Montana and South Dakota minus one week

The Democratic primaries campaign limps on: Puerto Rico on Sunday, Montana and South Dakota next Wednesday (our time).

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Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. That should read “speak for yourself” though if you are capable of peaking for yourself then do so and we’ll all applaud.

  2. Ron #1998: So I’m not an Obamabot then, just a naughty existentialist ‘medico’/historian. I’ll hold you to that. Meanwhile, I’ll just apply some leaches to a plague victim.

  3. RB

    As opposed to ‘server ennui’, which is the dull feeling that you’ve seen too many posts from the vacuous served up to your browser.

  4. Can I say as someone who has had the occasional stoush with the ronster, some of the patronising comments reveal more about the snobbishness of the posters than anything else.

    DrComradeRB for a commo in 2008 your very brave to make jokes about anyone else.

  5. I hate Hillary…too right i do.

    And i hate her Husband too.

    And i hate their partners in crime,greed,cold bloodedness and megalomania…the Bush Family.

    Long may they rot.

    Their carve up party is over.

  6. just a naughty existentialist ‘medico’/historian. I’ll hold you to that. Meanwhile, I’ll just apply some leaches to a plague victim.”

    “existentialist”‘ I didn’t add that word , should I checkwhat it means

    “some leaches to a plague victim” , hell been a Medico senior for just 3 days and you’re making a blogoshere clinical assessment alreadi and the target presumably a barbarian guy whose got enough problems with yur plague diognosos ithout you throwing hitorically leaches as well

  7. Toy Boys at 2006

    Ronnie, in just 2 secs, Expat is already sucking up to Showy with just a hint of bullying from Showy.

    With you already sucking up to KR and adding Expat as well, one has to stop and think about KR feelings here. After all – just how much sucking can one man take? And now your saying:

    am peaking well and often

    The imagery is too much to take!

  8. A lot of people have asked why Obama played hardball for the extra 4 delegates in Michigan at the rules committee meeting when he didn’t really have to. I was thinking about it and i think he was sending Clinton and their henchmen a message.

    now p.o.q Carville and Lanny Davis and Terry McCauliffe and Harold Ickes . Take a long holiday you cretins….and i do hope Hillary’s cheques don’t bounce on you.

  9. The Finnigans 2006
    “Ronnie, in just 2 secs, Expat is already sucking up to Showy with just a hint of bullying from Showy.”

    FINNS , well you’re right , he did come here in 10 minutes with initial big noteing
    like his ‘friend’ and yea in 2 seconds the balloon just fizzed , , is there a parallel
    showy river down Clancy way ?

  10. Ron,
    “Nausea” was a play by Jean Paul Sartre, who was an existentialist. Existentialists were also concerned with “ennui”, which is philosopher-speak for boredom. Fred Dagg had a great monologue where he talked about these French philosophers whose major concern was when the got “a dose of the ‘enries”.
    I’m begining to worry that you may not be joking about me being a “medico”. So, just in case, the two types of Doctorate have been seperated since around the time of Avicenna (whose middle name may also have been Hussein).

  11. Catrina

    Add Ron’s ‘10,000 stimulations’ chuck in a few ‘hitorically leaches’, light blue touche paper and stand well clear…

  12. Someone named Beryl said the following – and I think it is worth repeating here:

    Although not a Democrat, I was an avid Clinton supporter. As a professional woman, I was happy with the idea of a woman as the Head of State. I begin to grapple with my decision to support her when I observed her inability or unwillingness to shut down her husband’s negativity and old-style politics. I was supporting HER as President and not another term for Bill. I wanted to see her demonstrate that she can better control her campaign and (more importantly) her husband.

    Supporter comments have been mutually divisive in all campaigns so I was less concerned about supporter comments (including Bill’s) but I do listen closely to the candidates themselves. I noticed Hillary’s style of taking minimal responsibility for her actions. A strong leader does not hesitate to say, “I was wrong and I’ve learned from that error.” Instead of blaming what she knew or didn’t read about the war declaration, she should have responded as Edwards did. Instead of brushing off the Bosnia “fish story” as “mis-speaking”, and it showing she isn’t perfect like some think, she should have just admitted to embelishing the story and apologized. Clinton proceeded to make very negative comments about Obama even while Obama praised her as a formidable opponent (I’m ready, McCain’s ready & Obama made a speech, Obama is a Christian — as far as I know etc.). Both she and her husband described this style of campaigning as the norm and if [Obama] couldn’t stand the heat, he should get out of the ktichen. I am personally sick of “the norm”. Bush and Cheney are nasty and self-centered and I don’t appreciate need this kind of leadership and tone anymore.

