Labor.

7.45pm. Looking better for Labor now in Lilley though.

7.40pm. Labor should gain three in Victoria; but only Gilmore looks strong in NSW, they look like losing Lindsay, and they’re in trouble in Macquarie. In Queensland, the Nine computer has Labor behind in Blair, Herbert, and Longman, but it’s not calling any of them. However, they are running Warren Entsch close in Leichhardt.

7.33pm. I’m certainly not seeing any gains for Labor in Queensland, and they’re in trouble in Herbert, Longman and Lilley. But Tony Abbott is clearly gone in Warringah.

7.29pm. Looks close in Herbert, but Labor are struggling in Queensland in some surprising places: Lilley

7.26pm. Labor should win Chisholm, Dunkley and Corangamite, but the seats further down the pendulum in Victoria don’t appear to be swinging

7.23pm. Lineball in Macquarie as well.

7.22pm. Looking dicey for Labor in Lindsay as well.

7.21pm. Still nothing in it in Bass, Liberals looking like winning Braddon.

7.19pm. Early assessment: it’s going to be close. Labor far from assured of a majority.

7.18pm. But it’s looking good for Labor in Gilmore.

7.13pm. Early days, but I’m not seeing any great wave to Labor. They are struggling in the two northern Tasmanian seats, and only looking really good in Corangamite in Victoria. And it looks close early in Griffith, a seat they hold in Queensland.

7.12pm. Early indications are that it’s close in Chisholm – six booths in on primary, two on two-party (50 in total).

7.09pm. Labor have moved ahead on Nine’s projection in Bass, but remain behind in Braddon.

7.08pm. If nothing else, the news from Queensland is consistently looking good for the Coalition.

7.06pm. The swing to LNP in Bonner I noted earlier has come off, now looking status quo (LNP margin 3.4%).

7.05pm. Dreadful early numbers for Tony Abbott, who trails 40.3% to 32.5% on the raw primary vote with five booths out of 50 in.

7.02pm. The Nine computer sees a 3.9% swing to Labor in Corangamite, where there is no margin.

7.01pm. Related by Chris Uhlmann, Labor believes they have won Corangamite. But the overall picture in Queensland for the Coalition looks strong, as per the exit poll result.

7.00pm. Early numbers looking encouraging for Peter Dutton in Dickson — a swing approaching 5% in his favour off four booths.

6.58pm. Labor look to have the edge in Gilmore, with 13 booths out of 66 on the primary vote – Liberal down 17.4% of which 12.7% has gone to the Nationals, while Labor are down very slightly. Ex-Liberal independent Grant Schultz only on 5.3%.

6.56pm. Four booths in from Braddon, and Labor looks in trouble. One booth in from Bass, swing looks almost exactly equal to the Labor margin.

6.54pm. Based on four primary vote results and a speculative preference throw, the Nine computer sees a 4.25% swing to Labor in La Trobe, suggesting it will be tight.

6.52pm. First two-party result in Bonner is encouraging for LNP incumbent Ross Vasta.

6.51pm. The first two-party booth from Corangamite, which is obviously in the country, has swung 5.4% to Labor.

6.50pm. Little swing in Macquarie with three booths in on two-party (it goes without saying these are small ones).

6.47pm. Gilmore looks close with eight booths out of 66 in on the primary vote.

6.43pm. First two booths from Kooyong, albeit very small ones, look encouraging for Josh Frydenberg.

6.42pm. Promising early numbers for independent Helen Haines in Indi, with 13 bush booths in on the primary vote.

6.38pm. Some fairly encouraging early numbers for Nationals member Kevin Hogan in Page, a marginal seat in northern New South Wales that Labor was never confident about.

6.35pm. Over 1000 votes in from Calare, and early indications are Nationals incumbent Andrew Gee will keep enough of his primary vote to hold off Shooters, if they indeed make it ahead of Labor to reach the final count. Early days yet though.

