Newspoll: 58-42 to Coalition

The Australian reports the Coalition’s lead in the latest fortnightly Newspoll has blown out to 58-42 from a below-trend 52-48 last time.

The Australian reports the Coalition’s lead in Newspoll has blown out to 58-42, from primary votes of 30% for Labor (down four on the previous fortnight’s result) and 50% for the Coalition (up six) and 10% for the Greens (down one). There has also been a big move to Tony Abbott on preferred prime minister, going from 42-38 behind to 43-35 ahead – remembering that the result of the previous poll was well above the trend for Labor. More to follow.

UPDATE: Julia Gillard has recorded her worst personal ratings since September 2011, while Tony Abbott’s ratings are the best they have been since the middle of that year. Gillard is down six on approval to 26% and up eight on disapproval to 65%, while Tony Abbott is up three to 39% and down five to 50%.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Mod Lib
    Don’t get it. I’ve never had any different treatment in the public system to anyone without private insurance. If I ever need something requiring more, I may need to call on the private insurance, if so, that is me paying. Where’s the contradiction? I have no issue with people paying wasted money for their brats to be educated by teachers of the private kind, trained where I was.

  2. zoid, it won’t help. That kind of problem requires a rethinking of the internet’s fundamental logical blocks such as DNS.

  3. [The poll, exclusive to The Australian Financial Review, surveyed 4070 voters across the nation’s 54 marginal seats – those held by margins of 6 per cent or less.]

    Decent sample….40/60 in the future is definitely not out of the question.

    Pure madness.. the party has chosen to self destruct in order to maintain the power and ambition of a few.

  4. @Display/2803

    Yes it does help because slowing the internet makes it unusable, so faster internet helps free up bandwidth since these attacks don’t use full bandwidth.

    @Thomas Paine.

    1. The marginals said they still want Labor to win, so they are protesting.

    2. This shows the failed coup by Kevin Rudd hurt’s his chances.

  5. Q. Would our Feng Shui be better if bludgertrack was replaced with a picture of a tranquil pond? It is always wise to balance wind with water.

  6. I am watching Lateline on IView. Abbott looks appalling! he needs to resign before he keels over or something.

  7. There must be many MPs sitting around feeling very very sick right now, having followed the direction of their masters.

    And I still think the fiasco of Crean’s latest game is still filtering through.

    Man, who would want to take over this rotting hulk now.

  8. zoidlord@2806


    Yes it does help because slowing the internet makes it unusable, so faster internet helps free up bandwidth since these attacks don’t use full bandwidth.

    The more bandwidth there is, the more bandwidth available to make attacks with :P.

  9. The problem encountered when considering private education funding levels is that decreases in funding can function as an extra tax on moderately wealthy people more than if they used the money for other things.

    I guess they have a choice, but I think that these kind of measures regarding this issue that can too easily be seen as class warfare. There is also the problem of school closures if the funding mix is not right. The public system can easily cope with an influx of students if anticipated, but choice of education is appealing to many.

    The taxation system is the great leveler that redefines the worth of an individual in spite of capitalist forces that seek to devalue those that they consider from an extremely narrow point of view, as being unproductive.

    Playing around with entitlements reveals openings vulnerable to attack.

    This is why the left needs worldly leaders, more so than the right.

  10. @DS/2810

    Yes but more free-room since the backhaul can take it.

    Normal attacks are apparently 50gb/s

    These ones:

    He added: “These attacks are peaking at 300 gb/s (gigabits per second).

    With Malcolm Turnbull stating 25mbps baseline for his broadband policy, he won’t need much backhaul.

  11. Remember the pledge guys. The usual suspects will revel in/fake concern about the bad polls in order to incite a reaction/enhance their already astronomical levels of smug and hubris.

    Either way it does no good to humour them. Unless you’re a Liberal of course in which case go hog wild. 🙂

  12. [The usual suspects will revel in/fake concern ]

    Pray tell when should ‘fake’ concern become real concern? 32/68?

    Truly sad that some pledge to….not talk about the polls on …Pollbludger.

    Because to talk about the polls on ….Pollbludger… can only lead to one thing….

    AND of course the one encouraging you to not talk about the polls hales from…….

    AND I guess some are saying ..that the marginal seats 41/59 are just soft and will come back because they want Labor to win….now if it were 49/51 you take hope from that sort of thing…but a huge margin like that at this stage of the game only means on thing….considering this is already a minority government.

    But that is probably fake concern.

  13. o dear all three stood down minister and grandstanding over super. things are tough and julia is not resplendent in public without fire in the belly with an adversary on floor of parliament … whatever were they thinking just last week. if julia couldnt deal with issue behind doors and without a spill she should not be leader

  14. “David Speers, Kieran Gilbert, Chris Kenny, Peter van Onselen and Graham Richardson made more mistakes than the Australian batting line-up in India. Sky’s viewers would have been more accurately informed if the station had simply broadcast a test pattern.”

  15. ….. Lieing, Fabricating the Future for Rupert ….. Dogs, in the ‘criminal’ sense of the word, the Lot of ’em, Dogs.

  16. Good Morning

    William. Latham pulling punches as usual with his opinion.

    The media bieas is pretty stark when someone like Sutchbury lets Latham write such an article when it is an attack on the competition.

    No mention of the misses of the likes of Peter Hartcher.

  17. Looks like things deteriorated over night a bit here…park left to libs and voldemortians ( are they the same thing?)Like finding syringes in the playground

  18. The biggest disappointment with current polling is that neither Gillard nor Albonese’s seats are threatened.

    Hope springs eternal.

    Fingers crossed that both Whinger and Jokeshot run again and spend heaps on their campaigns.

  19. Cc … got the seeths real bad son. time fer yor treatment …… the good thing about bashin’ yer thick head agin the wall is when you stop.

  20. [Private education costs the taxpayer far more money than public education for very little (if any!) benefit.]

    Examples? Rabbott, Hockey, Pyne.

    Say no more!

  21. scrolling through seems some fell off the wagon,
    plse renew your pledge, note the concern trolls

    there are some that just post things like, gosh we have to stop this maddness or dear this is dreadful ect, one in particular i notice
    . concern trolls come in many forms.
    time of renewal for all not just christians, symbol of love and light and new beginings,

    the betrayal, to have happened and noted and courageously delt with , in the lead up to easter has great symbolisim for me i would say most christians,

    30 people they say 30 peices of silver ?

    easter is a symbol of great light {good} renewal,lets stand together as one with our PM and courageous stand this past week,

    it starts here with your pledge , easter is a time of good over evil
    enjoy the break, but the pledge worked so well dont let if fall over, think of jullia and how steaddfast she is in her committments. we can do the same

    hope you all enjoy tooomuch cholcolate easter egg searches are my favourite for the children,

  22. i saw a passing thought by some one who wondered if
    abbott was thinking about s s m
    a catholic as devout as abbott would
    NEVER go against the church teaching on s s m

    the pope strict devout catholics beleive

    in valiable,

    so would suggest you re think that one

    my other thoughts would be that the things connected to the catholic teaching may get the chop

    has any one ask hi.

    Mr abbott will the pill stay on the pbs

    Mr abbott will the the amount now allowed for IVF will that stay,

    u see the church does not beleive in ivf

    the pope is very elderley i would be more than surprsied if any thing changed,

    is YOUR PERSONAL DECISIONS about your life worth changing gov,
    thats the question you have to ask
    i would say at this point in time people are happy
    well arent you,

    so would you be happy with abbott some one you know nothing about

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