Yes, (West) Virginia …

Democratic voters in West Virginia will today elect 28 delegates by some method or other. I can’t be bothered looking into it because the New York Post reports that Hillary Clinton is “toast”, and papa says, “if you see it in the Post, it’s so”.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. 1671 Ferny

    If McCain appoints The Huckster as his running mate you can be positive that the Repugs have given up thoughts of winning in Nov. They will be aiming to stave off a rout by shoring up the wingnut base who very well may stay home in reasonable numbers if it is a McCain/Moderate ticket.

    If he appoints a moderate running mate they have a slim chance of attracting enough Independants ,and stopping the moderate Repubs from jumping the fence, to make it a reasonably tight contest against Obama…. But will the wingnuts get out the vote then?

    A futile dilemna.

  2. And yet if McCain goes for a wingnut he can’t easily differentiate himself from the current GOP (especially since he now has Shrub doing fundraising for him).

    Whichever way he turns he loses some major sectors of the GOP base.

  3. Andrew, I agree. McCain’s dilemma is that he is nobody’s man. He is neither palatable to Democrats and a large portion of Independents nor is he palatable to the hardcore Republican base.

    So, he either goes with a moderate to appeal outside the base or he goes for a redneck/fundie type, like Huckabee to appeal to the base. Whichever way he goes he risks alienating a large voting bloc.

    McCain can’t have his cake and eat it too.

    This is not the only reason why McCain will lose in November. The fact that Obama is inspiring millions of young people to come out and vote, perhaps for the first time, will probably lead to one of the biggest Democrat voter turnouts than ever.

  4. Superdelegate Update

    Hillary Clinton picks up 3 supers, Obama 2.
    All of the traffic is from California with add-on delegates Carolyn Doggett, Dario Frommer, Dora Rubio for Clinton; and William Quay Hays and Lou Paulson for Obama.

    While Hillary leads in the numbers gained today, the pool of remaining supers just dropped by 5 to 411. All up Obama is ahead of Clinton by 198 in total number of delegates.

  5. Noocat
    As I mentioned above, Dick Morris argues that McCain is more electable than Obama and he will win if he can distinguish himself sufficiently from the GOP. He argues that McCain will have more appeal with Independents and Democrats who won’t vote for the black guy with the Muslim middle name.

    Bear in mind that Morris was on old Bill’s team in the 90’s, so he’s still spruiking the Clinton’s ‘electability’ spiel.

  6. Agreed Noocat – seeing the kind of numbers turning out to see Obama is quite amazing really. If he can mobilise these kinds of crowds to get out and vote then this could be wipeout time for the GOP.

  7. Osama bin Laden just won’t shut up now.And he’s still not happy. It must have been Saddam getting all the credit for 9/11 in the US. More controversially, he calls on his followers to attack the wolves on PollBludger.

    He calls leaders “agents of the crusaders” and “wolves” and portrays Arab citizens as herds of sheep who have been handed over to the wolves to look after them.

    “Every day, the herd wishes the wolves would stop preying on it,” he said.,22606,23721665-5006301,00.html

  8. Ferny- that could get awkward if the B’s and S’s get mixed up too often.
    Do you think Iraq helpe get rid of Bin Laden .Seems to me they missed.

  9. FG, I don’t know if I buy that line. Sure, the “Black” thing might be an issue for some, mainly the oldies, but any lack of turnout on their behalf will probably be compensated by a greater turnout by the young.

    Besides, Obama doesn’t confirm any of the stereotypes… I think people are overestimating how much his skin colour will be a problem. The more Obama is able to show who he really is and what he stands for, I think a lot of senior citizens and rural White voters will become less insecure.

    Plus – with a recession, Iraq, and a general impression that Bush and the Republicans have take Americans on a fool’s errand, I think the need for change, completely epitomised by a vote for Obama, will be a greater force.

  10. Yo ho ho.

    It’s not that nobody likes McCain, but rather, not enough. I imagine the more moderate Republicans like him, but it would be interesting to get some clearer data on this.

    What was telling was the number of people voting for Huckabee in Republican primaries even after McCain had well and truly secured the nomination. Clearly a lot of people, despite knowing McCain had it in the bag, still felt motivated to show up to a polling booth and give their support to Huckabee (or Ron Paul, in some cases).

  11. Just looking at some of the pictures of Obama 75,000 crowd – white faces everywhere, good hard working white American men and women. Kind of pushes the race/gender question off the table at least for one sunny Sunday afternoon.

  12. 1713
    Ferny Grover


    You’ve gone over to the dark side Ferny! LOL

    It’s so annoying, I’ve done it myself, it’s those bloody wingnuts pumping out the Obama/Osama nonsense, but like a lousy pop tune, you just can’t the stupid thing out of your head.

  13. Something interesting about CNN’s coverage of the Portland 75,000 – apparently not a single shot of the crowd and the only reported numbers from CNN was a comment ‘a crowd of thousands’.

  14. 1712

    Dio, good old Osama would make a great ally for GWB eh? They both hate Iran! LOL

    Funny, but if the US wasn’t so pig-headed and gullible for the Likud party, they could have a much more balanced role in the ME.

    But no, the Idiot goes to the Knesset and says tacky things for home consumption and infuriates the Arabs by never once acknowledging the ‘final solution’ in his own eye.

    (By the way, since my re-birthed computer I’ve been using Firefox mostly but hadn’t got around to disabling those pesky animated flash pages. That link was so annoying it drove me to search for a FF flash blocker:

    …it’s a whizz banger! It leaves the Flash symbol on the page if you want to click it, otherwise it will not load the animated crap that is otherwise, so freakin’ annoying!)

  15. Yo Ho Ho 1711

    The Repugs winner take all system got McCain the nomination.

    It was a 4 way race for the nomination. McCain,Huckabee,Romney and Paul.

    McCains kept winning states with between 30 and 35% of the vote. But he got all the delegates.

    There is a large part of the Republican vote that despises John McCain.

  16. 1718

    It’s Oregon. They do not have black people there, unless they are white ones! LOL

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