Federal election minus 30 days

An audience of undecided voters offers a fairly even verdict following last night’s leaders debate, plus sundry other pieces of polling news and campaign detritus.

Polling and other horse race news:

• The 100 undecided voters selected to attend last night’s Sky News People’s forum included 40 who rated Anthony Albanese the winner compared with 35 for Scott Morrison, leaving 25 undecided.

• A uComms poll conducted for independent Kooyong candidate Monique Ryan credits her with a credulity-straining 59-41 lead over Liberal incumbent Josh Frydenberg. A report in the Herald-Sun relates that primary votes of 35.5% for Frydenberg, 31.8% for Ryan, 12.8% for Labor and 11.7% for the Greens, but there would also have been an undcided component. The poll was conducted last Tuesday from a sample of 847. Conversely, Greg Brown of The Australian reports the Liberals concede a more modest drop in Frydenberg’s primary vote from 47% to 44% over the past three months.

The Guardian reports a Community Engagement poll for Climate 200 in North Sydney found independent Kylea Tink, whose campaign Climate 200 is supporting, with 19.4% of the primary vote to Liberal member Trent Zimmerman’s 37.1%, with Labor on 17.3%, the Greens on 8.7%, the United Australia Party on 5.6% and others on 3.8%, with 8.2% undecided. Respondents were more likely to rank climate change and environment as their most important issue than the economy, at 27.2% and 19.7%, with trust in politics not far behind at 16.2%. The poll was conducted by phone on April 11 and 12 from a sample of 1114.

• The Age/Herald has further results on issue salience from its Resolve Strategic poll, showing cost of living the most salient issue for those under 55 and health and aged care leading for those older.

• I had a piece in Crikey yesterday on the recent history of the gender gap as recorded by opinion polls, and the threat posed to the government by the loss of support by women. Right on cue, Peter Lewis of Essential Research writes in The Guardian today that Scott Morrison’s “low standing with female voters … could well determine the outcome of this election”. It is noted that the gender breakdowns from Essential’s current poll have Morrison at 50% approval and 44% disapproval among men, but 39% approval and 51% disapproval among women. There is also a ten-point gap in its latest numbers for the Coalition primary vote.

Michelle Grattan in The Conversation relates detail on focus group research conducted in Wentworth by Landscape Research, which finds participants tended to rate the government highly on management of the economy and the pandemic, but took a dim view of Scott Morrison and favoured a leadership change to Josh Frydenberg.

Nice-looking things on other websites:

• The University of Queensland offers an attractive Election Ad Data Dashboard that tracks the various parties’ spending on advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Through this medium at least, Labor has thus far led the field with 44.5% of spending since the start of the campaign compared with 26.5% for the Coalition, 12% for the United Australia Party and 10.2% for independents, the latter being concentrated in Kooyong, North Sydney, Wentworth and Mackellar. The $15,000 spend on Josh Frydenberg’s campaign in Kooyong is around triple that of any other Liberal seat. The Financial Review quotes Glenn Kefford of the UQ political science department saying Labor’s 2019 election post-morten was “damning of the digital operation and made it clear that they needed to win the share of voice online if they were going to be successful”.

• Simon Jackman of the University of Sydney is tracking the betting markets in great detail, and translating the odds into “implied probabilities of winning” that currently have it at around 55-45 in favour of Labor. Alternatively, the poll-based Buckley’s & None forecast model rates Labor a 67.2% change for a majority with the Coalition at only 11.1%.

• In a piece for The Conversation, Poll Bludger contributor Adrian Beaumont offers a colour-coded interactive map showing where he considers the swing most likely to be on, based on various demographic considerations.

• A report in The Guardian identifying electorates targeted with the most in “election campaign promises and discretionary grants” since the start of the year had Bass leading the field, with the marginal Labor-held New South Wales seats of Gilmore, Dobell and Hunter high on the list, alongside the seemingly safe Liberal seats of Canning, Durack and Forrest in Western Australia.

