Galaxy: 52-48 to federal Labor in WA

As cabinet assembles in Western Australia, more evidence that the state looms as a big problem for the Turnbull government.

A quiet week looms on the opinion poll front, but Perth’s Sunday Times newspaper entered the breach yesterday with a WA-only poll of federal voting intention conducted by Galaxy, tailored to coincide with cabinet’s visit to the state this week. The results delivered the paper the hard-hitting headline it was presumably angling for, recording Labor with a 52-48 two-party lead that amounts to a 6% swing compared with last year’s election. The primary vote results were Coalition 39% (down from 48.7%), Labor 37% (up from 32.4%) and Greens 11% (down from 12.1%), with One Nation on 5%. Malcolm Turnbull nonetheless recorded a 43-33 lead over Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister. The poll also found 59% saying they would vote yes at a same-sex marrige plebiscite, compared with 32% for no; and 61% saying they did not trust the government to “change the distribution of GST revenue to ensure WA receives a fairer share”, with 21% saying they did. It was conducted Wednesday and Thursday from a sample of 850.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. WB – It’s getting there.

    I was using my Windows phone for about 2 weeks. Using it is a pain because when you post a comment you end up somewhere near the first comment.

    The scrolling back to current copies is enough to drive anyone mad.

    One plus is that persistence meant that I can get cut and paste on the phone most of the time now.

    I was very glad to get back to my lap top.

  2. So when you were posting comments on your phone, it was … loading the page as if it was set to “Sort by: oldest” rather than “Sort by: newest”?

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  4. Zeh @ #307 Monday, July 31st, 2017 – 2:21 pm

    Throw a search in, is easy with the api

    It’s in the backlog, with a few other things.

    I’m sure calling the search API should be easy enough; getting it to flow nicely with the ‘normal’ interface is more of a concern. It would need to be possible to view posts, search for something and view the results, and then return to viewing posts in the exact same state as before the search was executed. I’m expecting a number of fiddly bits with actually getting that working cleanly.

  5. WB

    Don’t know which. Mobile phone and some strong pain killers aren’t a great mix.

    Will give it a try both ways tomorrow and post where I get to.

    The width of the screen is a big part of the limitation. I doubt that programming can get around that as the font size would have to be very small.

    All in all, it’s actually possible but frustrating.

  6. I like the new site & appreciate all your efforts WB.

    I don’t post much but visit every day at least once to keep on top of the game that federal politics.

    Hywel i ti.

    Posted from Abermaw, Cymru this time.

  7. WB

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    (Trump! SCarramuchi not there long enough for me to check how to spell his name)

  8. Appears it on .Radio top of the hour news Malcontents trumble to be rolled over SSM when parliament returns.
    If SSM passes Dutton in with hunt as dep. what a combination.

    Popcorn futures set to rise

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