Roy Morgan, Morning Consult and JSCEM (open thread)

A couple of polling scraps and the composition of the parliamentary committee that will shortly dive into the conduct of the May election.

Not a whole lot to report from within what this site regards as its wheelhouse, but past time for a new post nonetheless. Here’s what I’ve got:

• Roy Morgan continues to eke out polling information in an unpredictable fashion on its weekly update videos, the latest of which features a full set of voting intention numbers from polling conducted August 1 to 7. This has Labor’s two-party lead narrowing, apparently from a week previously, from 54-46 to 52.5-47.5, from primary votes of Labor 37% (up one), Coalition 38.5% (up two-and-a-half), Greens 11.5% (down one) and One Nation 3.5% (steady). They also had a second SMS poll of Victorian voting intention which I’ll cover in a state-specific poll later this week.

• US pollster Morning Consult’s tracking poll of global leaders’ domestic approval records little change in Anthony Albanese’s numbers – his approval rating of 58% is unchanged on a month ago and his disapproval is up three to 29%.

• The membership of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters is now settled, with Labor’s Kate Thwaites as chair joined by party colleagues Karen Grogan, Shayne Neumann, Sam Rae and Marielle Smith; former chair James McGrath now deputy chair, joined by Coalition colleagues Darren Chester, Marise Payne and James Stevens; and Larissa Waters continuing to represent the Greens.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. minns dumist decition is constantly triying to get faverible coverige buy pandering to hadley and fordum as soon as we win 2gb will turn in to liberalthere is mas gang land shootings and secord has dun nothing abbout it minns has only ben good on toles

  2. The ongoing concern re Trump.
    Seth Abrahamson-
    “America is marching into authoritarianism within the next 10 years, and it’s prosecutors like Alvin Bragg and—sad to say—Mueller, along with all national GOP pols, whose names should be damned for taking us there. Even Garland let Trump off the hook for *12 Obstruction felonies*.”
    “This is a win for Weisselberg. His cooperation agreement is obscenely narrow; it relates only to testifying truthfully to what he’s already admitting to in pleading. He’s not rolling on anyone or anything.

    Pathetic performance by Bragg. Big win for Trump.”

  3. Former prime minister Scott Morrison will face a test in parliament over his secret appointments to five federal ministries, setting up a potential vote and months of argument over changes to conventions and the law to prevent a future leader repeating his conduct.

    A censure motion against Morrison is being considered as MPs push for a parliamentary inquiry into his actions in 2020 and 2021, which were revealed this week and criticised by his Liberal predecessor John Howard.

    Greens leader Adam Bandt made the opening move toward a censure motion on Thursday by writing to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Milton Dick, to ask that he refer the former prime minister’s actions to the House privileges committee so it could investigate what occurred.

  4. Good thing to keep Morrison twisting in the wind for as long as possible. I hope seeing him there sends a strong message to anyone in politics in Australia that we are not for Authoritarianism.

    Thank God we never got that West Australian weasel, Christian Porter, as Prime Minister. He’s the one that legally facilitated this and so much else that was an abuse of power in the Morrison government.

    Just because you can do something because it isn’t strictly illegal, doesn’t mean you should.

  5. C@t:

    Yep we definitely dodged a bullet there.

    Will any of his colleagues support the censure motion? Could be an interesting session in parliament!

  6. Confessions @ #1151 Friday, August 19th, 2022 – 6:17 am


    Yep we definitely dodged a bullet there.

    Will any of his colleagues support the censure motion? Could be an interesting session in parliament!

    I think you’ll find that there are Nationals that may. For the reason of not honouring the Coalition Agreement, which is a good fig leaf for not liking the guy and what he did. Liberals? It might tear their party apart if they did and Dutton, so far, has stood with Morrison.

  7. Re: Solomon Islands

    And when their fishing stocks are depleted, the populous is starving, the economy is ruined. – they’ll turn towards Australia & New Zealand and demand that we bale them out of their self-inflicted misery.

    I hope that the Solomon Islands’ government saw the photographs of the Chinese Spy vessel in the Sri Lankan port and thought that this could be our future – another vassal state of China, too.

  8. Aaron newton at 11:36 pm
    I heard Bob Carr a few times back in the day on 2GB. Puke inducing listening to the mutual tummy rubbing but it seems all part of how politics is done in NSW. So sucking up to the creatures in the 2GB cesspit it is.

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