    I appreciated Obama’s and Edward’s leadership styles and then fully embraced the positive “Yes, WE can” tone of the Obama campaign. The more negativity coming from Clinton herself (not her supporters), the more my resolve hardened against her as a viable Presidential candidate. Would I had wanted another woman as president? Absolutely! I just didn’t feel the Hillary Clinton would be best for our nation.

    It saddens me to see so many women who have invested a lot of time and energy in the Clinton campaign and are now terribly disappointed that she appears to be losing. The MI/FL decisions are not the fault of Obama but of the DNC and those who supported the decision that their votes would not count from the beginning — including Hillary! It is disingenuous for the Clinton campaign claim that voters are being disenfranchised AFTER it is discovered that those votes would make it appear that she had won the popular vote. If Clinton cared about this disenfranchisement, she should have made this case BEFORE. Moreover, it doesn’t appear that she cares about the people who stayed away from the polls thinking that their votes would not count –she only cares about those who voted for her.

    Hillary Clinton supporters should try to redirect their anger away from Obama who has never been anything but gracious and complimentary to Clinton. I encourage other women to re-think what is in our collective best interest. It is not another 4 years of a Bush Administration in hopes that Clinton will return to the throne in 2012. That may never happen. The future is now and Obama. Let’s ensure that an Obama Administration meets the needs of all Americans.

  13. 2017

    Touche (paper)!!


    Crikey Codge, you fair make the joint light up with merriment old son.

  14. Can feel the History tingling in the air tonight.
    On this day the son of a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya will be endorsed by a majority of his Party’s delegates as their nominee for President of the United States of America.
    Congratulations, Senator and Team Obama.
    Many of we humble Bludgers, and billions of others around the globe look forward to you holding the Seal that will allow you as POTUS from January 2009, to do more than any other human being on the planet, for the sustenance of life on Earth.

    And a whole lot of other things too. Go Kid!

  15. One hopes tomorrow heralds Hillary’s concession and the beginning of the REAL contest! I trust Senator Clinton will get on board and do all she can to help Obama win the November election!
    Kirribilli Removals, Catrina, all other crazy bloggers: good night! Sleep tight, and sweet dreams!

  16. 2021

    A quick scan and it looks interesting, thanks.

    So, what’s your next job, as you’re about to be officially made redundant very soon from your Super Update position?

    It’s been really well done too, by the way.

    No doubt you’ll make yourself useful, I have that feeling.

  17. HR at 2025
    I’m sure the general will present something of interest – but to tell you the truth I’ve a lot of stuff to do concerning publicity around a new blog I’ve just created.

  18. Edward StJohn
    “Can I say as someone who has had the occasional stoush with the ronster”

    Well ESJ , apart from FINNS , I’ve had stoushs with every single other bloger on PB including Possum , Adam Carr ect etc. Clearly my affiable nature is the reason or perhaps my barbarian views that i’ve partly corrupted my mate FINNS with , but there’s one advantag of not hacving receives one of those colored loppy hats they give out at even year 12 is ya see bottom society reality & push that equity stuff so peoples do more than talk all the tine and degrees guys you can see also each diferently for what they ar not their degree letters although anm thinking of asking my Dorate supremo for some barbarian initials suggstions after my name or m future defenses at snobs who think some peoples are less equall anyway thats my take

  19. 2023
    Enemy Combatant

    Put on the Phil Collins, put it up loud, and revel in that thumping kick drum, coz the kid is home and housed.

    “I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
    I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life”

    …I’m sure a lot of black Americans will be hearing it that way.

  20. 2027

    nah, publicity is for the meatspace stuff, if your blog rocks, it’ll be fine, so then you can hang here and tally, oh I don’t know, McCain’ts gaffes, or maybe how many times he nods off at rallies! LOL

    I think you’ve paid your dues, well and truly.

  21. 2031
    Enemy Combatant

    Yeah, like the ones who want it back from the vandals who’ve damn near trashed it!

    yep, and how!

  22. k/r

    “I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
    I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life”

    k/r “…I’m sure a lot of black Americans will be hearing it that way.”

