Galaxy: 59-41 to LNP in Queensland

Two days late with this one, but let the record note that a Galaxy poll of 800 respondents shows the LNP retaining a huge lead of 59-41 on two-party preferred and 49 per cent to 32 per cent on preferences. This does represent a narrowing on the previous such poll, conducted in mid-November, which had two-party at 62-38 and the primary votes at 28 per cent and 50 per cent. Anna Bligh has also had a slight improvement on personal ratings which are now almost respectable: 43 per cent approval (up two) and 50 per cent disapproval (down three). Campbell Newman however outstrips her with 48 per cent approval (up one) and 37 per cent disapproval (steady), and leads 49-40 as preferred premier (51-40 last time). The poll was conducted by phone on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and has a margin of error of about 3.5 per cent.


Ashgrove (Labor 7.1%): Brisbane lord mayor Graham Quirk has ruled out standing aside to allow for Campbell Newman to return to his old job if he fails to win Ashgrove. This possibility was created by the new election timetable which pushes the council elections out to April 28. A troubling precedent for Newman is the difficulty long-term Labor lord mayor Clem Jones had trying to win state and federal seats in the early 1970s – old stagers recall that the Liberals did well telling voters they should vote against Jones because he was needed at city hall. Campbell Newman meanwhile has taken offence at Labor flyers linking him to the infamous newspaper column by Cairns LNP candidate Gavin King, in which King argues women who are raped while drunk are partly to blame for their own misfortune.

Dalrymple (LNP 15.8%): The Tablelands Advertiser reports that Rosa Lee Long, One Nation member for Tablelands from 2001 to 2009, says the LNP approached her to stand as its candidate. Long contested Dalrymple after Tablelands was abolished at the 2009 election, but was defeated by Shane Knuth, who had held the abolished Charters Towers for the LNP and has since jumped ship for Katter’s Australian Party. The LNP candidate is Liz Schmidt, who has a high profile locally as a livestock transport operator.

Nanango (Independent 2.9% versus LNP): The Australian reports the LNP is insisting it is on track to win both Dalrymple and Nanango, the latter to be contested by former test cricketer and local farmer Carl Rackemann following the retirement of long-serving independent Dorothy Pratt.

Mount Isa (Labor 5.7%): Labor on the other hand reportedly concedes Bob Katter’s son Robbie Katter will be “hard to beat” in Mount Isa, where he will attempt to unseat Labor’s Betty Kiernan. Robbie Katter is another who claims he was approached by LNP talent scouts. His father meanwhile is predicting his party will win at least 20 seats, which not too many would credit.

Logan (Labor 13.9%): LNP candidate Peter Anderson-Barr, a police sergeant, has withdrawn after media reports from 2004 were circulated regarding an incident in which he allegedly struck a person at the Surfers Paradise police post.

Mundingburra (Labor 6.6%): Former Thuringowa councillor David Moyle will run for Katter’s Australian Party after the withdrawal of their original candidate Jason Grigg. Moyle admits to having variously been a member of Labor, Liberal and the Nationals, and sought Nationals preselection for Thuringowa in 2006.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. It’s Friday and it will be interesting to see what post 6.00pm story the LNP creates tonight.

    [Two weeks earlier, the LNP had similarly released news of the resignation of its candidate for Broadwater, Richard Towson – who had been charged with drink-driving – after the 6pm commercial television news had gone to air.

    The truth the LNP has tried to conceal in this small charade is that this was never an ALP-orchestrated smear. Power knew nothing of the allegations, nor did ALP state headquarters, though they’d heard rumours a disendorsement was on its way. “No,” says state secretary Anthony Chisholm, “we did not know (of Anderson-Barr’s past).”

    A subsequent email from the LNP stated Anderson-Barr resigned because of numerous media inquiries last week into the Surfers Paradise incident. But only one story appeared on him last week – and that was to report on his resignation.

    There were no frantic media inquiries. There was no smear. There was one call about a story that was about to be published in The Courier-Mail, and ultimately wasn’t.

