Newspoll quarterly breakdowns

No surprises in Newspoll’s latest quarterly breakdowns, which show uniform swings across the five states, and find Tony Abbott’s approval ratings down in equal measure across the full range of age and gender cohorts.

It’s likely to be a quiet week on the federal polling front, promising only the usual weekly Essential Research if the usual schedules are observed. However, The Australian is keeping us entertained with the regularly fortnightly Newspoll quarterly breakdowns, and may have more on its way in the shape of state voting intention results from New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia. The breakdowns aggregate Newspoll’s results from April to June and provide separate results by state, gender, age and geography (specifically the five capitals versus the rest of Australia). It’s the results for the five mainland states that are of most interest, and apart from showing a higher anti-government swing in New South Wales at 54-46 in favour of Labor, they’re not far off the current BludgerTrack readings, with Labor leading 58-42 in Victoria and 55-45 in South Australia, trailing 51-49 in Western Australia, and breaking even in Queensland. The gender, age and geographic breakdowns tell their usual tale. Hat tip: GhostWhoVotes.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [ Raaraa
    Posted Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 9:45 am | PERMALINK

    As someone with Singapore and Malaysian heritage, I’d say Mahathir has had his ups and downs. ]

    Apparently way back in the 60’s/ maybe even the 50’s he was given a particularly hard time by a customs officer when he entered Australia in Melbourne.

    He never forgot or forgave.

  2. 656

    Anwar Ibrahim, funny you mentioned that.

    Mahathir, just like any other retired PM or Premiere, comes back from time to time to hit back at both opposition and government.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Marina Mahathir or one her children come back to support the Malaysian oppostion. Not soon but sometime in the future.

  3. When this forum descends to hurling insults, it’s most unpleasant. I am relieved Rummel has packed his bags and gone. I would like a few others to practice polite social etiquette as well.

  4. And praised Fraser, Gillard and said he wanted to make Japan a place where women shine.

    The Tory cheer squad will have apoplexy!

  5. Raaraa@658

    The 60s? What happened then? I knew back in the 90s, Keating and Mahathir had a bit of a stand off.

    See # 654. It was long before he entered politics. Keating referred to him as *recalcitrant* in the 90’s which was like throwing petrol on fire.

    I *think* on the occasion he had the run in, he came to Australia for study – maybe part of his medical training, but in any case it was when he was a young man.

  6. Rummel will be back.

    Like all attention craving narcissists he threatens to leave, leaves and then returns.

    Rummel is just sitting back lapping up the attention. Taking screenshots of all the nice posts about how he is not that bad.

    Let him go.

  7. slackers, no real budget emergency!

    About the House ‏@AboutTheHouse 3m

    The House has adjourned until 10 am on Monday, 14 July.

  8. 667

    The story goes that while Mahathir was out of the country and Anwar was acting PM, he decided to chase after some corrupted officials. Apparently he stepped on the wrong toes, and that’s how he’s fallen.

    Those sodomy charges are obviously a sideshow.

  9. It occurs to me that the “Electricity Bill” epithet that the Coalition were attempting to apply to Bill Shorten might have been a hamfisted own goal. Rather than the intended allusion to energy costs, I think it actually just sounds a bit like a superhero name, and lended some sorely needed dynamism to Bill’s image.

  10. Anwar was imprisoned on trumped up charges, bashed and had he and his supporters rights to participate in Malaysian politics suppresssed.

    I really don’t think that there is much that Mahatir should be lecturing us on regarding democracy.

  11. [Has Scott emerged today – does anyone know where he is?]

    Hopefully on a slow boat to China, or being held in detention in Sri Lanka.

  12. caf,

    Richard Nixon had a campaign badge stating “Nixon’s the one” which was used in the 1972 election. Many Democrats were purportedly wearing that same badge as the scandal of Watergate woumd its way to him and his office.

  13. I was under the impression Mahathir did all of his studies in Singapore and Malaysia. Correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe he had a short exchange program or something.

  14. 677

    I’m still cross that the Malaysian media has made Xenophon out to be a scapegoat. Even to the point of one of the points redacted Xenophon’s attack on Scientology and had it changed to “Islam”.

  15. What are you guys talking about? Abbott has had multiple successful trips overseas where he went and made best friends with everyone! What other Australian PM can make such a claim?

  16. Zoomster

    [The ALP was suggesting we should refer to him as ‘AdoraBill’]

    Good grief. How embarrassment! 😉

    I’ve nothing against him personally, but he has all of the appeal of a SAO biscuit that has been left out all morning. It’s still edible but really, why would you?

  17. I heard Morrison is to be at the State of Origin where he’ll be practicing his happy clapping for a NSW win.

  18. GG

    I think you have explained the NSW losing streak. They only won now because Morrison is too busy to be cheersquad

  19. Fran

    Good One!!!!

    All the appeal of a SAO left out all morning. I put this in my “very best” group of invective.

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