YouGov Galaxy: 52-48 to federal Coalition in Queensland

Another better poll result for the government, this time from Queensland, which finds the swing to Labor at an almost-manageable 2%.

Today’s Courier-Mail has a YouGov Galaxy poll of federal voting intention in Queensland which gives the Coalition one of its best poll results in some time, crediting them with a 52-48 lead. This represents a two-party swing to Labor of only 2.1% since the 2016 election, although it’s only one point better than in the previous Queensland poll by Galaxy in August last year. The poll also provides further evidence that One Nation has gone off the boil, their primary vote of 9% being three points down on August. The Coalition is up four to 41% (compared with 43.2% at the election), Labor is steady on 32% (30.9% at the election), and the Greens are up three to 10% (8.8% at the election).

A perfectly even split of opinion is recorded on the Adani coal mine, with support and opposition both at 41%. This breaks down to 43-38 against in south-east Queensland, and 45-37 in favour in the rest of the state. The poll was conducted Wednesday and Thursday from a sample of 860.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Scullion was very big on his support for Joyce after this morning’s Nat party meeting. Hazard a guess the reality of the situation might be getting through by now.

  2. John Birmingham has just excoriated Joyce and Turnbull in the Age, leaving no doubt that the force of public opinion has moved the press to reflect its fury.

    We are seeing the first defensive wall of the House of Turnbull crumble before our eyes.

  3. How thick must the Nats parliamentary party be, to have kept this bloke in office for a further day or so in the face of such a flaming wreck? Scullion even lauding him. No wonder Indigenous Affairs is in the state it is.

  4. Dan Tehan:

    “Barnaby Joyce will make a statement today covering all the things in the newspapers overnight”

    … in that deadpan voice and with that totally robot dead look on his face.


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