    The LNP’s frantic attempts to staunch any adverse media coverage leading up to the election are panicked, amateur, clumsy and dishonest. At the slightest leak in the dam wall, they are obfuscating with a level of spin that may reach unimaginable heights if they take government.

    In the end, the patching up becomes more damaging than the truth. A truth, though, you will only ever hear from the LNP after 6pm on a Friday.]


    [Borbidge remembers his time as premier, even if the LNP doesn’t
    Cameron Atfield
    February 3, 2012 – 9:45AM

    His time in office may be forgotten among those running the Liberal National Party’s state campaign, but former Queensland premier Rob Borbidge does not appear to be bitter about his omission from history.
    Recent LNP media releases and public statements regularly include references to the “20-year-old Labor government”, despite the fact Labor has only been in power since 1998.]
    more in the article

  3. I really am not sure how to feel about this election. Labor have stuffed up big time and probably need to get voted out to regenerate . they have been in power a while. But Can do is a city boy under palmer’s influence which again is a concern

  4. A tenth Labor longtime Labor member of the Queensland parliament is not standing for election:

    [QUEENSLAND Premier Anna Bligh has announced Pine Rivers MP Carolyn Male is quitting politics for health reasons.

    Ms Male is the 10th Labor MP to announce she will be standing down at the March 24 election.

    Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts, Attorney-General Paul Lucas, Speaker John Mickel, Judy Spence, Robert Schwarten, Desley Boyle, Stephen Robertson, Julie Atwood and Lindy Nelson-Carr have all said they will not contest the Queensland poll.

    Ms Bligh said the former parliamentary secretary had been unwell for some time.]

    Read more:

  5. I fail to see why the Premier doesn’t debate Katter in Townsville and leave the Candidate for Ashgrove to debate his father in law and Professor Performance Poet Palmer about who will rule Queenslandon behalf of the LNP.

    [MAVERICK MP Bob Katter has thrown his oversized hat into the debating ring, offering to square up against Premier Anna Bligh in Townsville next week.

    Mr Katter said the people of North Queensland deserved a leader’s debate and he would step up, in LNP Leader Campbell Newman’s absence.

    Ms Bligh indicated she would “be happy to debate you, Bob”, during an exchange at Cyclone Yasi commemorations in Tully.

    Mr Katter reacted gleefully – stating: “She invited me – I’ll be delighted and we will be taking the LNP’s place.”

    However, a spokesman from Ms Bligh’s office later dismissed the debate, saying their conversation was nothing but “light-hearted banter”.]

  6. Charleville about to have flooding hoger than levee banks. The situation is critical.

    [The Warrego River is currently at 7.67 metres and is expected to exceed the levee’s 7.7 metre capacity in the next few hours. People in low-lying areas or residents originally impacted by the 1997 floods, should go to the showgrounds and take bedding. For advice and assistance call the Murweh Shire Council on 4656 8355]


    [Queensland Floods commissioner Cate Holmes attacks Courier Mail
    by: Jared Owens From: The Australian February 04, 2012 2:49PM

    QUEENSLAND’s Floods Commissioner Cate Holmes has savaged Brisbane’s Courier-Mail for printing a supposedly baseless report undermining her inquiry, inviting the newspaper’s editors and journalists to come forward and explain their intentions. ]

  8. Professor Performance Poet Palmer scaring the horses:

    [LIBERAL National Party powerbrokers are seething at the media antics of Clive Palmer, fearing that the party’s biggest financial backer is derailing Campbell Newman’s election campaign.

    The Queensland mining billionaire hit the airwaves last week, threatening to sue the state railway for $8 billion and refer the Treasurer to the Crime and Misconduct Commission, criticising the floods inquiry and the Murdoch press, and musing he would like his own paper.

    Mr Palmer’s bizarre outbursts sucked oxygen out of Mr Newman’s campaign to become the Queensland premier. It also fed the perception fostered by Labor that Mr Palmer would ”own” an LNP government.]

