Newspoll: 57-43

Lateline has reported that tomorrow’s Newspoll will show Labor leading 57-43 on two-party preferred. However, the big news from the survey comes from the preferred prime minister ratings: Rudd 70 per cent, Nelson 9 per cent.

UPDATE: The Australian’s graphic here. Note the question on the stolen generations apology, which puts overall support at 64 per cent. It would be interesting to see a state-by-state breakdown, because Westpoll’s survey of WA voters (published in The West Australian on February 11) showed 44 per cent in favour against 46 per cent opposed. Elsewhere in The Australian, that shameless Labor booster Dennis Shanahan reports that Kevin Rudd’s preferred prime minister rating has “overtaken the previous highs of Mr Hawke, on 60 per cent, and Mr Howard, on 67 per cent” – but with respect to Hawke, it must be remembered that the peak of his popularity was in 1983 and 1984, and that Newspoll did not commence operations until 1985.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. 599 gaffhook-I think there are a couple of hundred thousand Iraqis who have died of Rumseld’s disease already!

    There are always differing interpretations of data. I tend to favour looking at large population studies to determine what is a reasonable opinion. There have been two large population studies that have failed to demonstrate a link between aspartame and cancer.
    “A study published in April 2006 sponsored by the National Cancer Institute involved 340,045 men and 226,945 women, ages 50 to 69, found no statistically significant link between aspartame consumption and leukemias, lymphomas or brain tumors.”

    That is a very large study. While there is a saying “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”, I think that if there was a link, it would have to be tiny.

    Doctors are a sceptical bunch and it takes a lot to convince us of almost anything, but we are also human with children and would certainly not ignore compelling evidence.

  2. 603 [Brendan Nelson will be an awesome Coalition leader just give him time.]

    What more do you want JOM? Nelson is already breaking records.

  3. Generic Person Says: @ 597,

    [but that is not the point.]

    Very well said, GG. There is absolutely no point in your original and subsequent posts.

    Maybe if you took the time to do a bit of surfing of news sites and then a bit of research, you could possibly come up with something a bit more substantive and engaging than your latest efforts which are just piggy-backing onto other peoples posts in a vain attempt to appear intelligent and well informed.

    At the same time it shows a vindictive streak and a propensity to use shallow points to try and undermine the posts of others without any passable attempt to put forward any substantive points or argument whatsoever.

    I am sure you are capable of that, but you seem to tend to take the easy way out to try and get enjoyment at others expense.

    Unfortunately, it is like standing in front of a mirror. It is reflecting back on you and not very kindly either. There are a couple more posters here who that would apply to also, by the way. I look forward to an improvement in this regard.

  4. No 607

    Scorpio, it would be wise to get off your high horse. When I have bothered to provide detailed commentary, often it is quickly dismissed as fascist propaganda. Naturally I will refrain from bothering too much as a result.

  5. 609[ When I have bothered to provide detailed commentary, often it is quickly dismissed as fascist propaganda.]

    Hopefully you will learn from the experience and try something more successful, GP.

  6. 613 GP It’s a pretty basic principle I’d have thought that if you are not getting the response you expected do something different. More of the same is guaranteed to get you more of the same result. If that is really what you want , then don’t whinge .

  7. Generic Person Says: @ 615,

    [Oh, so it’s okay for others of leftist ilk to whinge, but not me. ]

    Poor old Generic Possum. I’m on your side here. These terrible leftist rogues all having a great old whinge and not being charitable enough to allow GP the honour of an occasional whinge.

    It’s quite clear from observing your posts over some time now that some leeway must be provided to you GP.

    Due to the constant lack of substance to your arguments and rebuttal, coupled with a lack of any recognition of substantive, well supported arguments put forward by others, that the only avenue available to you to try and appear relevant, is to have a good old fashioned whinge.

    You go right ahead champ and whinge all you like. It is far better than seeing those leftist scum being challenged by thoughtful, well constructed argument.
    And, far more entertaining.

  8. 617 [Queensland Liberal leader Mark McArdle today called for Director of Public Prosecutions Leanne Clare to be sacked over the delay.]

    Bit rich coming from him, McCardle couldn’t call for a taxi and get a response.

  9. steve-With Leanne Clare prosecuting, it doesn’t really matter if he comes back or not. She’ll stuff the case up and he’ll ge off anyway.

  10. Kirribilli………..

    I was dead certain that during question time today that JG was about to say ‘we have had flip, flop, and flap and now you have “fluffed” it but she said “fuddled”.


  11. Frank Calabrese at 623, I noticed that promo for Nicole, following last week’s Australian Story.

    Looking forward to it. I am personally so sad about Boothby. Each of us, counted out. Nicole included.

    Nicole was a decent candidate. Not only because, as I think, Diogenes, mentioned, that she is particularly striking in person. If that is what matters, even more must the ALP be held responsible. Should have promoted the poster girl much earlier, in that case.

    My ALP must hold itself responsible, because the ALP did not bother to address the seat of Boothby, for years and years and years and in the case of any candidate in 2007, left it so late and so woefully prepared Nicole for her first press appearance, that they have themselves to blame and we in Boothby can, and do, blame them for a particularly cavalier approach to the quite good chance of winning the seat.

    Nicole is personable, interested in doing her best for the electorate, has experience of life in quite challenging circumstance and leads it still.

    She is, in many ways, the exemplar of what Liberal philosophy used to mean.

    She is one of those who realised, and said, that she turned towards Labor, because Labor was attuned to her principles. That she identified with the ambitions that Kevin Rudd represented.

  12. regarding King Mal

    ‘Mr McGrath’s suit, which names nine defendants, alleges that FAI’s true financial position was concealed when HIH bought it.’

    “Other defendants include investment bank Goldman Sachs Australia, which advised FAI in 1998, and its then executive chairman and the current federal shadow treasurer, Malcolm Turnbull.”

    Hmm,might be a reference point next time he prattles about finacial manangement and responsibility.

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