Everything else:

• The Liberal candidate for Warringah, Katherine Deves, is standing firm against calls for her to withdraw after her social media accounts turned up considerably more radical commentary on transgender issues than suggested by the initial promotion of her as a campaigner for strict definitions of sex in women’s sport. In this she has the support of Scott Morrison, who decried “those who are seeking to cancel Katherine simply because she has a different view to them on the issue of women and girls in sport” (though Samantha Maiden of News Corp notes she has gone rather quiet of her own accord), together with many of the party’s conservatives. Those who have called for her to withdraw include North Sydney MP Trent Zimmerman, New South Wales Treasurer Matt Kean and state North Shore MP Felicity Wilson. A Liberal source quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald dismissed the notion the party had been unaware of her record when it fast-tracked her for preselection last month with the support of Scott Morrison. Barring action by noon today, Deves will appear as the Liberal candidate on the ballot paper.

• An increasingly assertive Australian Electoral Commission has expressed concern about the parties’ practice of sending out postal vote applications and advised voters against making use of them, and establishing a disinformation register responding to conspiracy theories about voter fraud, a number of which are being peddled by One Nation and the United Australia Party.

• Perth’s centrality to Labor’s election hopes has been emphasised by Anthony Albanese’s announcement that the party’s national campaign launch will be held in the city on Sunday, May 1.


• David Speirs, factionally unaligned Environment Minister in the Marshall government, is the new South Australian Opposition Leader after winning 18 votes in a Liberal party room ballot ahead of moderate Josh Teague on five and conservative Nick McBride seemingly only securing his own vote. Liberal veteran Vickie Chapman has announced she will resign from parliament by the end of May, which will result in a by-election for her safe seat of Bragg.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Holdenhillbilly at 9.36pm

    It is important for the Herald to take responsibility for opinion on important matters like this. However, their ‘same-same’ approach is simply crapola…

    “…both Labor and the Coalition should start talking about a stronger and smarter response…”

    The Coalition has been in power 9 years. 9 years!

    This is on them.

    Besides, Albo has already made several points of criticism of the Coalition’s handling of this…
    – longer term, the short-sighted cuts to foreign aid
    – the poor interpersonal approach by the Coalition to the Pacific ‘family’
    – Albo would have sent Penny Wong instead of the 2 bit Zed (while Payne swanned off to a Liberal fundraiser!)

    Same-sameism completely unjustified here and poor from the Herald – or simply biased.

  2. Kos Samaras has been doing some focus groups…

    Another night talking to Australians. One thing stuck out for me. Which should not surprise anyone.

    These people were from regional Australia. They could not work out why the PM of this country wanted to beat up on some trans people.

    “Priorities all in the wrong places”

    I’m worried about keeping my job, a future for my kids, paying off the mortgage”

    The LNP love their culture wars. They think they are wedging Labor, but in fact wedging themselves. Focused on issues that Australians don’t actually care about.

    Has Scomo’s pollsters been feeding him edited/doctored recordings or transcripts of their groups? It seems they are really good at doing this anyway – so it’s the only explanation I can conjure up.

  3. Aussies always back the Underdog, baked into the DNA, Albo seized the underdog status in the first week, however Morison has wrestled it back somewhat with various own goals. Best not to speculate re Albo’s covid status regardless I am sure everyone here will be extending best wishes to all involved.
    w.r.t the @!Real Bluey red dingo send his regards
    “up dingo run”
    “underdogs are highly regarded”

  4. Lars Von Trier:

    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 9:45 pm

    [‘I’m rich in love Mavis.’]

    I’m very happy for you, though “love” can take so many forms. I love my dog, but I’m sure she’s turning lesbian.

  5. TPOF @ #1045 Thursday, April 21st, 2022 – 9:33 pm

    C@tmomma says:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 9:18 pm
    Steelydan @ #1005 Thursday, April 21st, 2022 – 8:57 pm

    Good to see some of our great athletes coming out and agreeing with the PM about trans athletes. I hope Deves pile on continues.
    Just proves they are Transphobes too.