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  9. Paediatric Intensive Care Unit fires up the Candidate for Ashgrove.

    [TOWNSVILLE will secure a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit regardless of who wins the upcoming state election.

    LNP Leader Campbell Newman said if elected his government would spend $14.75 million to open a PICU and fully fund it for its first three years of operation.

    “Our commitment to fund a new PICU on an ongoing basis will give certainty and peace of mind to families that the service will continue into the future under an LNP government, instead of the current uncertain future under Labor,” he said.

    Premier Anna Bligh last month announced her government would provide $8.75 million of funding over the next two years to open a PICU within Townsville Hospital’s new North Block.

    Mr Newman said Labor’s plan to open a PICU was “very trickily worded” and left the door open for the facility to be shut after two years.

    “They are really only committing two years of funding, after that they say they will review it,” he said. “I say to people of the North that’s code for shut it down and take it all to Brisbane. That’s not what we’re about.”]

  10. A use for some of WA’s steel:

    [PUBLIC comment is being sought on the draft terms of reference which will form the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Goonyella to Abbot Point rail project.

    Queensland Co-ordinator-General Keith Davies said progress to the environmental assessment stage did not signal approval for the project but indicated the start of a thorough evaluation process.

    “The decision whether to proceed will be based on a rigorous assessment of the environmental, social and economic implications of the rail line,” Mr Davies said.

    “Community feedback is a valued part of the evaluation process and the public now has the opportunity to comment on the assessment’s draft terms of reference which will form the basis of the project’s EIS.

    “The public will be able to provide further comment once the final EIS is released.”

    BHP Billiton MetCoal Holdings has applied to establish a rail line from the Goonyella Riverside Mine complex, 24km north-west of Moranbah, to the Port of Abbot Point, near Bowen.]

  11. Candidates in Maryborough to address Camber of Commerce Breakfast with 20 min speech each on Tuesday .

    [AS THE state election race heats up, Maryborough’s candidates will have the chance to present their case at this year’s first Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Tuesday.

    Each of the three candidates will front the business community with a 20-minute presentation about their plans for the electorate.]

  12. A bit of union action in Toowoomba before the elections begin:

    [TOOWOOMBA’S union movement will rally outside City Hall next week to speak out against the sacking of one of its workplace delegates.

    A raft of unions have joined the Justice for Graham campaign, which was initiated by the Queensland Services Union to have sacked Toowoomba Regional Council worker Graham Wotton reinstated.

    His employment was terminated after he leaked a confidential council document.

    Toowoomba Regional Council claims the action was necessary because its commitment to maintaining public trust had been compromised.

    But the unions say council over-reacted and failed to consider Mr Wotton’s near faultless employment record.]

  13. Katter Candidate for Ashgrove announced:

    [Mr Wicks earned the nickname ‘Stormin’ Norman’ or ‘Stormy’ at school in the 70s when he helped run a campaign for a prefect to get elected.

    During the launch of his candidacy this morning, state leader of Bob Katter’s Australian Party Aidan McLindon kept referring to him as ‘Stormy’ saying he was going to give Mr Newman a run for his money.

    ‘‘We have built up a team of candidates with both the will power and the tenacity to give people a choice at the ballot box,’’ he said.

    ‘‘We have the common sense policies Queensland needs and Stormy is part of that.’’

    Both Mr McLindon and Mr Wicks urged people to number every box on the ballot sheet with Mr Wicks saying he had not made any preference deals.

    ‘‘I have made no decision on preferences at this time, the most important thing is for people to put a number in each box on the ballot and make it count,’’ he said.

    Bob Katter was supposed to attend the launch but could not make it due to “unforseen circumstances”.]

