Galaxy: 64-36 to federal Coalition in Queensland

GhostWhoVotes relates that tomorrow’s Courier-Mail will carry a poll of 800 Queensland respondents (producing a margin of error of 3.5%) which puts the Coalition’s lead in the state at 64-36. This is less bad for Labor than the spectacular 68-32 in the Queensland component of last week’s Nielsen result, but quite a bit worse than the 58-42 in the January-March geographic breakdown from Newspoll (which was mostly conducted before Labor’s post-leadership challenge downturn). Galaxy has Labor at 23% of the primary vote, the Coalition at 56% and the Greens at 11%, compared with 18%, 56% and 11% in Nielsen. The poll has support for the carbon tax at 25% and opposition at 72%, respectively down four and up five since November.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [Abbott by contrast is conservative but not free market which makes him perfect. Hits all the right values tones in the state. Engages the alligator brain]

    This says it all about Qld, and says it all about which state in the coalition really runs the show.

    In a way it pleases me; Qld is not the mainstream, so if the coalition want to go after them they are welcome.

  2. exactly confessions. if its this bad here… there must be gains elsewhere. but i have a feeling CanDo will help out… he cant help himself it seems…

  3. [He drew a line in the sand with the toe of his boot, and said, ‘It’s as though I told you “I can punch you in the nose, but you can’t reach across that line to hit me bac]

    An answer whith no evidentry proof.

  4. Queenslanders should start waking up after the present monopoly err gov’t is halfway through rogering ’em, them’s being a bit slow. (excluding bludgers. well some ay least.)

  5. The world needs an Australian Labor Party Government at the next election. To save the Great Barrier Reef from the White Shoe Brigade.

  6. Let’s make this clear: Gillard is no longer percieved to be a liar. To the people who have turned away from the ALP, she IS a liar.

    This is a firm belief/judgement, not a perception.

    This isn’t because Abbott is some sort of political genius. He is nothing of the sort

    This is because Gillard and her staff have made media error after error after error and it’s added up to how things are now.

  7. spur212

    No Labor has not made media error after media error. It has been a campaign by media to make the perception and then by rote turn it into a belief.

  8. ted Friday, May 18, 2012 at 11:38 pm | Permalink

    (victoria Posted Friday, May 18, 2012 at 5:48 pm | Permalink

    Good grief!!

    Stephen Koukoulas @TheKouk 6m Catching up on mkts: Wowowowow… a 50 ciut is about 50% priced in: Looking at sub 2.5% cash rate by year end! This is serious.)

    So this would mean people on fixed i come would be getting about 3.00 percent for amy saving s or super in cash, Just when imwas thinki g of giving ini to oh to travel q bit more,

  9. Spurr,

    Tbe media say she has made errors, what ever thry may be
    Do u rememer tbe howard mi nisters, that made errors, na they just stayed in their jobs
    A coiple where repremanded in the early years,
    The error of our time has to be wespons of mass destruction,
    And the search for them , children over board.

    Ms gillard only error has not to be tuffer on the media,

  10. SA has just about got rid of plastic shopping bags, except for department stores, those damn Myer bags.

  11. [guytaur
    Posted Friday, May 18, 2012 at 11:41 pm | Permalink

    No Labor has not made media error after media error. It has been a campaign by media to make the perception and then by rote turn it into a belief.]

    Your a honorable ALP foot solder.

  12. JG has been tar and feathered by the Murdoch press. Mo doubt. And t was always going to happen, no matter what she said or did.

  13. My Say
    Makes an huge difference in landfill. The biodegradable ones we buy at the checkout we use as the kitchen bin liner.

  14. PTMD

    [JG has been tar and feathered by the Murdoch press. Mo doubt. And t was always going to happen, no matter what she said or did]

    Also fron day one as PM,whiteanted by rudd,richardson and latham,she is formidable to have withstood the daily crap.

