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A dedicated thread for your blow-by-blow commentary of the leaders’ debate at the National Press Club as it unfolds.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Final twitter result consistent with Channel Ten score.

    Overall Rudd ahead three measures (Twitter, 9, 10) to one (7).

    One more positive comment – the moderators did not talk too much (good) and time limits were enforced on both sides (very good). So I thought this debate was fairly evenly handled.

  2. Well that’s it then – game over.

    The great campaigner, after putting the party through the wringer, is shown to be a hollowman

  3. Lefty’s right. Who cooked the worms? It’s not logical that everything Rudd said was dissed on 7 and everything Abbott said was applauded.

    Bloody useless exercise.

    Actually, I thought Rudd’s intro was poor because he read it all. Abbott (having said it all 100 times before), spoke without notes.

  4. Ch7 said they had 10,000 people voting – presumably the worm.

    How could it be so different from the Ch9 worm then?

  5. [Ch7 said they had 10,000 people voting – presumably the worm.]

    Selected by those who downloaded the app?

    Ch 9 had 100 “swingers” in the studio.

  6. Looks prime ministerial!


    Anyone who saw his awkward walk with his daughters today.

    Having to grasp him. No idea of ordinary loving hand holding.

  7. [ Ch7 said they had 10,000 people voting – presumably the worm.

    Selected by those who downloaded the app?

    Ch 9 had 100 “swingers” in the studio.]

    nice. Thats encouraging

  8. Speaking of Apps I had a good laugh today when I heard someone interviewed on the radio after the City to Surf.

    He was asked what time he did and responded that he didn’t know….the app that he downloaded to track his progress stuffed up apparently!!!!

    LOL 🙂

    Why not just check the time when you started and the time when you finished like we did in the old days you schmuck????

  9. Channel 7 showed Abbott winning 68% to Rudd 32%. What absolute rubbish from the little that I saw. Abbott was wooden. However he’s always been that way and I think he’ll loosen up a bit and be more relaxed as PM.

  10. Nine says Rudd really stumbled on the airport. Stepanovic chimed in with “up yours” to western Sydney. I’ll guess that that will be the Tele headline tomorrow.

    The audience laughs at Oakes giving it to Abbott.

  11. Haven’t watched a second of it, and haven’t followed it here.

    Heard that Oakes and Mark Riley thought Abbott came off as the winner.

  12. I think Rudd barely won the debate but it wasn’t a hit out of the park. No real sticking point that will hit the headlines. As has been pointed out, debates mean little in Australian elections but they can be good gauges of what kind of rhetoric works with the voters.

  13. So, as I predicted.
    Abbot’s on a roll.
    It no longer matters what he says or what he does
    He’s going to win.

    Channel 9 and 7: middle Australia’s universe.
    If they say Abbott is the chosen one it’s all over.

    I finished my botle of shiraz.

    I will now waste myself.

    What’s the fucking point?
    A world where Abbott wins for crisakes.

  14. Abbott was light on content, strong on slogans and frankly incomprehensible on aged care. still hasn’t said how he’s going to pay for everything.

    Then he mentioned Menzies. Nobody born after 1960 remembers Menzies, and if they do it’s all white Australia and white picket fences.

  15. Sprocket
    [ALP into $4.80 from $5.75 on SportsBet after debate]
    Don’t tell porkies among the other nonsense you post. Sportsbet has not moved from $4.80 for a week. What has been quoted tonight is sportingbet and centrebet.

  16. So Ch 7 worm had Abbott clear winner, Ch 9 had Rudd clear winner?

    If I was cynical I’d suggest that is exactly what the MSM would have wanted for Abbott – An unclear draw that Rudd was supposed to dominate, and more discussion about worms than policy.

  17. It was a more interesting debate than I expected.

    I know a lot of posters on here like to knock David Speers, but I thought he was really good: especially in his questioning early on, which put quite a bit of pressure on both me.

    Rudd easily beat Abbott on content.

    Abbott once again showed all the discipline and control that Credlin has drummed into him.

    I thought Abbott got his message across pretty well. As he said, it hasn’t really changed much in three years, namely:

    1) We’re committed to reducign taxes for our mates in business
    2) If the global economy improves we’ll be able to deliver a surplus like Howard did, and if it doesn’t, we’ll just keep on blaming Rudd, Gillard and Swan.
    3) We aren’t going to do anything at all about climate change, but are going to pretend we are (sort of) for the sake of form
    4) We’re the ones who can stop the boats because we did it last time and we really hate those people smugglers
    5) You’ll be better off under us because we are in favour of rich people, and you can be one of those if you clap your hands and say “I believe in fairies”.

    Sadly, I reckon that close to 50% of people are prepared to sign up for all of that.

  18. I bet that was the first time great swathes of the population have seen Tone for longer than a soundbite. bet it was a shock

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