    Read more:

  14. Mr Wicks was an LNP member for 5 years and is a long term Ashgrove local. Let’s say he gets the Katter Australia Party’s 4% that they are currently polling statewide. The guns, god and handouts for farmers routine of Katter will disproportionately take urban nationals votes from Campbell Newman. Mr Wicks is serving a dish of revenge for missing out on LNP preselection and he could really hurt Campbell. Personally, I suspect that Katter will poll better than 4%, let’s watch the polls.

  15. Buyers remorse setting in for Victorians who believe the It is time for a change propaganda and voted the Liberals into power.

    geeksrulz: Is Bailieu Broken? #springst RT @GhostWhoVotes: #Nielsen Poll Federal 2 Party Preferred in VIC: ALP 55 (+7) L/NP 45 (-7) #auspol

  16. Flood Commissioner still not happy with the Courier Mail :

    [THE Flood Commissioner has renewed her attack on The Courier-Mail as the flood inquiry resumes without deputy commissioner Philip Cummins, sidelined for the next few days because of allegations of a conflict of interest.

    Commissioner Cate Holmes said Mr Cummins was sidelined temporarily while remaining a commissioner.

    Justice Holmes said she believed he did not have a conflict of interest.

    To sideline him was “simpler and puts everything beyond argument,” she said.

    Mr Cummins had done work for a company which will participate in technical work associated with the re-writing of the Wivenhoe Dam Manual.

    But Justice Holmes said he had no financial interest in the company.

    “It remains the case there is no conflict of interest,” Justice Holmes said.

    Justice Holmes said she also stood by her attack Saturday morning on The Courier-Mail.

    “Nothing I said yesterday is altered, particularly about the reprehensible behaviour of The Courier-Mail.”]

  17. Why it is never a good idea to have serving judges on Commissions of Inquiry:

    [At an unprecedented weekend sitting yesterday, one of the four engineers in charge of Wivenhoe at the time of the flood conceded the dam’s manual was breached on January 8.

    Class action law firm Slater & Gordon yesterday announced it would sue SEQWater for alleged damages ahead of the findings of the inquiry, which is due to report on March 16 – which is just eight days before the Queensland election.

    The Bar Association of Queensland voiced its concern that a serving judge had been appointed to a politically charged inquiry.

    President Roger Traves SC said that while he did not wish to comment on matters before the flood inquiry, the Bar Association preferred as a “general rule” that judges did not take up appointments to inquiries set up to report on matters of “potential political moment”.

    “It is preferable that members of the court not become involved in adjudicating upon or making recommendations in respect of such matters,” he said.

    “The risk is that a judge may become embroiled in a matter of political controversy and that the confidence of the public in the court to conduct its judicial function is impaired.”

    Ms Holmes yesterday extended the sittings by four days, until February 14, but Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser insisted the stretched deadline would not change the March 24 election date.]

  18. Privatisation of airport in Brisbane – hospitals in Mount Isa.

    [The health district’s chief executive officer Suzanne Sandral paid tribute to her staff at the opening of the new block.

    “It’s all about hard work and our dedicated staff have been working hard to upgrade this hospital, improving training and development opportunities for young doctors.”

    Recruitment and retention rates for all staff had improved, and she was delighted that all 24 Registered Medical Officer positions had been filled by permanent positions this year.

    The Member for Mount Isa Betty Kiernan delighted the audience with her recollection of an early morning phone call from the state treasurer Andrew Fraser in 2008.

    “He told me the government was selling its share of the Brisbane Airport and part of the proceeds, $65.2 million, would go towards the Mount Isa Hospital.

    “You’ve gotta love the fact that they sell something in Brisbane to build something in Isa,” Mrs Kiernan said.

    She said she felt she had single-handedly worn down three health ministers in the time it had taken to build D block.

    Mrs Kiernan said work would now begin on Stage Two of the redevelopment, which is expected to be completed in late 2012 and would more than double the size of the Emergency Department.

    Mr Wilson paid tribute to the representatives of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait members of the community who in close consultation with the architects had influenced the design.

    “The use of colour in the building is simply spectacular.”]

