Federal election minus two months

No new federal poll, but preselection latest from Curtin, Moncrieff and Sturt in the House, and the Northern Territory in the Senate.

In an off week in the fortnightly cycle of Newspoll and Essential Research, and no Ipsos poll overnight in Nine Newspapers, it looks like poll junkies will have to make do with New South Wales this week. We do have a poll of Senate voting intention from The Australia Institute, encompassing by Dynata from 2019 voters through February and March, which has Labor on 33%, the Coalition on 28%, the Greens on 12% and One Nation on 8%, from which a post-election outcome is projected of 30 to 32 seats for the Coalition, 28 to 29 seats for Labor, eight to nine seats for the Greens, four to five seats for the One Nation, two to three for the Centre Alliance, one for Australian Conservatives, and possibly one for Derryn Hinch, Jacqui Lambie or Tasmanian independent Craig Garland. The poll was the subject of a paywalled report in the Financial Review, and a full report featuring detailed breakdowns will shortly be available on The Australia Institute’s website.

Other than that, some recent preselection developments to relate:

• Last week’s Liberal preselection to choose a successor to Julie Bishop in Curtin was won by Celia Hammond, former University of Notre Dame vice-chancellor, who secured victory in the first round with 51 votes out of 82. The only other competitive contender was Anna Dartnell, an executive for resources company Aurizon, who received 28 votes. Erin Watson-Lynn, who was said to have been favoured by Bishop, received only one vote, after receiving substantial unhelpful publicity for past social media comments critical of the Liberal Party. It has been widely suggested that Hammond’s socially conservative views make her an ill fit for the electorate, which recorded a 72% yes vote in the same-sex marriage referendum – hoping to take advantage of the situation is Louise Stewart, who established a chain of health care clinics, and identifies as a moderate and “independent Liberal”.

Andrew Potts of the Gold Coast Bulletin reports eight candidates have nominated for the preselection to succeed Steve Ciobo as the Liberal National Party candidate in Moncrieff, which is expected to be held in a few weeks. Gold Coast councillor Cameron Caldwell is reckoned to be the frontrunner, with other candidates including Karly Abbott, a staffer to Ciobo, and Fran Ward, a “local businesswoman”.

• Labor has preselected Cressida O’Hanlon, a family dispute resolution practitioner, as its candidate for the Adelaide seat of Sturt, which will be vacated with the retirement of Christopher Pyne. The Liberal preselection will be held on Saturday – the presumed front-runner, James Stevens, is backed by Pyne and other factional moderates, and faces opposition from two conservatives, Joanna Andrew and Deepa Mathew.

• The Country Liberal Party in the Northern Territory has preselected Sam McMahon, a Katherine-based veterinarian, out of a field of 12 to succeed the retiring Nigel Scullion as its Senate candidate.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. William, are you going to do some sort of guesstimation on what the senate might look like after the election or is that too much trouble for what it’s worth?

  2. The Liberal pre-selection will be held on Saturday – the presumed front-runner, James Stevens, is backed by Pyne and other factional moderates, and faces opposition from two conservatives, Joanna Andrew and Deepa Mathew.


    I hope Deepa Matthew does NOT get the gig in Sturt. I can imagine what people would do to the cornflutes if a person with that name won pre-selection, even in conservative Adelaide. Ms Downer must be staying in Mayo where her father once ruled.