  15. Just came home from a great evening with people from all walks of life,

    Some one said that sydney people fly down for the day to go to mona,
    But the best thing was people being happy with the budget here and aust. Wide,
    One lady said so what we are in debt fora while in, tas. and we are not making others lives miserable,
    So the rest of us can say look we are out of debt,

  16. What is lost IMHO is that many people may not be bought by handouts but they will be put off by anyone threatening to take those handouts off them.

  17. Gary

    Exactly. Especially as it looks like we are going to enter GFC Mark II. People will again have to choose. The Government that kept Australia out of recession and people in jobs, or the mob that opposed all that.

  18. Fit & Proper Geek‏@geeksrulz

    Shorter Galaxy Poll: Do you want a company tax increase of 1.5% to fund the LNP Luxury PPL – YES 1.5% and NO 98.5%

  19. rummel

    I am no Labor foot soldier. I vote Green. I just recognise what the media is doing to Labor. This is a media that has within it those that openly say they are going to campaign for the destruction of the Greens at the ballot box. That is the carbon price in particular. Labor has copped it for supporting that.

  20. True puff,

    But on the other hand i am anoyed the stores want you to bring your own bag,
    As i feel the reason is to save their money not ours,

    Before plastic it was a way of them recycling their cardboard boxes, i have my groceries home delivered now. Supermarkets in the end will probably have no checkouts u will s an the items yourself , i worry where the un skilled will work

  21. The media have their agenda but if you’re the ALP, it’s your job not to give them an inch.

    and Gillard has given them inch, after inch, after inch.

    Calling the price on carbon a policy that functions like a carbon tax was the stupidest thing that could’ve possibly been done.

    “We are us” … what the hell is that supposed to mean (and that’s when things were beginning to fall into place).

    Australia Day: could’ve been a big win for her but instead her staffer had to foolishly get in the way and it blew up in her face.

    4 Corners on Rudd. Why on earth would you give an interview where you’re just going to bring up all the feelings around July 24th?

    “A line has been crossed” … what line, what does that even mean? What she should’ve made clear is that she will not allow the public’s perceptions of the parliament to be held to such a poor standard

    At the ACTU conference she told that “I fight for Gillard” story, completely misreading the context of what it was about.

    This isn’t the media’s fault, this is the PM and her staff’s fault and I think she’d accept that as well.

    Yes, there the PM has navigated the hung parliament brilliantly and got through an extremely complex legislative agenda, but her skills in dealing with the media have been horrific

  22. An earlier post from me that may be of interest to late arrivals this evening ..

    Posted Friday, May 18, 2012 at 10:14 pm | Permalink
    Posted Friday, May 18, 2012 at 9:13 pm | Permalink
    Ashby’s barrister: Stuart Wood SC
    Jackson’s barrister: Stuart Wood SC
    Victorian gov’s barrister in Victorian public sector enterprise agreement dispute before Fair Work Australia: Stuart Wood SC

    Wood’s views on Peter Reith in address to the HR Nicholls Society
    “And on any fair view, Peter Reith, stands head and shoulders above those who have gone before. He has been the best Labour/IR Minister of the last 50 years. We will miss him.”

    He also represented Patrick’s in the MUA waterfront dispute.

    Well at least we know which side of the fence Stuart sits on.”

    Without stating the bleeding obvious, this bears all the hallmarks of a planned, carefully orchestrated campaign by the Liberal Party to bring down a democratically elected government.

    Australia’s home grown Watergate. And where is Pyne? Where is the MSM? Go Jessica!

  23. Guytaur, honerable , rummell, is people who care understand and wa t the best for all people.

    One day i hope you will realise you are doing your chikdren a disservice for voting for
    Those who have little care for others,

    I am immensley proud of our premier and labor/ gr, gov, they good of took the easy road and sacked thousand of people to get back in the black,
    No why, because sacking people means less money spent in the community, breads more losd of jobs, makes more misery.

    Time to sleep

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    Natural honey moisturizer made here and rose petal foundation , when i bother.

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