  19. I don’t think it helps having multiple commissioners/deputy commissioners. The Patel enquiry had three people out front as well. It slows things down and their is a implicit deferral by the deputies to the principal commissioner.

    If the commission needs expert assistance then this is better done by report which interested parties can test.

  20. LNP avoids scrutiny in the FNQ:

    “I don’t know much about the LNP’s policies, because I think we’ve heard far more from Labor and Katter’s party,” said a swinging voter from the seat of Mulgrave.

    “I’d like to hear about how some important health promises are going to be delivered because I’m happy with the services we have but concerned about waiting times.”

    Other voters in attendance proved the potential impact of Katter’s Australian Party in marginal Far Northern seats, with one saying: “I wouldn’t mind giving my vote to a minor party and I wouldn’t mind being allowed to shoot flying foxes too.”

    Cairns City Forum organisers will hold two sessions in April for council and mayoral candidates ahead of the local government elections on April 28.]

  21. Late night press release on flood engineers excites tories:

    [Seqwater has advised the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) that it’s two senior flood engineers are no longer available to act in their roles until further notice.

    Seqwater advised on Friday that one of the engineers is unable to act in the role and further Seqwater have today provided advice to DERM that the second engineer has advised he is also unable to act in the role.

    The current operation manuals for Wivenhoe, Somerset and North Pine Dams require Seqwater, during a flood event, to have two senior flood engineers approved by DERM.

    Seqwater is in active discussions with a number of water authorities and other relevant authorities to fill these roles as quickly as possible. Initial responses from these organisations have been positive.

    Peter Noonan, former CEO of SunWater, a highly respected engineer and water manager, has agreed to step in as a Senior Flood Engineer for Seqwater on a temporary basis whilst the current senior engineers are not available.

    Seqwater currently has four flood engineers on roster undertaking 24 hour monitoring of the dams.

    Seqwater is actively pursuing options to increase their capability in Flood Management across the organisation.]

  22. Courier mail has published Anna Bligh’s statement to the Flood Inquiry:

    [I dealt with this in my own statement to the Commission. I have provided the following information to the Commission.

    I stated that while I was made aware of the continuing impacts of the changing weather forecast, my understanding and key area of inquiry was the impact of any downstream inundation. Any reference to strategies implemented during this time was provided through the technical situation reports which were distributed during this time to all the Local Government and State Government member agencies.

    I recall that my then Director-General, Mr Ken Smith, advised me on the afternoon of Monday, 10 January 2011, that there was the likelihood of potential severe flooding in Ipswich and Brisbane with inundation levels that could be at the 1974 level of flooding. As a result of this briefing I conducted a media conference with the State Disaster Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Ian Stewart, to make this advice public.

    Further, I can recall, that after the briefings at the SDMG meeting held on the morning of Tuesday, 11 January 2011, where the scale of the planned Wivenhoe Dam releases and their downstream impact was outlined in detail, I formed the view that further advice should be sought, by way of a second opinion, on whether or not the proposed releases were appropriate. I instructed my Director-General to engage an independent expert to provide a second opinion on the appropriateness of proposed releases.

    I understand that this is when my Director-General implemented my requests through the Department of Environment and Resource Management to engage Mr Brian Cooper. Mr Cooper was asked to provide independent expert advice about the release strategy.

    During the period of 7 January 2011 and 12 January 2011 there were a number of press conferences held and media releases distributed which describe my knowledge of events as they were unfolding.

    I have also provided copies of all aforementioned reports, transcripts of press conferences and the report by Mr Cooper to the independent Commission. I understand the report by Mr Cooper has been attached to previous submissions and is on the Commission of Inquiry website.]

  23. Dam Manager role of Postbox?

    [Thousands of homes were inundated when the Brisbane River flood peak occurred on the morning of Thursday, January 13.

    Mr Spiller and Mr Dennien are yet to take the stand at the flood inquiry, but Mr Drury was questioned this afternoon about his January 10 email suggesting W2, not W3, was in place.