  3. Good morning Dawn Patrollers. Understandably the Christchurch attack is still dominating the media.

    Michael Daley has given an “ironclad” guarantee he would not water down gun laws as the Liberals step up pressure and roll out anti-gun advertisements featuring John Howard.
    The Australian family of Brenton Tarrant have expressed sorrow and pain towards the victims of the Christchurch massacre, declaring his violence “unrepairable”.
    Greg Barton asserts that ultimately, we need to address the permissive political environment that allows such hateful extremism to be promulgated so openly.
    Matilda Boseley uncovers what goes on in the alt-right internet subculture that Tarrant was part of. It’s not nice.
    The White House has been forced to defend the US President after the alleged shooter in the Christchurch mosque terror attacks wrote that he admired Donald Trump.
    Jenna Price tell us that more than one million people have signed a petition to remove Queensland Senator Fraser Anning from Parliament after his remarks following the Christchurch mosque massacre.
    And Shane Wright reports that all major parties will unite to censure Queensland Senator Fraser Anning, accusing him of trying to incite fear and division across Australia on religious grounds in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack.
    Sean Kelly pointedly writes that our PM is telling fairy tales while Ardern does something radical. He says Morrison meant well, but what he said was absolute rot.
    The SMH editorial says the Christchurch attack has brought into sharp relief the rise of right wing extremism and he divisive politics that enable it.
    Former NSW assistant police commissioner Nick Kaldas laments that Australia has eight police forces but none are tracking hate crimes. He provides an interesting insight.
    Security expert Clive Williams explains how New Zealand security authorities seem to have been mainly focused on Islamist extremists and not to have taken the extreme-right seriously enough.
    The Australian reports that Australia’s top national security officials will today hold an urgent meeting to brief ministers on Australia’s response to Friday’s terrorist attack in Christchurch, offering a review of the threat posed by right-wing extremists.
    Michelle Grattan writes that a truly inclusive society requires political restraint.
    Jason Wilson writes the Australians are asking how did we get here. Well, Islamophobia is practically enshrined as public policy he says.
    Rebecca Peters, who was a leader in the gun control movement in Australia all those years ago, writes that New Zealand is 20 years behind Australia in gun control.
    Morrison has called for live-streaming to be suspended as politicians around the world condemned big technology companies for failing to stop the spread of video footage of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Christchurch.
    Greg Sheridan writes that the appalling slaughter of the innocents in Christchurch demonstrates the growing power and reach of a repellent, extreme, right-wing and racist ideology. He says the centre must rise against the extremes.
    Sam Maiden writes that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and Health Minister Greg Hunt have revealed what really went on during secret party room discussions about Muslims, denying they were urged to use Islamophobia to win votes.
    Phil Coorey asks us to imagine if an Australian politician blamed the victims if those slaughtered were Christians worshipping at church and the terrorist was a Muslim. What Anning did was no less appalling. He calls for politicians and others to stop the dogwhistling.
    Eryk Bagshaw writes that the next few weeks will determine whether the Coalition is finally able to capitalise on an economic gift from Labor: Its plan to abolish franking credit tax refunds.
    The RBA has sounded the climate change alarm. Time to sit up and take notice says Greg Jericho.
    John McDuling wonders what it is that Murdoch is hoping to gain from breaking up Google and Facebook.
    Dana McCauley writes that Shorten is under pressure to unveil a comprehensive plan to deliver universal dental care, as he makes health a central focus of his campaign to win the coming federal election.
    Paul Karp advises us that Labor has pledged $1bn to upgrade public hospital facilities, promising more beds, emergency department upgrades and new palliative care and mental health facilities.
    The cost of going to the dentist had become so out of reach for a Northern Territory cattle station worker that he travelled to Cambodia to have 30 years of delayed treatment attended to in three days. Two million Australians avoid or delay going to the dentist each year because they cannot afford it, a new report from the Grattan Institute says.
    Patients who need x-rays and ultrasounds will end up paying less under a new Morrison government pledge to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for the services.
    Cole Latimer reports that a new trial has been launched to cut power prices and make wind and solar energy more predictable by letting renewable generators forecast their own electricity production. Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) chief executive Darren Miller said with better forecasting it will ultimately lead to lower power costs by removing the unevenness in wind and solar generation.
    “Are we approaching a new economic period where competition is but a distant memory, replaced by monopolies and concentrated business power?”, asks Paul Budde.
    A young Catholic activist faces expulsion from Queensland’s Liberal National Party after she called on fellow party members to send letters of support to convicted cardinal George Pell.
    America’s cut to aid in Palestine promises greater regional instability.
    Disturbing numbers of discarded syringes are washing into river beds as the Yarra reaches the inner city, posing fears for safety around the waterway. Charming!
    Before attending church on Sunday, Donald Trump defended a Fox News host who was taken off air after she questioned whether a Muslim congresswoman’s religious beliefs were compatible with the US constitution.

    Cartoon Corner

    What a beauty from David Rowe!

    A telling contribution from Jim Pavlidis.

    From Matt Golding.

    A poignant effort from Pat Campbell.

    Sean Leahy looks at Anning’s future.