    The issue of trans people in women’s sport is a specious one. First, the number of people who might be affected in real life is vanishingly small, and even more minuscule in professional sport.

    The issue with Deves is that she is a transphobe and a hater of trans people – as evidenced by the tweets that she chose to delete but which still exist. She is using the seemingly arguable issue of fair competition in women’s sport to drive a much more evil agenda.

    To describe others who agree (for good or dumb reasons) with the trans people in women’s sport as transphobes is totally wrong and aligns those people with genuine transphobes like Deves.

    Let’s stick with the evil comments by this women on trans people in general, rather than take her bait (and Morrison’s) and get embroiled in the totally marginal niche issue of trans women in women’s sport.

    As much as I support your erudite assessment I can’t agree that we should dismiss the opinions of the sportspersons absolutely. As we have seen through many, many instances of abuse of women by male sportsmen, and the views of others such as Israel Folau about LGBTQI people, there is ample evidence to suggest that you could label at least some of them Transphobes too.

  6. Sir Henry Parkes says:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 3:50 pm

    Caldwell also had a physical disability which caused him to speak out of the corner of his mouth.

    In those times it did not matter so much but in todays media world he would be lucky to gain preselection.

    Opponents nicknamed him Cocky Caldwell.


    This sounds a lot like the Canadian Conservatives who ran ads mocking Jean Chretien’s facial disability in the 1993 federal election.

    The ad featured still pictures of Chrétien’s face interspersed with comments by actors posing as regular Canadians; the first voiceover asked “Is this a Prime Minister?” with other voices questioning his record. The final, and most prominent, line was “I would be very embarrassed if he became Prime Minister of Canada.”

    “In February of 1946, young Jean Chrétien suffered severe frostbite that left him paralyzed on one side of his face. Mr. Chrétien’s brothers and sisters recall that the almost 12-year-old boy was walking through the icy wind to his sister’s wedding. The paralysis has been the cause of much confusion because of the way it has distorted his speech. “

    Chretien’s response: “Last night, the Conservative Party reached a new low; they tried to make fun of the way I look. God gave me a physical defect, and I accepted that since I’m a kid. But he also gave me other qualities and I appreciate that. It’s true, that I speak on one side of my mouth. I’m not a Tory, I don’t speak on both sides of my mouth.”

    Chretien got his revenge in the election results. Chretien’s Liberals won 177 seats, their third best victory. The Conservatives of Prime Minister Kim Campbell won 2 seats (yes 2 seats.)

    Chrétien was the 18th of 19 children (10 of whom did not survive infancy.) The working-class Chrétien family was poor, and Chrétien had to wear clothing that had been worn by his siblings as his parents were too indigent to buy new clothing for him.

    Chrétien’s older brother Maurice won a scholarship at the insurance company he was working for, which allowed him to attend medical school, and with the profits from his medical practice, was able to assist his younger siblings to attend the classical colleges.

  7. Lars

    Cronus says:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 9:00 pm
    See it was an auction and we were the under-bidder.

    I think we were hoping no other bidder would turn up at all. They called our bluff, turns out we were holding a pair of deuces.

  8. labor seemed to be loosing momentom but with the blesed coments and with the solomons deal ruening the china stuff even 2gb the liberal party mouth pease saide albanese won with morrison having a shocker using hollie hughes as his procksie is not working shes bening used as the attack dog to say what morrison thinks was sent out to attack cfw and bulley miller and grace tame but does not make him more likeable now alinating modderits with his stupid decition to target trans gender the pipulat ion of religious australians has reducing evry day waringa was one of highest voters in faver of same sex marige for a markiter morrison is not even smart not a good campaigner desbite media spinn comes a cross as lacking empathy and marketing to cover up for evry situation

