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Confidence in the federal government and other institutions on the rise, but state governments in New South Wales and Queensland appear to lag behind Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

The Guardian reports Essential Research’s latest weekly reading of concern about coronavirus finds satisfaction with the government’s handling of the crisis up two points to 65%, its best result yet out of the five such polls that have been published (no sign yet of the poor rating, which hit a new low of 17% – the full report later today should reveal all).

Last week’s question on state governments’ responses was repeated this week, and with due regard to sample sizes that run no higher than around 320 (and not even in triple figures in the case of South Australia), the good ratings have been 56% last week and 61% for New South Wales; 76% and 70% for Victoria; 52% and 63% for Queensland; 79% and 77% for Western Australia; and 72% and 66% for South Australia. Combining the results gives New South Wales 58.5% and Victoria 73% with error margins of about 3.7%; Queensland 57.5% from 4.6%; Western Australia 78% from 5.5%; and South Australia 69% from 6.9%.

Also included are Essential’s occasion question on trust in various institutions, which suggests that all of the above might be benefiting from a secular effect that has federal parliament up from 35% to 53% and the ABC up from 51% to 58%. The effect is more modest for the Australian Federal Police, up two points to 68%. In other coronavirus-related findings, the poll finds “half of all voters think it’s too soon to even consider easing restrictions“, with a further 14% saying they are prepared to wait until the end of May; that 38% said they would download the virus-tracing app, with 63% saying they had security concerns and 35% being confident the data would not be misused.

UPDATE: Full report here.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. “I was referring to that Vesuvius of iniquity, that seething mass of offensiveness, that monster of evil. nath”

    Not so much. nath is just the one on PB with the most to fear from dung beetles.

  2. nath
    I am a grandmother, and also an astrophysicist.

    Can you give a bit more context to you quote up-thread about why grandmothers are dispensable?

    Can I ask to be classified as an astrophysicist rather than a grandmother ?

  3. Report that pt died Feb 6 in California, autopsy show COVID19 as cause of death, no known travel contacts:

    Implication would be that COVID19 was circulating in the community in California in January…

    A perfect infection timeline back to Lunar New Year, January 25th: 12 days earlier.

    Travellers would have been exiting out of China for the annual holiday season, to all corners of the planet, from the 20th: meeting cruises, catching up with family, returning to study etc.

    But of course facts don’t matter. Only big hugs.

  4. What a vile contributor.

    He’s just vile. Full stop. He contributes nothing.

    I was referring to that Vesuvius of iniquity, that seething mass of offensiveness, that monster of evil. nath.

    Not so much. nath is just the one on PB with the most to fear from dung beetles.

    Seriously? For this?

    I doubt Big Ears Cry Baby Jim Chalmers had anything interesting to say.

  5. nath
    Found your post that elicited my comment above:

    It’s vitally important grandmothers are kept alive as long as possible. Losing a grandmother in their 70s instead of their 90s for example is a terrible loss. This is 20 years of Christmas puddings’, trifles and sponge cakes. Protect ya neck!

    Well, fuck you, and fuck the camel you rode in on too!!!

    I have not had much time to look at PollBludger lately. I have been really busy trying to give remote lectures about physics, to students who have not studied physics in the past.

    There is also a good chance that these particular students will not do any physics again, for the perfectly good reason that they need some physics, but particularly they need to be exposed to the logic of physics. Why? Because no matter what career you end up with, you will have to deal with understanding data, how it is collected, and gif you can seperate the “signal” from the “noise”.

  6. From the Wayback Machine, January 25th, 2020:

    “First confirmed case of novel coronavirus in Australia

    The first case of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been confirmed by Victoria Health Authorities this morning.

    Date published:
    25 January 2020

    Media type:
    Media release

    General public

    The first case of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been confirmed by Victoria Health Authorities this morning.

    The Commonwealth Department of Health is in close contact with Victorian health authorities and has notified the World Health Organization.

    The patient, a man from Wuhan, flew to Melbourne from Guandong on 19 January.