    Mr Drury, who said engineers in the flood operations centre were in charge of operating the dam during the January 2011 event, told the inquiry he was more focused on release rates than the specific strategies in the dam manual during the unfolding disaster.

    “At the time, as I keep saying, W scales were not a focus [and] if I answered W2 that might have been what I thought at the time,” he said.

    “The real important information was all in the situation reports – the flows, the volumes.”

    Mr Drury said he did not recall checking whether W2 was in fact the strategy in place at the time of sending the email.

    “At the time it must have been what I was thinking may have been the strategy at the time,” he said.

    “Those W strategies were not, to be honest, the focus.”

    Wivenhoe Dam engineer John Tibaldi was last week asked about the email exchange between Mr Drury and Mr Spiller and insisted the assertion that W2 was in place on January 10 was incorrect.

    Mr Tibaldi, asked to reconcile the response with his testimony, said of the email: “It’s just wrong, particularly at that time on Monday the 10th of January, we were ramping up [water releases] towards the limit of non-damaging flows, towards 4000 [cubic metres a second flow rates].”

    Mr Tibaldi said this indicated W3 must have been in place.

    Mr Drury said today he could not recall discussing or asking about W strategies when talking to engineers at the flood operations centre managing the dam during the January event.

    “I would say I can’t recall whether that was ever mentioned, but it certainly wasn’t a focus or something I asked about,” he said.

    Mr Drury said flows and volumes were the key concern for him.

    He took on the role of receiving situation reports from dam engineers and converting them to technical situation reports to be passed on to other agencies, such as councils, under an information sharing protocol.

    He was asked by counsel assisting the inquiry, Elizabeth Wilson: “So you’re saying your role was a postbox?”

    “To a degree,” he replied.]

    Read more:

  24. One more Flood Engineer position vacant:

    [One of two Wivenhoe dam engineers who have stepped aside is the lead author of a report branded as a fiction at Queensland’s flood inquiry.

    John Tibaldi fronted the inquiry last week to defend the final report he penned for Seqwater about the operation of the dam before Brisbane and Ipswich flooded last year.

    Natural Resources Minister Rachel Nolan has confirmed Mr Tibaldi on Friday stepped aside from his role as a flood engineer for Wivenhoe and other dams.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    He took the action on Friday, immediately after finishing his testimony to the floods inquiry, which is examining claims engineers colluded to cover up mistakes they made before the cities flooded.

    Mr Tibaldi denied those claims when he took the stand.

    The other engineer to step aside is Terry Malone, who finished giving his evidence to the inquiry on Sunday.

    Mr Malone stepped aside from his role on Monday, Ms Nolan said.

    She said it was not correct to say the men had quit.

    “Making themselves unavailable is a fairer description,” she told AAP.]

  25. Scott_ST Scott Thompson
    Burnett MP Rob Messenger will hammer an election sign outside Bundaberg police station today in defiance of electoral law. #qldpol #qldvotes
    27 minutes ago

  26. Hey Steve & Luckydave, thanks for the link to the Stormin’Norman article. Can he really hurt Newman? Won’t the people who vote for Mr Wicks overwhelmingly preference Newman?

  27. Lynchpin at present Newman is getting 49 percent of the primary OTR so it won’t matter if Katter takes a few votes off both the LNP and Labor. It also depends on how many preferences are actually preferences as we don’t have compulsory preferencing.

    It may just work out that people wanting to protest won’t preference.

  28. Gladstone LNP candidate:

    [The Liberal National Party (LNP) is yet to choose a candidate for the seat of Gladstone in central Queensland despite the looming election.

    LNP leader Campbell Newman visited Yeppoon, north of Gladstone, this morning.

    The Independent Member for Gladstone, Liz Cunningham, has held the seat for 17 years.

    Mr Newman could not answer why a candidate had not been endorsed for the election on March 24, but says it will happen soon.]