  9. the mostblatent egzample of hum using process and spinn to avoid qquestions was his calling all of those investergations in to the higgins matter it inabled him to hide behind the investegations to as a excuse to justifynot answering questions on britney higgens morrison is our worst pm does not under stand desbite tabortion being legalized in nsw desbite a huge publick camapaign against gladis buy news corp,gay marige being backt buy 70 opercent desbite pms strong opposition and no one careing about the devisive religis discrimanttion bill desbite that religis giooups have free rain to descriminate against lgbt all ready the reazon whiy the liberals have succedid is they have campaigned on economick management and national security not fringe culture ishues like trans ggender which only apeels to cristion rextremests who are all ready ferm libs any way

  10. Rakali,
    The best way Estonia can take a chunk of meat out of Russia, is by doing it via a proxy in Ukraine.

    Btw, if you changed that graph for actual dollars, Germany would be up there.
    German GDP from google is 3.806 trillion.
    They have in the media give 1 billion euros of aide. That’s not nothing.
    And by all accounts they will be writing down and off the nordstream 2 so there’s a longer tail for them in payment via a recession they’ll have to have now.

    Ukraine just got 40,000 arty rounds and 20 150mm howitzers from the USA, and Canada is sending along some more. These will have a significant effect on the Russians.

  11. AAron newton at 10:02 pm
    Easy fix for the Libs ,put SfM into witness protection. Or give him Covid. A perfect way to ensure he does not interact with the public.

  12. larz i agree its a fantastic stratigy to run a anti trans candadate when waringa had 5th highest vote in faver of gay marige with over 70 percent and abot loosing buy a 30 persent swing a brilliant move for pm to abandon triying to win over swinging voters wgican change seats but apeeeling to voters who all ways vote lnp respect your opinion but morrison is clearly the most out of tuch pm in our history not listening to kean who told him only a moderit liberal will win tthe seat of steggle

  13. Re Rakali at 9.05 pm and 10 pm

    Richmond, especially Byron, has one of the lowest adult vaccination rates in NSW (though Randwick is lower for second dose and even Liverpool is lower for third dose) so it will be interesting to see how low the anti-vax vote is there.

    The anti-vaxxers have their own grouplet in Richmond (IMOP). They got a mere 1.2% in 2019. The rate of Greens voters preferencing Labor was 86.6% and may be decisive again, but a net PV swing from Nats to Labor of only 2.6% would be enough for Labor to lead on first preferences.

    By the way, did you see the sad story about the murder early in Putin’s war on Ukraine of two animal lovers at the Feldman Ecopark in Kharkiv who were valiantly trying to keep some animals alive? See:


    There is a brief video of some animals (including frightened kangaroos) that you linked several weeks ago. The language is Russian. A majority of the Ukrainians whom Putin’s forces have killed were Russian speakers. One result of the war (which Zelenskiy pointed to in his interview in late March with independent Russian journalists) will be a historic decline in public use of Russian in Ukraine.

    One of the Ecopark’s main aims is “rendering of social psychological assistance to children with special needs”, which will be needed so much more once the genocidal war is eventually over.

    Meanwhile, a second Holocaust survivor, Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova, was killed on 4 April in Mariupol. after a first survivor, Boris Romantschenko, was killed in Kharkiv three weeks earlier.

  14. Sportsbet odds haven’t altered since the Albo announcement:
    Labor 1.70
    Coalition 2.10

    That’s for the resident Liberals Lars and Taylormade!

  15. I used to be president of a national sporting body.

    The International Olympic Committee has guidelines around the eligibility of transgender athletes (mostly based around testosterone levels). Although we’re not an Olympic sport, we follow these (for the relatively small proportion of our competitions where there are gender-specific classes), as do most other sports. A few sports (like rugby, which considers it a physical safety issue) have different rules.

    From a sporting body perspective, there is only a problem if the IOC guidelines (or similar) are unable to be used because of legislation or a court ruling, but there is no sign of that happening in Australia given the existing exemptions for sporting competition in the Sex Discrimination Act.