5.45pm. Welcome to live blogging of the federal election count. I have been working in what little time I have had to spare on an election results facility, but I probably won’t be able to get it in action this evening. However, I should be able to make it functional for the count after election night. Similarly, I may or may not find time to do some live blogging this evening, in between my duties as a behind-the-scenes operator for the Nine Network’s coverage. Speaking of, the YouGov Galaxy exit poll for Nine, from a sample of about 3300, has Labor leading 52-48, which I’m pretty sure presumes to be effectively nationally, even though only specific marginal seats have been targeted. State by state though, the swing is, as expected, uneven: 52-48 to Labor in New South Wales (2.5% swing to Labor), 55-45 in Victoria (3.2% swing to Labor), 53-47 to Coalition in Queensland (a swing to the Coalition of 1.1%), and 52-48 to Labor in the other three states combined (a swing to Labor of 2.5%).

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. What a magnificent spectacle!

    Hopefully no-one self immolates because of an unexpected result.

    Viva la resistance Nath! Blood on the wattle!

  2. #Galaxy Exit Poll
    Primary Votes:
    L/NP 39 (-3.0 since 2016) ALP 38 (+3.3) GRN 10 (-0.2)
    2 Party Preferred: L/NP 48 (-2.4 since 2016) ALP 52 (+2.4)

  3. willl they stop making claims such as “retirees tax” or “death tax’
    its nonsense, nothing more than empty false sloganeering.
    At what point will the Coalition start to treat the electorate as intelligent adults ?

  4. Oh No!

    Exit polls suggesting Labor has won. How could they possibly know?p

    Now I’m really nervous that they’re making it up. What do you think Mundo?

  5. ABC remembers the seat of Mayo. I would be surprised if Downer wins, Sharkie’s support seems to be pretty solid there.

  6. That state breakdown is so far at odds with the Newspoll breakdown as to make one wonder how they all end up with nearly the same 2pp.

  7. Asha Leu, mundo – Sorry both. Unless specified I assumed your TPP guess was for the final TPP. I’ll move your guesses to on-the-night.

  8. Can people identify whether they’re referring to guesses, exit polls or actual results please. Randomly posting 2PP figures is super unhelpful.

  9. I’m hoping for a perfect storm

    – Labor leads all the polls since the last election (done)
    – Labor wins 80+ seats
    – Dutton gone
    – Abbott gone

    That for me would be a great night.

    Now for the bits I’d like to see but aren’t as optimistic about.
    – A Senate where Labor will get all of its tax reforms through mostly unscathed (cross fingers for Greens rather than nutters)
    – More Liberal Ministers gone (hi Hunt)
    – Labor wins Brisbane
    – Right wing nut jobs suffer a total meltdown both on the night and slowly over the next several years (Abbott and Dutton gone will help this)
    – Continued bickering amongst the Liberals including Barnaby
    – Lots of skeletons come out to dance. Corruption revealed, including in the NBN.

    Any other suggestions?

  10. Looking forward to 88 seats all up. The extra cream would be saying bye bye to Porter – maybe too much to ask.
    Also hopeful of hearing a little less from Rex and Wayne.

  11. Possum Comitatus@Pollytics
    22m22 minutes ago
    Nothing like the anticipation of a good blood letting.

    And me be like….

    Jenny O’Connor@JennyJenocon
    7m7 minutes ago

    Replying to @Pollytics
    Reminds me of Obama first time – real sense of hope … and fear it won’t happen

  12. I am hoping Larissa Walters is invited to join Cabinet (if not Richard). It would be a very enlightened move.

  13. Please for once be right exit polls 🙂

    I’ll also accept wildly incorrect with the ALP the beneficiaries. I’ll be fair.

  14. This morning Kieran Gilbert and his crew looked at Queensland and reckoned Labor could just as easily get 4 as 0 such was the ? about preference flows.

  15. Cameron C. ,

    Hope my memory is accurate from Ross Greenwood’s coverage of their Channel Nine Exit Poll, that you have picked an uncharacteristic error in William’s essay above regarding the QLD swing.

  16. Lars Van Trier – the Danish movie director, not the YoungLib troll – did a series on depression.

    Could be some therapeutic viewing for some tonight, rather than watching the red wave

  17. CC

    We seem to have the same wish list. I would add it would be nice to see the LNP lose both Higgins and Kooyong. Hopefully to the Greens but I am not fussed as long as the LNP lose.

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