  29. The candidate for Ashgrove makes much more sense when he culs up in a small ball and disappears for weeks on end. I have seen nothing at the commission to suggest what the Ashgrove candidate says has any relationship to what is happening in the commission.
    Once again silly slogans “lapping at the door” of insanity in Queensland politics.

    [The murky accusations that the Wivenhoe Dam was mismanaged in the lead-up to the Brisbane and Ipswich floods is now ”lapping at the door” of Premier Anna Bligh’s office, the Liberal National Party says.

    Ms Bligh has revealed that she had ordered a second opinion on whether proposed water releases from the dam would be appropriate just days before the floods inundated thousands of homes in Brisbane and Ipswich.]

    Read more:

  30. A Katters convention:

    [MARYBOROUGH’S Katter’s Australian Party candidate Gordon Dale will join more than 60 other candidates in the party’s first ever convention later this month as the race to the March 24 election continues.

    About six members of the Maryborough branch will make the trek to Brisbane next weekend as the party, founded by Federal MP Bob Katter, gains momentum ahead of the election.

  31. Lynchpin, I have always been surprised at how much Brisbane’s character still identifies with the bush. The old saying it’s a big country town rings true with respect to the number of people with strong links to the regional and rural areas. Campbell Newman is very much a city slicker and while the conservatives will rally to him, the old school Nats will be looking for a home to park their votes elsewhere.

    Also the old school Nats in Ashgrove are often young people in Brisbane for work and uni, but they still vote the way their family on the farm does as they develop their own identities and voting patterns.

    Davidwh is right in one regard, preference flows will be lean in the extreme. So the votes that Mr Wicks attracts will definitely hurt Campbell Newman more than Kate Jones.

  32. Lack of memory recall has wasted a lot of the Flood Commission’s time this week.

    [COMMISSIONER: When you say, “I don’t recall,” are you
    essentially saying, “I might have but I just don’t remember
    doing it”?– No, I – all I’m just saying, I was sent the
    document at some other stage, I don’t recall opening it at
    that stage and I just don’t recall what I would have touched
    it for because all I wanted was a high level summary attached
    to the end of the thing, so I don’t—–
    I was asking you about creating it, not when you saw it?–
    No, I didn’t create it. I honestly cannot say that I created
    that document. I’m sure it’s a flood centre document that was
    in the flood centre—–
    And when you say, “I honestly cannot say I created that
    document,” does that leave open the possibility that you
    did?– No, I – it is all new to me and I did not create that
    document, it’s – it’s a flood centre log and I just don’t know
    why I – why I would create it and I didn’t create it. I just
    – just not my file but it was a flood centre file, I’m

  33. Modern day Goliaths in the Queensland Parliament:

    [“But we knew what he was up against. We knew all the lobbying, the people that had run before and so Mark decided to nominate, and the odds were against him because the people that were there to preselect knew everyone and they did the numbers.

    “But somehow when Mark got up there and delivered his message, they said he shone, he shone like God was in his life, and he was able to create humour. So now Mark, who’s a … born-again Christian, is endorsed as the candidate for Cleveland. So we’re very excited.”

    Mr Knuth went on to make a broader point about Dr Robinson joining the ranks of strong Christian parliamentarians in the LNP.

    “And to us, to us now it’s very exciting because we have a Christian parliamentary group, but within the party structure too we have what they call, they call us ‘the happy clappers’, and we are a very, very powerful lobby group down there.

    “So we believe that we’ve got another one that’s there, that’s on their way.”]

    Read more:

  34. $50 000 seems like a lot of money for an “Authorised Activity”. I hope her vocal friends are going to kick in and help pay the fine that would be the best show of support.

    [AN anti-coal seam gas protester faced Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday after being arrested during a protest in Silverdale.

    The public gallery was packed with more than 25 supporters for Linda Louise Baxter Weston, 52, who faced charges relating to obstruction of a petroleum authority holder and entering or crossing land to carry out an authorised activity.

    The charge carriers a maximum fine of $50,000 and the case was adjourned to next be mentioned on February 29.]