    From the US

  4. Thanks for the dawn patrol BK.

    The most disturbing one I read said this –

    Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said his agencies “swung in to action from the moment this atrocity was committed”. “Our agencies have been closely monitoring extremist individuals and organisations before this event and that will continue. The right-wing extremists have always been on ASIO’s radar,’’

    However, Former NSW Police Force deputy commissioner and now senior fellow at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Nick Kaldas, said law enforcement agencies had not done enough to monitor the growth of right-wing extremists.

    “It has been clear for some years that there is a lot of activity in the right-wing group space,’’ Mr Kaldas told The Australian. “Law enforcement generally is not as aware of these groups as some in the intelligence community. It’s incumbent on authorities now that the threat has become so visible that they change tack and dedicate more resources to monitoring that type of group.’’

    https://www.outline.com/aCHsp2 courtesy of BK

    I know that mongrel we will not name has been living out of Australia in NZ for a few years, but I can’t help wondering if Australia dropped the ball on this one. Political point scoring has no place for this issue, I’m just asking the question. Did we let our mates across the ditch down here ?

  5. Thanks BK. The coalitions direct action policy is nothing more than direct donations to mates. There is no climate action policy. Labor’s main add in the next campaign should be a picture of Morrison holding that lump of coal with a caption “Do you trust this man to act on climate change?”

  6. You know I take comfort from the fact that I can come here today and everything is just as it ever was. I woke up and, in my early morning reverie before I hauled myself out of my bed, I took comfort from the fact that this blog spent yesterday wrangling our way through another day of the Greens-Labor wars and that this blog, like an oasis situated in the arid expanse of the internet which encouraged the Christchurch mass murderer to his beastly crimes, hasn’t been infected with same and drained of it’s humanity to become a wasteland too.

    In fact, what is most comforting is that we here are here because we still care about the sorts of things and the people that the Right have stopped caring about.

    And for that, I am grateful to you all.

    Have a lovely day. I’m off to try and convince others to vote that way.

  7. Trump smears John McCain in Sunday morning tweet: He was ‘last in his class’ and ‘working’ with Dems

    President Donald Trump on Sunday asserted that deceased Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) had been “working” with Democrats before his death to undermine the president’s administration.

    In a tweet, Trump said that it had been “proven in court papers” that McCain was “last in his class” at Annapolis Naval Academy.

    He went on to claim that McCain had been behind a dossier of damaging information about Trump. The dossier was created during the 2016 campaign.

    “Even the Fake News refused this garbage!” Trump exclaimed in the tweet.

    Some Responses :

    Meghan McCain‏Verified account @MeghanMcCain

    Meghan McCain Retweeted Donald J. Trump

    No one will ever love you the way they loved my father…. I wish I had been given more Saturday’s with him. Maybe spend yours with your family instead of on twitter obsessing over mine?

    Rick Wilson‏Verified account @TheRickWilson

    Rick Wilson Retweeted Donald J. Trump

    You are a low, impotent worm.

    John McCain lived every virtue and quality you lack.

    Let’s review: physical and moral courage. Patriotic loyalty to his country and comrades in the face of death and torture. Country before self and party. Humor and self-awareness. Love of family.

    Brian Krassenstein‏ @krassenstein

    John McCain:
    -81 Years
    -35 Year in Politics
    -23 Years in Military
    -5 Years of getting tortured in prison camp

    Donald Trump:
    -72 Years
    -20 Years Living in a Gold-plated Room at Trump Tower
    -2 Years in Politics
    -0 Years in Military (Drafted – excused because of bone spurs)

  8. Beto O’Rourke Says He’d Prefer To Have Female Running-Mate If He Wins Party Nomination

    Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke, a Democratic Party candidate running for president in 2020, spoke to reporters briefly on Saturday night in Dubuque, Iowa, about what kind of person he’d like to see become his running-mate should he secure the nomination.

    “It would be very difficult not to select a woman with so many extraordinary women who are running right now. But first I would have to win and there’s — you know, this is as open as it has ever been,” O’Rourke added.

    But O’Rourke was quick to turn a modest corner in making his comments, noting that there’s an important step to achieve before he makes any decisions about who he’d run with — securing the nomination itself.

    “It’s presumptuous for me to think about who I would select as a vice president,” O’Rourke explained. “Right now I’m seeking the nomination.”