  16. pm was sucesful last time becuause he focused on main stream ishues such as a scare campaign on retiries tax and negative gearing agreed with larz that he sounds mor confident in presers then albanese but albanese comes a cros as warm and careing where is morrison comes a cros as being mor concerned with sticking to the talking points and on higens matter not addressing th problim but managing it politicaly even stratigy wize this trans gender dead care seems counter productive because the liberals need 76 seats to win so whiy would you apeel to the shrinking religis basehill song crowd who will never vote labor rather then apeeling to a voter in wentworth concernd about climate cfhange and economick managemeent if the liberals only apeel to the own rustid on voters they will become unilectable moderits like georgio and mcfee were useful as it kept the progresive voter in the lib fold desbite howard marginalizing them

  17. BT at 10.22pm

    Your reference to the Sex Discrimination Act exemptions may be what Albo meant the other day when quizzed by journos over who should play sport – he said something like “It’s covered by the Sex discrimination Act.”

  18. Will be interesting to see how the ALP handles a week of pivoting the focus of their election campaign to the ALP Team. Given the quality of the ALP front bench i’m comfortable with the idea. Will create an interesting one for the media that has been assigned to follow Albo around. Do they disperse towards various other ALP figures or descend as a horde on Marles????

    Will be interesting if this leads to comparison and discussion of Marles and Barnyard as potential deputy PM’s. 🙂 Wonder how much of the electorate actually knows that we have actually had periods where the Coalitions Mad Uncle daS Beetrooter has been Acting PM?? 🙁

    Hey….question about the Ukraine war if anyone knows.

    Saw some footage tonight on ABC of what i think are Russian 2s1 122mm self propelled guns firing. Target must have been pretty close (in artillery terms) as the guns were firing at a low angle. They had some shots of the spent cases and some shells. Think its a two part ammo with shell and case loaded separately.

    What i am curious about is that some of the shells were painted solid red. Ammunition is generally color coded like that so the crews can easily determine type when under stress. Have been trying to search without finding anything definitive as to what Red means in whatever the Russian color code system is??

    In NATO dark red is riot control agent filler, light red is incendiary.

    ok, think found it.

    Hmmmm…think riot agent or incendiary. 🙁

  19. beguiledagain

    I didn’t know that about Chrétien. But I do remember that 1993 election – I think the greatest fall from a majority in a Western Democracy (from 156/295 to 2/295).

    The last WA election reminded me of it, when the Liberals won 2 seats and the Nationals 4 out of 59

  20. south

    They have in the media give 1 billion euros of aide. That’s not nothing.
    And by all accounts they will be writing down and off the nordstream 2 so there’s a longer tail for them in payment via a recession they’ll have to have now.
    I copied this from a site, address below.

    Putin’s most fervent acolyte in Europe: A Timeline of Germany’s Olaf Scholz’s many lies:

    1) At the end of February Germany’s defence industry sends Scholz a long list of all available weapons.

    2) Scholz doesn’t share the list with Ukraine.

    3) Scholz says that there are no more weapons left in Germany to give to Ukraine.

    4) Germany’s defence industry leaks the list to Ukraine’s ambassador.

    5) Scholz says that the weapons on the list don’t work.

    6) The defence industry denies this and leakes the list to the press.

    7) Scholz states Ukrainians can’t master the weapons in the available time.

    8) German defence experts tell the German press that Ukrainians can master the weapons in 2-3 weeks.

    9) Scholz says the weapons are needed by NATO and NATO must approve their transfer.

    10) NATO officials and German generals deny this.

    11) Scholz says no other NATO/EU ally is delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine.

    12) The US, UK, Australia, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Netherlands, etc. publish lists of heavy weapon they deliver to Ukraine.

    13) Under pressure Scholz announces €2 billion for Ukraine’s military.