  35. Here is the guts of what was told to the Commission this afternoon, the Flood Engineers and other officials followed the manual for operating Wivenhoe Dam throughout the flooding of Brisbane early last year. They commissioned a report and had the report reviewed also by early March.

    [As a matter of operational fact, at 3.30 on Sunday, the 9th,
    if you’ve still got those two bridges open, you are minimising
    the impact to downstream rural life?– Yes. “Minimising” for
    me has a very particular meaning, which is a bit different
    from the way you are using it. But you are achieving, as far
    as you can, disruption of rural life.
    That’s right. Because you would be able to protect the
    communities that rely upon the trafficable nature of the
    Mt Crosby weir bridge and the Fernvale bridge, even though
    everything else, every other bridge and crossing, is under?–
    So to that extent you’ve reached a point where you have
    minimised, as best you can, the disruption to rural life?–
    I’m having a bit of trouble with “minimising”. But if you
    think – okay, if you go beyond that you’ve lost that, okay.
    But it’s – as I said, I’ve got trouble with the word
    “minimising”, but you’ve achieved an important part of the
    objective of minimising – of avoiding disruption of rural
    Operating that way is still operate within W3?– Within W3,
    yes. Yes, I mean, as has been repeated many times, all of the
    objectives are to be taken into account, and if you can
    achieve all of them within a particular strategy, you get 10
    out of 10.
    Thank you. And that’s what you give the flood engineers in
    this event?– Well, no. I said – my report was that – what
    was done was complied with the manual. That’s a different – I
    wasn’t asked to report on whether they had done the best
    possible job.]

  36. Mirvac – Brisbane City Council land deal to be examineed by Crime and Misconduct Commission.

    [THE expenditure of millions of dollars worth of Brisbane ratepayer funds has been referred to the state’s misconduct watchdog.

    Lord Mayor Cr Graham Quirk today referred the multimillion-dollar Tennyson riverside park deal struck between Brisbane City Council and developer Mirvac to the Crime and Misconduct Commission following Seven News revelations City Hall agreed to spend $15 million on the new park before the land was independently valued.

    Documents submitted in evidence before the Floods Commission of Inquiry show council and Mirvac established a memorandum of understanding to purchase the block of land, which was flooded in January 2011, in May before receiving a valuation in June.

    Under the memorandum council agreed to pay Mirvac $15 million including $6 million for the land and $9 million for the construction of the park.

    However, a June 19 valuation report found the land alone had a pre-flood valuation of $9 million.

    Documents show the parties then changed the terms of the final deal so council would pay $9 million for the land and $6 million for the park.

    Council did not seek a further valuation which took into account the impact of the January flood on the land.

    The revelations follow a four-month investigation by Seven News.

    “As a result of the claims made by Channel 7 regarding Council’s purchase of the Tennyson Reach parkland, I was obliged to refer the issue today to the CMC,” Cr Quirk said in a statement.]

  37. [On March 2nd, Mirvac’s Queensland CEO Matthew Wallace sought a meeting with then Lord Mayor Campbell Newman to discuss “a potential community based opportunity.”

    Mr Newman, about to defect to State politics, instructed his Planning Chair, Amanda Cooper, to meet the Mirvac boss.

    After just two more meetings, she and Council CEO Colin Jensen agreed to a deal.]

  38. Hensteeth:

    [Political observer Graeme Orr, from the University of Queensland TC Beirne School of Law, pointed out if Mr Newman won Queensland’s top political job, he will also be the first “Liberal” elected to that position in more than a century.

    He will follow a produce merchant and businessman who introduced compulsory voting in Queensland in 1915, because he was reportedly concerned that shop stewards were more effective in “getting out the vote”.

    Digby Denham went on to lose the election and his Oxley seat in 1915 after a tumultuous period in the job. The British-born son of a baker became premier on February 7, 1911.

    During his period as premier, Mr Denham had to contend with a backlash from farmers within his party.]

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