    At least five women have already thrown their hats in the ring to run for the Democratic nomination against presumptive Republican nominee President Donald Trump. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota have all said they intend to seek the party’s nomination as well


  9. If all our law enforcement agencies can’t or won’t target hate crime it is hardly surprising as our neocon governments rely upon on the fear they feed off for their existence

  10. Morrison’s religion holds that God shows his love by bestowing material wealth on those who love him in return.

    It sees Jews as useful dupes, stepping stones to be clambered over on the way to religious Destiny and Eternity, then they can go to Hell… literally.

    Some Muslims are in conflict with Jews and with Christians. Of course he hates them, all of them (just to be on the safe side). They have no part in his God’s plan, except to impede it.

    Of course he proposed targeting Muslims to his colleagues, and used the drowned as political wedges, just as he sneered at the expense of flying relatives to their funeral. This was too much, even for his colleagues, who forced him to apoligize. Does anyone belueve his (and their) denials; now that the shit has hit the fan?

    As recently as a month ago he called the Muslims in Manus and Nauru “rapists and murdeters”, not worthy of admission to our hospitals. He agreed with Dutton and others that allowing even one of them to set foot here on our sacred soil would cause bona fide, ” fair dinkum” Australians to suffer medical disadvantage. So, instead of improving hospitals for everyone, he is spending $1.4 billion on reopening Christmas Island, then forcing Labor to find the money to pay for it.

    Don’t give this idiot a moment’s consideration, or any sympathy at all.

  11. The Sam Maiden article in The New Daily (thanks BK) wherein Hunt et al deny Morrison was promoting Islamophobia in 2011 cabinet meeting is too little too late.

    It should have been denied in 2011.
    It wasn’t because it suited them.

    It also probably has a germ of truth.
    Ruddock ‘doesn’t recall it’ and Dutton just attacks Labor. Only Hunt says it’s not true, and his own reputation for honesty is ….. well ….. Um.

    Too bad. Perception is everything in politics, and our PM is now on the wrong side. It was his choice.

  12. All elected officials should have a ‘code of conduct’, like major sporting organizations have, that restrict their behavior in legal gray areas.

  13. Maude Lynne @ #13 Monday, March 18th, 2019 – 7:36 am

    The Sam Maiden article in The New Daily (thanks BK) wherein Hunt et al deny Morrison was promoting Islamophobia in 2011 cabinet meeting is too little too late.

    It should have been denied in 2011.
    It wasn’t because it suited them.

    It also probably has a germ of truth.
    Ruddock ‘doesn’t recall it’ and Dutton just attacks Labor. Only Hunt says it’s not true, and his own reputation for honesty is ….. well ….. Um.

    Too bad. Perception is everything in politics, and our PM is now on the wrong side. It was his choice.

    Lenore Taylor, who wrote the original article stands by her article and has said the same politicians who told her about Morrison’s comments and action in 2011 have told other journalists as well. My guess is that she is waiting for one of her sources to change their tune before publishing more.

    It might be interesting to establish from the Lib Shadow Cabinet of the time who has not denied the report!

  14. For those questioning what security services were doing, there was an informative article in the Washinhton Post. Essentially, they were saying that extreme nationalists were left to domestic intelligence agencies and there weren’t as much sharing of information between countries as there has been with other threats.


  15. lizzie says:

    Ruddock has an infinite capacity for not recalling anything awkward.

    In the deadwood OED you can find the word ruddock. One of the meanings/uses , a poisonous toad used by witches. Oh how appropriate I found that back in his days with Howard.

  16. Socrates says:
    Monday, March 18, 2019 at 6:33 am
    Thanks BK. The coalitions direct action policy is nothing more than direct donations to mates. There is no climate action policy. Labor’s main add in the next campaign should be a picture of Morrison holding that lump of coal with a caption “Do you trust this man to act on climate change?”


    And the picture of the celebration ‘circle hug’ on the floor of the parliament when the carbon price bill was defeated!

  17. @LindaMottram
    24m24 minutes ago

    “I’m hardly going to take morals lectures from the extreme left” says Peter Dutton .. they “are just as bad” as the extreme right in this circumstance, he says. No regrets about any past statements. @RNBreakfast

    When will Dutton come right out and accuse the ‘extreme left’ of being murderers and rapists? This man’s whole being leans towards demonising most of humanity.