    14) German parliamentarians find out that it’s really just €1 billion, which won’t be available for another 2-3 months, and then Scholz can veto or delay indefinitely every item Ukraine wants to buy.

    15) The US, France, Poland, Romania, Japan, the UK and Italy, plus the heads of EU and NATO spend an afternoon trying to talk sense into Scholz.

    16) Scholz makes a statement and says Ukraine can have the €1 billion now and order whatever it wants from the list.

    17) Ukraine’s ambassador says that Scholz removed all the items Ukraine actually wants from the list before giving it to Ukraine and what remains on the list is just a fraction of the €1 billion.

    Scholz isn’t incompetent or mendacious.…….. he just works for the Russians.


  21. Albo getting Covid isn’t going to make much difference so long as he doesn’t get too sick and he’ll still be able to appear at events by video link. I think Morrison is already running out of things to say, and what he is saying isn’t likely to be winning a majority of undecideds. Trying to accuse Labor of being “on China’s side” is just absurd and voters know it, attacks like that are own goals. It’s not a good sign for the rest of his campaign. The LNP seems to be trying to repeat their 2019 campaign but don’t really have anything that Morrison can credibly attack this time around. People still have their doubts about Labor, but their campaign seems solid, if unspectacular, so far.

  22. Cronus @ #418 Thursday, April 21st, 2022 – 11:14 am

    “Peter Dutton warns China will expand its presence in Pacific after Solomon Islands pact”.

    Thanks for that blinding statement of the obvious. How about he actually does something to prevent it or are we just going to continually act surprised? Perhaps China will hold off until 2040 when, fingers crossed, we get our new submarines.


    Maybe they gave the Solomons away, so they could expand the scare campaign.

  23. Mavis says:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 9:41 pm

    Poor Lars, other than provocativeness, there’s nothing much left in the larder.
    Lars and the Tories have one more trick old mate.

    “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Samuel Johnson 1774

  24. I think lab ors big mistake is caucis solidarity un til now a lnp strength is there willingnes to tolerate trouble makers which is an advantige as christinson could attrackt votes from anti vacksers based on his personal views desbite them disliking morrison and a progresive voter that disliked howard couldback goergio based on his asylum seeker views how ever if fits giben could cros the floor on climate he would attrackt a higher personal vote labor has become mor open tolerating both penny wongs progresive views and fitsgibens pro coal stants and the late kitchings lib pandering on china and israil while renick can spread anti vacks content for a year and cros the floor and faces norepromend archer gets halled in to pms ofice fore voting for national integrity comition and he atempts to bully her in to not voteing against the religis fredom bill the liberals are become increasuly authoratearian letting the right ei abot to undermine turnbull for years but when kean does same thing demand he be exbelled and stoping his fredom of speech

  25. Morrison, Dutton and Payne have put us all at risk with their bungling.

    “Australia’s next government will need to have a “good hard look” at the military strength it has positioned in North Queensland amid a controversial new security pact between China and the Solomon Islands.

    The staggering deal between the two nations, of which detail is scant, has prompted defence strategists to warn Chinese aircraft, equipment and staff would be present in the Solomon Islands soon.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese spent yesterday attacking each other on supposed foreign policy weaknesses.

    Also yesterday, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech proposing a new “global security initiative” that would dismantle the US-led alliance — of which Australia is a party — in favour of one more favourable to China.

    Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said on Wednesday his country had signed a security agreement with China.”


  26. And Richard marles pops his head up .

    Let China move in: ALP deputy
    Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles dismissed concerns about China setting up military bases in the Pacific.

  27. Nothing in Townsville where the real action needs to be.

    “Scott Morrison will resume his khaki election campaign on Friday amid rising concerns over China’s security deal with Solomon Islands, announcing a $428m upgrade of four key Australian Defence Force air bases to support the rapid deployment of fighter jets and anti-submarine warfare helicopters.

    The Prime Minister will travel to Amberley air base in the Labor-held southeast Queensland marginal seat of Blair to unveil major upgrades of RAAF and navy runways and airfield lighting.

