Newspoll: 56-44 to Labor (open thread)

Labor and Anthony Albanese ride high in the first Newspoll since the federal election.

The Australian has published the first Newspoll since the federal election, showing Labor opening up a commanding 56-44 lead, compared with a two-party result of 52.1-47.9 at the election. The primary votes are Labor 37% (compared with 32.6% at the election), Coalition 33% (35.7%), Greens 12% (12.2%), One Nation 6% (5.0%) and United Australia Party 2% (4.1%).

Anthony Albanese’s approval rating has shot from 41% before the election to 61%, while his disapproval rating has fallen from 46% to 26%. The former exceeds honeymoon approval ratings recorded by Tony Abbott (47%), Kevin Rudd (59%) and John Howard (45%) upon Newspoll’s return after the three previous changes of government. The net result of plus 35% is the strongest since the early days of Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership in November 2015, and previously by Kevin Rudd in October 2009.

Dutton’s opening numbers are 37% approval and 41% disapproval, and he trails Albanese 59-25 as preferred prime minister, the widest gap in Newspoll since the early days of Rudd’s prime ministership in 2008. Debut results for past opposition leaders were 35% approval and 40% disapproval for Anthony Albanese in 2019, 32% and 24% for Bill Shorten in 2013, 40% and 35% for Tony Abbott in 2010, 50% and 25% for Malcolm Turnbull in 2008, 36% and 19% for Brendan Nelson in 2008 and 41% and 10% for Kevin Rudd in 2006. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Saturday from a sample of 1508.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Aaron newton at 10:11 pm
    A Tassie leader of the Fed. Libs. Now that would be good to see. It would mean the Fed Libs are in dire straits as the 2 states that think they own the job would never let them have that prize otherwise.

  2. Tghings get worse foor nsw liberals as Amee brown reveales the nsw uk trade comitionerwas also addid late and now says it was a cabenit decition and perretett was also baking barilarows decition after the government tried to blame department if the liberals want to loose the eletion they could select elliott as deputy

  3. nath @ #1951 Thursday, August 4th, 2022 – 10:21 pm

    C@tmomma says:
    Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 10:16 pm

    Robots and AI? nath, scoffed. Typical lack of insight, I say:
    Does the Labor party have a Robot policy?

    What a stupid question.

    Google it if you really want to know the answer.

    Though it looks like you just want to be a tedious bore. I should have known.

    A perfect time for bed. 😐

  4. In May, a team of 10 in Chile’s Atacama Desert built a solar farm using prefabricated panels at the pace of 1.1 megawatts of capacity per day. With the use of robots, 5B expects that can be increased 10-fold.

    In fairness, it kind of sounds like all they’ve done so far is make a proclamation about robots being hypothetically useful in a general kind of way.

    And maybe they are. But the gap between saying that and actually making it happen is huge.

  5. The Times and The Sunday Times
    1 hour ago

    Bank of England raises interest rates to 1.75% and warns of long recession

    The Bank of England has implemented its biggest interest rate rise in 27 years and warned that the UK is set to fall into its longest recession since the financial crisis

  6. The question being asked is, if the email to Guy requested Guy forward the email and Contract to Munz for signature and return, is this how Munz received the email?

    If not, how did Munz receive the email?

    Noting Munz rejected the proposition and refused to execute the Contract (so Munz received it)

    And who put this matter to the press?

    Blowing Guy out of the water

    Was the matter ever canvassed with Munz and if it was canvassed with Munz by whom, noting the request for Guy to communicate the email to Munz

    For Munz to receive such an email (from Guy?) without the content having been discussed prior is an interesting concept

    Imagine going thru your emails to find such a proposition being put to you, you having no prior knowledge

    So why Munz and not, by way of example, the property developer family which controls the Bulleen Branch (and what does Con think now)?

    But it is Matthew Guy (name changed)

    Guy believes in his own importance – exclusively

    That is his DNA

  7. C@t @10:16

    It would be nice to know what 5B means by “robotics”. They have a brilliant system that stacks inside containers and concertinas out in the field – but the process involves a regular human driving an industrial forklift. Now, the assembly of the panels.. robotic? Perhaps.

  8. Aaron newton at 10.11 & 10.25 pm; poroti at 10.21 pm

    Tassie Libs went backwards by 1.54% in 2021 election, though overshadowed by Labor’s PV reversal of 4.43%. It was not the resounding Covid election win that Mr Gutwein expected was his due.

    Historically you are correct as it was the first time since 1945 Tassie Libs won three elections in a row, due to their dominance in the N. But if a good win is going backwards by 1.5%, then Dutton should not face scrutiny for a while, just point to the low Tassie bar.

    Of course in LNP there are not just 2 states who think they own the job, but 3, with Qld being the born to rule LNP state according to their mindset, but somehow they rarely win at state level. The tandemites, in WA, used to think they were superior, but their Crown jewel in the seat of Curtin has been stolen by a woman who thinks for herself.

    If it was Perrottet who baked Porky Barilaro’s cake for NY, no wonder it is proving utterly indigestible. No work experience kid, let alone as a Premier, should be allowed in the kitchen alone.

  9. A rebound for Labour in the Redfield twice-weekly poll

    Redfield & Wilton Strategies

    Westminster Voting Intention (4 August):

    Labour 40% (+2)
    Conservative 32% (-2)
    Liberal Democrat 13% (+1)
    Green 4% (-3)
    Scottish National Party 4% (–)
    Reform UK 4% (–)
    Plaid Cymru 1% (+1)
    Other 2% (+1)

    Changes +/-31 July

  10. I am ok everyone. Sorry for not posting, but I am having a break.

    I am in a Community in the Kimberleys, WA. It is easy to forget politics and stuff out here. The sunsets are amazing.

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