Newspoll: 53-47 to Labor

Labor maintains its solid two-party lead in Newspoll as Scott Morrison slides into net negative personal ratings.

The latest Newspoll from The Australian finds Labor retaining its 53-47 two-party lead from three weeks ago, with both major parties steady on 39% of the primary vote, the Greens up one to 11% and One Nation steady on 3%. Scott Morrison has fallen into net negative approval for the first time since March last year, being down four points on approval to 47% and up the same amount on disapproval to 49%. Anthony Albanese is steady on both approval and disapproval at 38% and 46% respectively, and has narrowed Morrison’s lead on preferred prime minister from 51-33 to 49-36.

Also included are ratings for Scott Morrison’s handling of coronavirus in general, on which his good rating is down four points since last time to 48% and his poor rating is up four to 49%, and of the vaccine rollout in particular, on which he is down two to 38% and up two to 59%. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Saturday from a sample of 1527.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Bushfire Bill @ #2582 Thursday, August 12th, 2021 – 6:26 pm

    That wasn’t so hard now, was it P1?

    You are a dill, BB. I have said this several times before.

    We would prefer to vote Labor, but we can no longer vote for a party that no longer stands for the things we strongly believe in. Not when the international community is going to force Australia into line no matter who is in government anyway.

  2. Morrison’s solution will be to agitate for the current Police Minister to become Premier.

    That would be the same who said it’s fine for the cops to strip search his teenage daughter for drugs at festivals.

  3. Yep!

    And the same dude that wouldn’t come back from his European Holiday to deal with the Bushfires.

    My take on his recent Press coverage is that “The rehabilitation is strong with this one”.

  4. Hugo

    Inside intel I’ve been advised of suggests that the current NSW outbreak is tracking largely as expected by the public health establishment, with daily case numbers plateauing at the current 300-odd (perhaps a little higher in the coming days) before starting to decline. The expectation is that the general lockdown will be extended for another four or five weeks, ending in early October.

    Despite what many on here might say, this means that the current lockdown settings are basically working, and we’ll come out the other side in mid-Spring. This will therefore end up being a bit shorter than Melbourne’s 2020 lockdown, with probably about half the cases and a fraction of the deaths. No doubt the Sydney haters on here will paint that as an abject failure, but by any sensible measure it’s actually a pretty successful response. We seem to regularly forget that this is a very contagious virus that has regularly jumped the containment lines we put around it, and will likely continue to do so. It might make us feel good to blame a particular State or political party (conveniently in NSW, Bludgers get to exercise both those options), but I think we need to remember that a lot of this is out of our control, and that overall we’ve actually been pretty well served by all of our State governments, regardless of their political stripe.

    It takes sheer gall to defend the indefensible in this way, Hugo.

    Lets just put a couple of facts onto the table. Firstly, had NSW gone to a full lockdown with the first cases, we’d have been facing 2-3 weeks of lockdown. How is months of lockdown a better outcome and how do you defend Gladys not taking prudent action, given the obvious risk. You say the virus is highly transmissible. That’s why the NSW response has been so bad.

    You think you have inside info. Cough up or shut up. What this shines a light on is the lack of transparency on the part of the NSW Government. If it has a plan, lets see it. It should have modelling, so why isn’t it releasing the modelling? Independent modellers don’t paint such a rosy picture. What they come up with is not a levelling at 300 cases or so, but a continued exponential growth which will approach 1,000 cases by the end of the month. Indeed, there’s no reason you can give why this will change, unless you happen to believe that Gladys will finally do the right thing and tighten the rules?

    Second fact. The outbreak was caused by a limo driver being exposed to the virus. A situation that was both foreseeable, inevitable and entirely preventable. If only we had had a Health Minister who gives a shit. We don’t. Where was Gladys, or Hazard or even Kerry personally querying the actions of NSW Health and ensuring they had the procedures and processes in place to avoid this. The whole damn mess was entirely preventable simply by providing supervision/instruction/PPE to this driver.

    This is shameful, Hugo. Shameful and unforgiveable. Unless and until Gladys/Hazard are willing to provide the lockdown settings that will bring R to under 1.0, this has no end – except vaccination and we won’t be sufficiently vaccinated until mid October.

    Months of harm to millions of people.


    I bet you voted for these people.

  5. Shalailah Medhora
    Chief Executive of Western NSW Local Health District, Scott McLachlan, tells
    that the majority of COVID cases in regional NSW outbreaks at the moment – including Dubbo and Walgett – are Aboriginal people.

    He goes on to say that none of the cases have been hospitalised as yet, but are receiving at-home care. Though he says that cases can deteriorate quickly so NSW Health is keeping a close eye on how cases are progressing.

  6. Cud,
    tl:dr Hugo: Gladys is doing an amazing job, and my crystal ball (aka inside info), tells me that we’ll be able to drift along at 300 cases per day until August 28 when they’ll magically disappear and lockdown will be lifted. 😆

  7. Zoomster – thank you for being just about the only level-headed response I’ve had on here all afternoon. I was beginning to think Australia was dealing with an outbreak on par with India’s. I get that people are frustrated, and I’m certainly not here to defend the NSW government. But frankly most people on here need to get a grip.