    The air base upgrades at Amberley, Richmond, Pearce and HMAS Albatross, to be completed by 2024, are key strategic planks in the government’s $270bn defence investment program, adding to the $1bn expansion of RAAF Base Tindal in the Northern Territory.”


  28. Had to laugh at suggestions Griffith is going to fall the Greens. They have been predicting wins in Macnamara, Brisbane, Ryan, Kooyong, Lilley and a few others for years and come up with donuts. The only seat the Greens ever won in the HOR was courtesy of Liberal preferences years ago and that is the only seat they are ever going to win IMHO.

    The day the Greens pick up a second HOR seat will be the day I am convinced the Australian body politic has totally gone to chit and go weed my garden instead. Bandt is all talk and no hope. He needs to get off the whoopy weed some day.

  29. Cronus @ #533 Thursday, April 21st, 2022 – 12:51 pm

    Greensborough Growler

    So we can now add Cash to the list of Deves, Payne and Colbeck who are hiding instead of debating their opponents on critical policy issues within their ministries. Time for them to move out of that garage and to book out a small hotel, they’ll need it at this rate.

    Seems like there is an article just here alone on this burgeoning issue of unwillingness of Ministers to debate or take questions regarding their ministerial responsibilities. Any budding young or old journalists interested?

    Last election they were all heading off to hospital, this time they just won’t show their faces.

  30. Liberal Party central dirt machine in play here

    “Independent candidate for Kooyong Monique Ryan has apologised for a social media post that trivialised Nazism and has been described by a Holocaust survivor as “very upsetting”.

    A 2017 Facebook post of Dr Ryan’s surfaced and was obtained by The Australian this week that showed her sharing a meme replicating Adolf Hitler’s autobiography, Mein Kampf, using a photo of former US president Donald Trump on the cover of a mock version renamed Mein Covfefe.”

    They have gone back 5 years to find something they can use against Ryan and made sure it was “obtained by the Australian” four weeks out from the election in a seat featuring a Jewish incumbent. Surprise, surprise. More of this crap to come no doubt.

  31. JayCsays:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 8:05 pm
    Lars and Nath (yes you Nath)

    If I have 2 matters to personally refer to a FICAC for sitting ministers. All financial/nepotism related. What is going to happen if there is a change of Gov? How can we make sure there is a solid opposition medium term, as a McGowan situation is not in the medium term interests of the country, in my view.

    I’ve only had exposure recently to 2 portfolios. So have no idea how broad the integrity issues are. But am worried about the right side of politics atm and how a FICAC will play out.

    And if you want to know I’m honest. I can confirm both Frydenberg and Hunt are amazingly short. But neither have integrity issues.
    Lil Joshy? Both short and has issues.

    I take people on their actions not on their words so to me he has integrity issues.

    Other people won’t agree of course but I reckon that I’m with a very large number of those that have Integrity high on their voting list…hopefully enough live in Kooyong



    Waddle, quack, duck

    We need and deserve a FICAC

  32. The Greens could win an additional seat or two this election, not likely but it’s possible. Increasing concern in environmental issues and the move to renewables is going to increase votes for parties and candidates that have strong environmental credentials long-term, so the Greens could easily become a bigger force. The Greens won’t necessarily get all those votes though, with the teals we may be seeing the start of a more organised centrist alternative to the Greens.

  33. sprocket_ @ #541 Thursday, April 21st, 2022 – 12:56 pm

    Morrison is losing the plot, now throwing shade on the security agencies…


    Public servants might not run Governments, but good Government is often reliant on listening to and acting on their advice.

    But of course this Government know everything and don’t need advice, just sycophantic loyalty.

  34. Bandt is actually the second Green to be elected to the House of Reps, after Michael Organ. He’s apparently running in Riverina this election.

  35. Mrmoney says:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 10:59 pm

    And Richard marles pops his head up .