  7. William,


    Was it my diatribe about being classed as a grandmother that was too much?

    Or did I miss the subtle irony about Nath’s comments about the dispensability of grandmothers?

    I do not have much free time these days, and so dipping into PollBludger after not reading anything for a week or two probably makes any comment of my a non- sequitur.

  8. I note that Michael’s condemnation of me is a partial plagiary of one given to John Wren and can be found in Manning Clark’s A History of Australia. Vol. 5 I suspect.

  9. As for D&M’s pastoral injunction to me I can only assume she read my post as satirical and mocking rather than the heartfelt memory of my own grandmother that it was. I forgive her.

  10. Or did I miss the subtle irony about Nath’s comments about the dispensability of grandmothers?

    There is nothing subtle about Nath, D&M.

    He is the classic case of a troll. Short, niggly posts designed only to annoy. Rarely if ever argues a case, makes any point or exercises any wit. Just sneers. Occasionally pretends to be offended by inventing personal circumstances that are probably invented for the occasion.

    Grovels when sprung.

    It’s all part of his act.

  11. By the way, you’re sounding a bit “whingey” yourself tonight. A bit “woe-is-me-ish” with a sad photo to back it up.

  12. Another study from the US suggesting 4% of the population with antibodies to coronavirus – as with the much discussed study last week from Santa Clara county – this one from Los Angeles county

    “Now comes a second study, this time involving Los Angeles, from USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy. The study suggests that by early April, hundreds of thousands of LA County residents may have been infected. Their preliminary data suggests that 4.1% of adults have antibodies to the virus – translating to 221,000 to 442,000 people in the county. At the time of the study, the county had fewer than 8,000 reported cases”

    In other corona news there may be hope for me yet 🙂

    “French researchers to test nicotine patches on coronavirus patients …… study – which stresses serious health risks of smoking – suggest substance in tobacco may lower risk of getting coronavirus”


  13. GoldenSmaug @ #703 Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 – 11:44 am


    it’s not a free market and therefore any pretense should be dropped.

    From my entire comment that’s the key line to take away.
    We are not a free market economy no matter how much the IPA or the likes of Jerry Harvey like to make out.
    We are largely socialist (depending up your definition of socialist), it’s just which side of the fence the government is throwing the money and which side is being controlled more, either through Labor laws or Corporate Law.
    Companies (and most of them do) that are continually going on about government regulation and the impact this has on the “Free market” seem to primarily be whinging that they are not getting enough handouts and seem awful quick to demand support when things go wrong.

    Completely agree.

    Free market seems to mean that the market is free to do whatever it can and to who ever it wants to to make a profit while being free to avoid all responsibility where taxation is concerned while when not making a large enough profit is free to get as many handouts as it can winkle from governments which are also free from the burden of being repaid.

  14. Socrates @ #866 Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 – 3:17 pm


    “I do feel a bit sorry for Angus Taylor…”

    Unless the remainder of the sentence is about capital punishment for conflicts if interest we will have to disagree. Like BK said, this is a cynical move. The fuel reserves requirement is an IEA requirement that signatories should have several months supply stored in their country. Storing in the USA does not meet that requirement. It would take a week to ship it here. And as with PPE for medicos when supply is scarce, what confidence do we have that we will receive it?

    If oil is in the negative in cost, why is it costing Australia $94M to buy, shouldn’t the oil producers be paying us to take it?

  15. C@tmomma @ #870 Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 – 3:23 pm

    lizzie @ #857 Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 – 3:03 pm

    David Crowe
    Now the pursuit begins. Malcolm Turnbull’s publisher has the 59 names who received the pirated e-book. It is going after all of them.

    Even Patricia Karvelas? Though I guess you would have to.

    I think according to the e-piracy laws it is illegal to have a copy even if you haven’t passed it on (so if you have archived the email with attachment you may be in trouble), additionally (noting I am not a lawyer) if you have opened a document that was an attachment in an email and it was titled (malcolm’s book, etc.) then you have accessed an illegal copy and are subject to the laws of piracy.

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