    Obama “change , yes we can” , just tell me where’s the ‘money’. if Obama is POTUS , tell me after 4 Obama POTUS years , specificaly what will be different for the black poor ???? simple question

  23. Ron,
    One of the interesting aspects of having been an old Trot like me is that, 20 odd years ago, I had the experience of helping put out a left-wing paper. My job was to edit articles submitted by members and supporters who varied in their backgrounds from labourers to tenured Professors. One of the things I found was that coherence wasn’t necessarily an indicator of education. I remember having to edit two articles: one written by a young Melbourne Uni student who’d gone to a posh private school and received an A for her HSC English but had eccentric spelling and tortuous grammar and the other, written by a bloke who came from Georgetown on the north coast of Tassie, had dropped out of (state) school at the age of 16 but was a bit of an auto-didact. His spelling and grammar were impeccable. I also had to rewrite an article written by someone who was an Associate Professor of English at a major University because it was, frankly, abysmal.
    So please don’t play the tortured victim of elitism with me. Some people are clearly “less equal” at some things than others. Some run faster, some sing more sweetly, and you have great difficulty with spelling and syntax. I care about that only insomuch as it makes it impossible to understand, most of the time, what the f*&k you’re saying. Also, you say it at such length and with such an accumulated amount of incomprehensibility that most of us find ourselves scanning lightly over endless strange combinations of half-words and half sentences and light upon the occasional demand that we reply with…well what have we left but either silence or sarcastic remarks.

  24. I’ve always hated that Phil Collins song. He always reminds me, while singing it, of someone trying to pass a particularly difficult “stool”.

  25. Back.

    suggesting others absent themselves from the site when if that were to work than he himself would be long gone

    Irony #2:
    suggesting that sucking up is a reaction to bullying when is that is pretty much the sum total of the suggestor’s m.o. (except for self-congratulation with his fellow myope) and yet no-one seems to suck up to him

    Think I’ve offended them with the assumption that Obama is the nominee – whoops, sorry guys.

    As some above have suggested that the worst of the vandalism is past with the Dems, lets hope so here too…

  26. 2035

    Ron, four years of Obama?

    It won’t take that long Ron, it’ll happen in four minutes, when every non-white American will know that the oldest tyranny is defeated.

    When Obama holds up his hand and swears to uphold the office of President, there will be joy like you cannot understand.

    And then they all get on reclaiming their country together.

  27. Robert I’ve never been a victim at all ever so you’ve made a wrong asumption or you’ve read it by how I’ve said things but thats not the case but what is the case is I do not tolerate elitists snobs without challenge , some of whom have had no tertiarty edcation but most do , its not the education that separates people at all , its their attitude on others and their viewss As to people listening in ‘silence or sarcastic remarks’ thats their perogative but I’m not put off irespective from putting my opinions anyway Yes I realise you’re an esteeemed Doctorate and tough to anyone who doesn’t like your achievement

  28. 2039
    Robert Bollard

    Yeah, I’m ambivalent about it at best, but it’s got that hook (and precious little else) that is so perfectly ‘now’, that when the kick drum kicks in, it’s like your heart just started.

  29. Aren’t there parallels between how the Repubs will try and tar Obama and how Howard & the Libs tried it with Rudd? Feels similar. Not sure if it will be similarly ineffective. If the mood is the same, then Obama should win comfortably (as much for incumbent disgust as what he has to offer)?

    Is Obama any more suspect than Rudd was months from the election?

    Only concern is that Americans are more prone to being receptive to mudslinging that Aussies. Like Howard, I don’t think McCain has much to offer except a negative campaign.

  30. The customers at Betfair are starting to give up altogether on betting on Hillary, even as a hedge.
    This time yesterday she was $20 for POTUS, now she’s $28.

  31. 2044
    Expat Follower

    It’s a chest beating effort that we’ll see from McCain: “I’m tough on terrorism” and I’ll bomb Iran etc etc

    Getting this message to fly over a population that’s over 60% sick of the war in Iraq is going to be gravity defying, so good luck to him.

    And all this ‘appeaser’ rubbish is being made more ludicrous by the day, as Israel talks to Syria and even Hamas, the Lebanese accomodate Hezbollah, and no one is fooled that Bush and Co aren’t talking out their asses, yet again.

    Macca’s going to need all the luck he can find on this one!

  32. 2041
    Kirribilli Removals 2041
    “2035 Ron
    Ron, four years of Obama?

    It won’t take that long Ron, it’ll happen in four minutes, when every non-white American will know that the oldest tyranny is defeated”

    k/r , “the oldest tyranny is defeated” , don’t wish to presume what you mean , what do you mean by that term

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