Newspoll: 52-48 to Labor

The latest fortnightly result from Newspoll registers the best two-party result for Labor since Malcolm Turnbull became prime minister.

The latest fortnightly Newspoll, courtesy of The Australian, finds Labor opening up a 52-48 lead after a 50-50 result a fortnight ago, with the Coalition down three on the primary vote to 38%, Labor up one to 37%, and the Greens up one to 10%. On personal ratings, Malcolm Turnbull is down two on approval to 32% and up two on disapproval to 55%, while Bill Shorten is up one to 36% and down one to 51%. However, preferred prime minister is little changed, with Turnbull’s lead shifting from 43-31 to 44-33.

UPDATE (Essential Research): Bit of movement in the Essential Research fortnightly rolling average, with the Coalition up two on the primary vote to 39%, Labor down one to 36%, the Greens down one to 9%, One Nation steady on 6% and the Nick Xenophon Team down to 3%. Despite the apparent move in the Coalition’s favour, Labor’s two-party lead remains at 52-48. Other findings:

• An occasional series of questions on leaders’ attributes reflects a slight deterioration in Malcolm Turnbull’s standing since it was last asked in May, with arrogant up five points, narrow-minded up four and visionary down five. Nearly every one of Bill Shorten’s 15 indicators are up slightly, positive and negative alike, which presumably reflects his higher profile after an election campaign. The biggest mover is “aggressive”, up six to a still modest 36%.

• A series of questions on “leader trust to handle issues” finds Bill Shorten favoured in almost every case, reflecting the fact that that issues identified are mostly on turf favourable to Labor. A curious is exception is “regulating the banking and finance sector”, on which Turnbull led 33% to 29%.

• The poll also finds strong support for voluntary euthanasia, which is supported by 68% “when a person has a disease that cannot be cured and is living in severe pain” and opposed by 13%.

• Strong opposition to liberalising of cross-media ownership laws was recorded, with 61% disapproving and 18% approving.

• Respondents were asked to evaluate the level of importance of five issues, which found climate change, a royal commission into the banking and finance industry and a treaty with indigenous Australians rated of high importance, and votes on same-sex marriage and a republic substantially less so.

• Fifty-eight per cent said they would support recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the constitution, with 15% opposed.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. GG

    I didn’t realise Teddy was so ancient. Although I do remember his parade of honour at the MCG some years ag when he appeared to be less than topdog.

    If he was alive today, he’d be rollicking. Tainted win or not!

  2. This should come in handy when playing League:
    ‘Sharks have a covering of dermal denticles that protects their skin from damage and parasites in addition to improving their fluid dynamics. They have numerous sets of replaceable teeth.’

  3. Had to study The Club in year 11 english…a down and out club winning with a stoner player who cared not about winning until he did and they all did… those who begrudge the dogs their well deserved final should accept defeat with some grace…they were beaten, not robbed….

  4. The entire AFL competition is tainted has been since the AFL decided it was going to invade the Rugby States,they granted the new teams advantages the others did not get, they altered the draft,changed the rounds so new teams had an easy run.
    They now have Brisbane who are broke, GCAFC who have gone backwards,the Swans may be at the beginning of a slide down the ladder can the AFL afford that as they sink we will see how many supporters hang about.
    Then we have GWS who lie about their membership their home crowds ,and after 5 yrs of draft fiddles,the AFL slanting the fixtures so they had an easy run they dropped the ball and wrecked the AFL dream of an all Sydney GF.
    No wonder the afl boss looked pissed off at the game and all you afl followers let them get away with it a crooked comp and they sling off at RL hypocrites

  5. Princip was arrested but could not be executed because he was underage. He died of TB in an Austro-Hungarian prison before the end of the war.

  6. I see that League still has pom pom girls.

    Yes a bit cringeworthy. However on the plus side they do have a woman commentator on the talking head panel. Every time the AFL tries to do that the Eddie McGuires and Sam Newmans of the media castigate her with vile misogynistic abuse.

  7. Whitten’s motorcade at the MCG was a couple of days before he died of Cancer. Probably, one of the most emotional moments in AFL

    I remember that and yes it was very moving.

  8. OC
    Ah. Somehow I had thought that the crowd tore him to pieces. wRONg.
    I wonder whether anyone collect his views about what he had triggered?

  9. Boerwar I think you are right. The lack of transparency by yesterday’s umpires is going to seriously affect the credibility of AFL’s march towards becoming the world’s most popular sport let alone its admission to the Olympics.