  18. And furthermore:

    28m28 minutes ago

    . @PeterDutton_MP tells @RNBreakfast that @RichardDiNatale and @MehreenFaruqi should be condemned as much as Anning for political rhetoric. Wow.

  19. Thanks (as ever) BK for the Dawn Patrol.

    I am unamazed that our journalists and politicians have, in the time honoured fashion of professional bullshit artists – discovered that actions have consequences – that scientific research has value and meaning – that treating others as garbage can have disagreeable outcomes – and that they (journalists and politicians) may have a minuscule responsibility to potential readers and community.

    We are now told that there are thousands (count them one by one) involved in the hate business up to and including politicians (who knew ❓ )

    I think I can see (dimly and through a glass darkly) a $500 million dollar program being announced to combat something or other in the it’s allright to be white murder business. This should, as a matter of course, to follow precedent, go to a little know shopfront outfit with no staff. Problem solved.

    I am glad to have awoken this morning and very sad that 50 of our fellows did not because of stupidity, ignorance and hate.


  20. @matttburke
    12h12 hours ago
    Replying to @PeterDutton_MP @RichardDiNatale

    The LNP was running dishonest Facebook ads in Queensland about retirees being slugged to pay for refugees up until a few hours ago. They were running it before, during and 72 hours after the massacre.

  21. sprocket_ @ #17 Monday, March 18th, 2019 – 7:59 am

    Somehow, this Liberal Party attack ad is just not doing it for me…

    ” rel=”nofollow”>

    I dunno Sprocket. Coming to a nursing home near you. Johnny Howard and the Hoity Toity Band.. featuring Mrs H on Banjo; get your ticket now before the GST kicks you in the c0bblestones.. Bought to you by Hello World Travel, the chum bucket professionals. Seniors discount cards accepted only for advance purchases.

  22. Oh the bitter irony of John Howard, who in 2001 adopted Hansen’s race based political tactics and built on them and now, after Christchurch, his face is being splashed around WRT gun control.

  23. Here again is Lenore Taylor’s article, Feb 17, 2011 –

    And it was in 2011 that he chose not to refute it.


    THE opposition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, urged the shadow cabinet to capitalise on the electorate’s growing concerns about “Muslim immigration”, “Muslims in Australia” and the “inability” of Muslim migrants to integrate.

    Mr Morrison’s suggestion was made at a meeting in December at which shadow ministers were asked to bring three ideas for issues on which the Coalition should concentrate its political attack during this parliamentary term.

    Mr Morrison declined to comment on the discussion.

    And, in the appalling whinge about the cost of Muslim funerals, he was forced into saying he went a step too far, which he then goes on to explain that it wasn’t the sentiment that he regretted, but only the timing. Which is non regret at all.

    Speaking about the furore over the cost of the Muslim funerals, Mr Morrison told Sydney radio: “There is a time and a place … if you step over the mark I think you have got to say so, and I’m prepared to do so, but the government should not take that as a leave pass.

    “Timing in terms of comments is very important … the timing of my comments was insensitive and inappropriate.”

    Yes, ad man, there is a time and place. Yours has come.

  24. The Prime Minister’s words were regarded by commentators such as Patricia Karvelas and Craig Emerson as strong, statesmanlike and appropriate for the horrific nature of the occasion.

    There is little argument to be made against this view. Morrison did say exactly what needed to be said.
    However, the statement also provoked vigorous expressions of outrage from many on social media — the majority pointing out Morrison’s hypocrisy on this subject. There is little argument to be made against those views either.

    A brief foray into the PM’s attitude to Muslims since he was Opposition immigration spokesman in 2011 reveals a man dedicated to creating fear, hatred and division in the Australian community for political gain, using perceived anti-Muslim sentiment as his weapon of choice.

    From his time in opposition to the present day, Morrison has unfailingly continued his demonisation of Muslims, particularly those who arrived here by boat seeking asylum from countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and Sri Lanka. Those who were – and in some cases still are – held in indefinite off-shore detention on Manus and Nauru.

