Utting Research WA poll, Morrison leadership ratings and more

“More” being the Liberals’ slow-motion Dobell preselection and declining prospects for a March federal election.

As the silly season reaches its apex, such news and relevant information as I have to offer:

• A poll by Utting Research on federal voting in Western Australia, published yesterday in The West Australian, is broadly in line with other polling from the state in crediting Labor with a lead of 55-45, a swing of 10.5% compared with the 2019 election. The primary votes are Labor 46%, Coalition 39%, Greens 7%, One Nation 3% and UAP 1%. The poll also has Scott Morrison at 28% approval and 46% disapproval (which is quite a bit worse than his 45% approval and 51% disapproval from the state in the last quarterly Newspoll) and Anthony Albanese at 21% and 44%, while Mark McGowan has 75% approval with no disapproval rating provided. The poll was conducted last Wednesday from a sample of 650.

• US pollster Morning Consult’s monthly tracking polling for various international leaders’ personal ratings has Scott Morrison at 43% approval and 51% disapproval, respectively down three and up five on a month ago.

The Australian reports the dispute over the New South Wales Liberal Party’s highly incomplete federal preselection process rumbles on, with St Vincent’s Hospital cardiologist Michael Feneley winning the endorsement of John Howard in his bid for preselection in Dobell – putting him at odds with Scott Morrison, who favours Jemima Gleeson, who owns a chain of coffee shops and a preacher at the HopeUC Pentecostal church in Charmhaven.

David Crowe of the Age/Herald reports that “the Omicron wave has wiped out the idea of a snap election campaign as soon as next month”, hitherto rated “an outside chance for some Liberals who believed it was safer to go to an election in March than to wait until May”.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

3,159 comments on “Utting Research WA poll, Morrison leadership ratings and more”

  1. Does the Full Bench of the Federal Court have to make a decision today?

    I was just thinking they might adjourn to consider their verdict. Which could take more than 2 weeks and allow Djokovic to play.

  2. It’s funny you know, but Australia, and this case against Djokovic, may prove to be pivotal to the Anti Vaxx Movement across the world.

    Either they and Djokovic and their opinion, loses and they are put, shall we say, into the correct perspective, that being that science matters to the Australian nation and their views are antithetical to it.

    Or, they win, on some point of law technicality, but which the anti-vaxxers take as a win for the right to hold their point of view.

  3. The Djokovic saga has become the story of Morrison’s appalling, disjointed and delusional response to Covid.
    Tennis Australia assumed that the Djokovic problem would be “fixed” as is the LNP way.
    Alex Hawke has been submerged into this “no win” predicament by a typical Morrison “who me” move.
    The removal of the Morrison PM election mistake and the “giddy” LNP boys club is the only remedy for a frustrated nation.
    Unfortunately the voters have to endure more of the same Morrison shenanigans, the report of the exclusive interview at Kirribilli being the latest event.
    The establishment of the”national cabinet” perhaps the most wilful shenanigan of all.
    It would be comforting if the blustering buffoon would set a date and everyone continue the already occurring electioneering.
    “Lucky country” !
    35% of the voters will vote for feral LNP politician regardless.
    Hence the “lucky country”.

  4. So we still have ministerial decisions not subject to parliament or judicial review.
    And it took three judges maintain this sorry state of affairs.

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