    Let China move in: ALP deputy
    Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles dismissed concerns about China setting up military bases in the Pacific.
    Markson with another Tory Beat up, part of the story says,

    In a mini-book, Tides That Bind: Australia in the Pacific, published last August, Mr Marles warned that “basing our actions in the Pacific on an attempt to strategically deny China would be a historic mistake’’.

    “Not only would this be detrimental to our regional relationships, it would be a failed course of action,” he said. “Australia has no right to expect a set of exclusive relationships with the Pacific nations. They are perfectly free to engage on whatever terms they choose with China or, for that matter, any other country. Disputing this would be resented, as the recent past has shown.”


    Marles quite rightly points out that lecturing to Pacific Island Nations in some paternalistic manner won’t work and those nations are sovereign nations who can pick and choose who they engage with.

    The point is had Payne and that Senator from the ACT been doing their jobs and engaging properly as equals, it wouldn’t have come to this threat to our National security.

    Duttons’ open mic joke about Pacific Island nations being floooded by climate change is symptomatic of the paternalistic attitude of the Tory Government that has gotten us into this situation.

  36. Seven years for the laying of a false evidence charge when the accusation that false evidence was given was made seven years ago and there was real time transcript must be a record.

    The member who gifted Penrith to Stuart Ayres, Karyn Paluzzano, did the false evidence/guilty plea in two years.

  37. Mrmoneysays:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 11:09 pm
    I’m hoping they take Higgins.

    Fair enough BUT I hope Labor take Higgins. Labor’s PV improved by 8.8% at the last election and the Greens PV went backwards by 1.7 I think from memory. I’m not anti Green like some on here but I do get tired of Band’ts pie-in-the-sky predictions every time an election comes along like previous Greens leaders.

  38. cafsays:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 11:15 pm
    Bandt is actually the second Green to be elected to the House of Reps, after Michael Organ. He’s apparently running in Riverina this election.

    I did not know that. I stand corrected or sit corrected if you like. Thanks for the education Caf. Cheers.

  39. Sandman,

    That’s it? That’s the post from Monique Ryan?

    Christ alive, that’s less offensive than it is funny. And it’s not at all funny.

    Let alone that a not insubstantial number of Kooyong voters would agree with the sentiment.

    But yes, there will be more and more leaks such as these. Even today, we have the posts of the (truly bonkers) Nationals candidate in Richmond. There’ll doubtless be semi-newsworthy ravings from a few UAP, PHON, etc candidates. Perhaps a poorly vetted Green or two in an unwinnable seat.

    Half the parliament must feel truly blessed that social media didn’t exist when they were in their stupol days.

  40. Ryan will have lost votes because of this…. at least a half a dozen…..
    But probably not as many as Feydenberg’s bicycle towed signs will lose him as they are too wide for the bike lane on Glenferrie Road where they are being riden up and down, causing the traffic to slow down.

  41. 3zsays:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 11:25 pm

    That’s it? That’s the post from Monique Ryan?

    Yep that’s it . She has apologised and moved on. Not as awful as things like calling trans gender young people “mutilated” or cultural “integration has not worked “:or most trans sexuals are sex offenders {Deeves] but you know, it sells newspapers and puts a question mark on the integrity of your enemies. Sad.

  42. Mrmoneysays:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 11:27 pm
    Sandman did you see the post I put earlier ,re the greens ,I only want it to happen because I just backed them @ $6.40..

    Too funny Mr Money, in that case GO GREENS, GO YOU GOOD THING !!

  43. Sandman says:
    Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 11:11 pm
    Liberal Party central dirt machine in play here
    SfM’s humiliation last night and the last Newspoll must be frightening the Bejesus out of the Rupert Press.

    The Australian looks like it’s was written by the Liberal Party dirt machine.

    My hunch is Newscorp fear a Labor Government just might pull the trigger on a Royal Commission into the Australian Media even though it’s been dismissed.

    They say never have a Royal Commission unless you know the answer. Well we already know the answer.

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