    Muslims are only “family” when Morrison believes that political advantage is to be gained from describing them as such. The rest of the time Muslims are weapons employed by Scott Morrison and the Coalition Government to divide communities, incite hatred and fear, and win votes from One Nation.

    Yes, his Christchurch statement was word perfect. And that should instil great unease in everyone.


  25. Kon Karapanagiotidis
    11h11 hours ago

    Hearing Ardern say NZ Gov will pay for funerals of all victims of #Christchurch regardless of immigration status & made me remember when Morrison refused to fly families of refugees who drowned at Xmas Island to their funerals because it would cost us as taxpayers 2 cents each.

  26. Doesnt matter what Morrison did or didn’t say in 2011. Just look at his conduct up until and after the medivac legislation. It is plain to see what his modus operandi was regarding Muslim’s and refugees.

  27. The daughter is missing the all the activity in counter-terrorism – she is on holidays!!
    I sent her an article about the activity on lack of activity on intelligence on far-right groups. She replied that pre-crime is hard!! “There’s only so much watching the good guys can do”
    The first step has to make journalists and pollies follow the lead of Rod Bowers. Welcome diversity. Make xenophobia as welcome as bad smells!

  28. A reminder of Scrott’s funeral fluckery
    Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison says the Federal Government should not be paying for asylum seekers to be flown to Sydney for the funerals of people killed in the Christmas Island shipwreck.

    Mr Morrison has questioned the cost, saying the funeral services could have been held on Christmas Island instead.

    Mr Morrison says holding them in Sydney and paying for other detainees to attend is poor judgement.

    He says he is very sensitive to what he calls the terrible tragedy on Christmas Island, but he says enough is enough.

    “They need to understand the value of taxpayers’ dollars in this area.”

    Mr Morrison says despite running the risk of being seen as heartless, he thinks the expense is unreasonable.

  29. @sunriseon7

    “What is a censure? It will not prove a damn thing!” — @PaulineHansonOZ says she’ll abstain from a vote to censure Fraser Anning. #auspol

    7m7 minutes ago

    Predictably, the television program that has done most to build the public profile of the odious specimen, Pauline Hanson, never fails to be the first hand extending her more oxygen #auspol

  30. I suspect the whole Right Wing (Liberal, National, One Nation, Liberal Democrat, Australian Conservative, Anning Arsehole Association, and all of their ectoparasites) vote will now go into freefall until it grounds on the total sum of racist exclusionary scum in our society. I think this will reflect in the polls as sub-30% total for the Big Bastards (LNP) and sub-3% for the little ones, up until the real poll, when these bastards are going to be wiped out by sub-20% primary polling for the LNP, and loss of all senate seats which the scum are contesting. The GRASPers are panic stricken and have nowhere to hide.

  31. Sounds like she wants to keep up the anti Muslim rhetoric:

    Left exploits Christchurch too

    Fraser Anning isn’t the only ratbag to use the NZ terror attack to score points. Beware those now seeking to shut down debate. (Oz headline)

  32. More likely there will be a downturn in demand for expensive overseas holidays (bad news for HelloWorld):

    Get ready for a retail rout

    Taking franking credit money out of people’s pockets is only going to punch more holes in a struggling retail sector. (Oz headline)

  33. citizen @ #281 Monday, March 18th, 2019 – 8:58 am

    Sounds like she wants to keep up the anti Muslim rhetoric:

    Left exploits Christchurch too

    Fraser Anning isn’t the only ratbag to use the NZ terror attack to score points. Beware those now seeking to shut down debate. (Oz headline)

    There is no debate Murdochspawn. You lost. Run away.

  34. People like Hanson, and the rest of the right wing echo chamber, never envisaged that a White born and bred Australian would go on a callous murderous rampage in places of worship, indiscrimately killing women children and men. They never thought for one minute it would occur.
    Now that it has, they are left with ashes in their mouths.

  35. GG,

    I’m more disturbed by some of the comments attached to that video.

    We live in a very different Australia to the one I was bought up in 50 years ago. It is sad and depressing the hatred that sections of the community have for each other.

    Fraser Anning isn’t the only ratbag to use the NZ terror attack to score points. Beware those now seeking to shut down debate. (Oz headline)”

    Ahh….the Charge of the Free Speech Light Brigade forms up.

    The may be about to get a whiff of the metaphorical grapeshot. 🙁

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