  10. oakeshott country @ #2364 Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    Princip was arrested but could not be executed because he was underage. He died of TB in an Austro-Hungarian prison before the end of the war.

    And eighty years later the Bosnian defenders of Sarajevo express their contempt of the same Serb nationalism that inspired Princip by urinating on his headstone. History is funny that way.

  11. OC
    The first few words gave me some comfort.
    Your comprehensive verballing thereafter reminded me muchly of the umpire problem.
    No integrity.

  12. Get over it…no robbery yesterday… a grand win which the Sydney players and coach have acknowledged…the AFL have supported the Sydney Swans to the hilt for years and still do for the “good” of the game…the doggies beat them…in any game of AFL we have human umpires making human decisions in a human game…sometimes it doesn’t seem fair…tell me a St Kilda supporter who witnessed Hawkins kick a goal that was a point(I was directly behind the goal)…well that was never reversed and i got over itSydney was rightly beaten as the lesser side on the day…no umpire could have won it for them…enjoy the premierships you already have rather than impugn the reputation of the side that has done so rightfully…

  13. Re “Powergate”: I think an instructive thought experiment might be “what if Labor did it?”. What if the Deputy PM, the Energy Minister and the PM him/herself in a Labor Government obviously exploited a natural disaster to further their political agenda. For example, using the example of a tropical cyclone to press the need for action on climate change while it was still happening. Shoutback radio in meltdown, the usual Murdoch megaphones positively frothing at the mouth with rage, our venerable ABC joining in, possibly somewhat more restrained.

    But what do we get when the political wing of Big Money is in power?

  14. L
    No amount of your false assertions and injured protestations can possibly address the facts of the matter.
    There is simply no way on earth that it can be justified that the Swans got only 4 frees in three and a half quarters of footie.
    There were three potentially knee breaking slides into the lower legs of the Swans players by the Dogs. One of these did, in fact break a Swan’s star’s knee.
    No frees to the Swans. But it was worse than that… much worse than that – for one of them the ump gave the DOGs a free. This occurred within goal kicking distance in the Swan’s fifty. And when, quite rightly, the Swans remonstrated with the Ump, he gave a fifty to boot. The Doggies kicked a goal. A 12 point turn around on despicable umpiring.
    I am sorry to have to say it but the Doggies’ Flag is tainted by a truly shocking bias in the umpiring.

  15. Princip was a member of the Black Hand and it is likely his orders came from the Serbian Government
    What caused WWI? Who knows but every ANZAC Day the SMH has a memoria page and each year someone puts in a notice for their 100 year dead relative who died on the Austro-Italian front. It ends with “Thanks to you Italian can now be heard in Trieste”. So it seems 20,000,000 really did die to keep the Habsburgs out of the Balkans.

  16. OC
    The Black Hand was one of the more despicable manifestations of Serbian nationalism which, truth to tell, has not contributed all that much to human civilization these past seven centuries.

  17. Oh I’ve only just noticed that the eastern states have shifted to daylight saving time. For some reason I thought that wasn’t happening until next weekend.

  18. I cannot understand the approach of posters who think that repeating the same view twenty times makes their opinion authoritative!

  19. Boerwar – I don’t think you’ve changed any minds about yesterday’s game and I don’t think you’re going to. Like the Republican Referendum, the result stands.

  20. Nothing…no questioning and acceptance because we know it is best for us apparently…what the libs can get away with Labour rarely can…Liberal stupidity is a given and widely accepted as ok…

  21. As a Sydneysider, can I say how wonderful it will be if the wankers from The Shire (with Sco-Mo as Number One ticket holder) choke and lose the grand final.

  22. OC

    I was having an exchange with DTT earlier about her fanciful alternative history speculation. But, in the world of what might have been, there is little that can match the question of what would have happened if the Archdukes car had not gone in the wrong direction and had to reverse and then stop giving Princip the easiest target possible.

  23. C
    The full game usually runs at 80 minutes, I believe. My screen has a count-down clock which says something like: 66 minutes gone.

  24. Boerwar
    You actually did say wtte when the drugging scandal occurred.
    It is interesting to compare the responses and results of Essendon and Cronulla to the same drug problem. Cronulla took a much less parochial approach and recovered much quicker.
    I think the trainer was trying to sort out if 17 had concussion by asking the standard question. I am told by Roy and HG that the key question is “who is the leader of the South Australian Opposition?” Any RL player who doesn’t say WTF is concussed.
    In the game itself I think we are now seeing the results of better stamina.

  25. TPOF and K17 you will probably get your wish, IMO. Although the club doctor did seem to be asking one of the Storm players whether he had a broken neck.

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