Newspoll and ACNielsen state by state

Newspoll’s state-by-state breakdowns are looking even noisier following the long-awaited narrowing, with Labor up in South Australia, down in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, and through the floor in Western Australia. The ACNielsen poll has the swings at 7.7 per cent nationally (compared with 4.8 per cent in Newspoll), 8.1 per cent in NSW (4.2 per cent), 8.4 per cent in Victoria (4.0 per cent), 9.9 per cent in Queensland (9.1 per cent), 10.4 per cent in South Australia (11.4 per cent) and 3.1 per cent in Western Australia (-0.6 per cent). ACNielsen was conducted from a sample of 2071 voters from Monday to Wednesday, Newspoll’s from 2615 voters from Tuesday to Thursday.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Did Stint for Kate and stint for Nicole in Adel and Boothby, big ques in Adel this am, good but less positive than response in Boothby Lib Heartland this afternoon, its going to close in Boothby

  2. Voted here in Lyneham (Fraser) at lunch – was a good atmosphere at the primary school – pony rides for the kids etc

    Was going to vote green in both the reps and senate until i got their HTV card – i thought the only place they weren’t giving preferences to Labor was in Tassie??? Their HTV card said vote 1 green, and number the other boxes as you choose, or similiar – i hope that doesn’t confuse some of the less experienced voters – i.e. 1 green 2 liberal

    i knew the guy handing out cards for the Socialist Alliance so went with them number 1, democrats (as i said to their guy – may they RIP) 2, Green 3, Bob McMullan 4 …

    Voted 1 Kerrie Tucker above the line. didn’t want to risk messing up trying to count to 16 below it πŸ™‚

    Only saw a couple of ladies in Kevin 07 tshirts, no singlets πŸ™

    It’s a great country we live in when we can play a part changing the government by just going along and voting – if only that happened the world over

  3. Re 693,

    Flash Says:

    November 24th, 2007 at 2:16 pm
    Business at bottle shops is probably close to as busy as the pre-Christmas rush, I would imagine. Is drink as pivotal to any other event as election night? My apologies to any tee-totallers present.

    I doubt it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We are walking across the street to get our takeout Chinese at the local shops at 4:30 pm. I am actually going to stop into Dan Murphy’s there and get another bottle of wine, not sure I have enough πŸ˜‰ …

    I will ask when I am there and see how their business has been today, apart from my own πŸ˜‰ and will report back later on this afternoon πŸ˜‰

  4. Righto fellow bludgers, just back from voting in North Sydney. I discovered that they have moved the polling booth from Allister st SCEGGS redlands over to Military road near the pedestrian overpass (another cunning LNP conspiracy!)

    Politely declined the HTV from two ancient and wizened Lib volunteers. Labor HTV people obviously enjoying the moment and wearing snazzy red Mike Bailey t-shirts.

    Obviously voted ALP in reps, and Greens in senate.

    Now I’m readying my stock of Clare Valley reds for tonight.

  5. Dave @ 710 [Swing Lowe – you obviously haven’t drunk any of the U.S. beers.]

    Glad to hear you’re not on Bud, Dave. Coopers I presume?

  6. Was going to go to the Tally Room Chino but read on a website somewhere that they had 2100 members of the public there last time but only 300 at any one time – so that’s no good, i don’t want to miss any of the action.

  7. Hunstundho, yes it is. Open to the public at 5, doesn’t cost anything. Have heard rumours that people are bringing eskies………not so they can stand on them to see what is going on , but to carry the beer……!

  8. Dav55 at 710 – The US has the best and wors of beers IMO. Their macro’s are crap but they have some brilliant micro breweries.

    On topic – anyone have any betting odds from the shops? online odds have been taken down.

  9. Last Opinion poll predicts ALP win

    This was mentioned right? Morgan poll taken yesterday ‘poll eve’
    in the GG and the Age today- right under the dramatized Newspoll (using 2004 prefs – so schlock).,25197,22813751-12377,00.html

    I’d also like to predict that Overington has become way too big for her boots and has just humiliated herself – probably for the last time.

    She’s apparently sent flirtatious emails to Newhouse – so she thinks she’s pretty hot. Boy what a sucker.

  10. Swimg Lowe – that’s the tequila with the worm in it? I don’t think you can get worms in Scotch can you? – because that’s what you’ll be on.

  11. Mr Awesome,

    Sportingbet is currently at $1.30/$3.50

    Betfair is at $1.33/$3.70

    Centrebet closed at either $1.25 or $1.29 (can’t confirm which). Portlandbet closed at $1.30/$3.55.

    You can still bet at Sportingbet or Betfair.

  12. Jaundiced view,

    No, it doesn’t have a worm in it. Tequila with a worm in it is rather pricey (I think Mezcal is the brand). The one I’ve got (Sierra, I think) is pretty disgusting with no worm (and is now about 1 year old). So I’m really hoping I don’t have to drink the tequila…

  13. Dave – Ahh yes, Coopers Vintage. Only Australia’s finest. I had some draft Vintage at Adelaide airport a while ago. The best draft I’ve ever had. Nearly missed my plane slipping in a third.

  14. William, where ever you are, can I suggest you close one of the threads. Having two threads open is making it difficult to follow what’s going on.

  15. In case you guys haven’t heard, apparently early exit polls are showing strong results for the ALP. See other thread.

  16. Chino,

    Yes – that’s our plan. To walk over to the Talley Room at about 5PM and see whats happning (hey there has to be some advantages living in Downer!!) The kids are very keen to see the workings of the election. Hope it’s not as bad as Womble says.

    Eskies – now that’s a thought.

  17. JV.

    I don’t know how these worms would react to Kevin, but I do think that Kevin would react to these worms the same way I do after eating them – by throwing up! πŸ™‚

  18. lol scaper

    Who exactly is conducting these exit polls again? Is it a genuine polling mob or is it like the Ch 9 rubbish last night?

  19. It’s been great guys…it really has…but it’s just not working for me anymore…I’ve decided to go to the new thread….if You’re ever passing by drop in …..

    You were one of the best…..*sniff*

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