    Cud Chewer – my Year 5 son is currently doing a unit on fact v opinion. You might want to brush up on that. You may well be right that a short sharp lockdown after that first single case may have nipped the current outbreak in the bud, but that’s not a “fact” – it’s an opinion.

  8. Ultimately the responsibility for this debacle lies with Morrison. If he hadn’t been so lazy with vaccines and counted on zero forever we wouldn’t be in this mess of trying to corral the virus while hoping desperately everybody gets vaccinated, when we haven’t even yet had the joy of finding out how many people are on crazy street. More fundamentally, he’s so useless as a leader that the States largely ignore him when they can.

    As for NSW, there were quite a few who suspected that COVID would eventually expose the incompetence and shallowness of the NSW Libs, and the rot they have induced in our public administration, and tragically they have been proved right. Also expect letting the NSW police take over our public health response will have adverse consequences down the line.

  9. lizzie

    Nicole Rogerson
    And not for nothing but I can’t help to be angry that Giant Steps is in the same neighbourhood as the private school St Joseph’s College who managed to get their Yr 12’s the jab! Syringe

  10. ‘Hugoaugogo says:
    Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 7:01 pm

    Zoomster – thank you for being just about the only level-headed response I’ve had on here all afternoon. I was beginning to think Australia was dealing with an outbreak on par with India’s.
    When all along, with your inside ‘intel’, you knew that this was not India after all. How clever you are to have such a superior grip on reality.
    BTW, where were you, BTW, when Morrison and Berejiklian were assuring the world that NSW not locking up was gold standard compared, presumably with India or Victoria.
    Where were you when the vaccines acquisition scandal was going full throttle?
    Where were you when Ruby Princess could have done with your superior grip on reality?
    Where were you when the mangled mass of mixed vaccine messages were spewed forth by Morrison&Co?
    Where were you when Morrison and Colbeck totally neglected aged homes, leading directly to hundreds of deaths?
    Getting a grip on yourself?

  11. Speaking of facts, is it true that Morrison, Hunt, Berejiklian and Hazzard conspired to move Pfizer shots from the regions into Sydney?

    Is that why the residents of Walgett, including those who are infected with Covid, had to drive 120km to get a shot – if they could get one at all.

    We need the facts here and not Hugo’s year five kid’s opinions.

  12. The cunning plan of Gladys and Brad, no testing on the 26-29th August. Voila no positive cases, open up the state. Hope I’m not giving them ideas 😆

  13. Hugo

    Zoomster – thank you for being just about the only level-headed response I’ve had on here all afternoon.

    If by “level headed” you mean insulting, condescending, patronising, incapable of explaining/justifying your claims/assertions/propositions, incapable of responding to the substance of others’ arguments, but more than capable of patting yourself on the back, then I guess I agree with you.

  14. There is of course some news on Pfizer and Walgett. Fact.
    4,000 Pfizer shots are being hustled to the location. Fact.
    Where these have been taken from is not quite clear. Fact.
    But those Pfizer shots can’t go in more than once. Fact.
    So somebody else is at increased risk because of the Walgett oubreak. Fact.
    Those shots were not in the arms of the Walgett people when they were needed. Fact.
    The vaccination acquisition and distribution has been a Morrison, Hunt, Hazzard and Berejiklian responsibility. Fact.
    Let’s hope that the next one of Hugo’s facts is not some consequent deaths.

  15. I wonder what Jen and the Girls would have to say about that?

    Yes, I often wonder what they think. Hopefully one will rebel.

  16. GG
    Apologies to Zoomster. That was worded (extremely) poorly.

    I didn’t mean for that to refer to Zoomster. I meant for that refer to Hugo who also clearly thinks he’s “level headed”, and by his comment implies that no-one else has been.

    i.e. Hugo was essentially claiming “level-headedness” for himself while taking a back-handed swipe at everyone else, in his “compliment” to (ostensibly) zoomster.

  17. Greensborough Growler @ #2595 Thursday, August 12th, 2021 – 6:38 pm


    Morrison’s solution will be to agitate for the current Police Minister to become Premier.

    That way, the whole failure in NSW will be sheeted home to Gladys.

    That’s what I reckon will happen. It may not be the police minister who takes over, but they’ll roll Gladys once NSW gets through this outbreak under pretence of blaming her for mismanagement of the virus response in an attempt to rule a line under this omnishambles.

  18. 2 hours and 19 minutes in the home clink. How time flies.
    If this pox emanated through Berejiklian’s Peforated Ring of Fluffy Bunnies Hugo is never going to hear the end of it.

  19. Steve777:

    Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    [‘I’m pretty sure that your real name ain’t Mavis…’]

    How dare you question my bone fides? I also find your post borderline sexist.



    Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 3:45 pm

    [‘Thanks for confirming my suspicions, Poroti, that 90% of the shit being thrown at NSW on this site is born of an inbuilt hatred of Sydney.’]

    I’m on all four with you on this one. Had the premier been Labor, the vitriol would not have been so vitriolic. And the surprising thing is that those from Sydney are some of the worst offenders – a case of groupthink methinks. I think it goes back to the convict days, the envy of Port Jackson, the Opera House, the beautiful weather, etc.

  20. ‘mikehilliard says:
    Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 7:18 pm

    I wonder what Jen and the Girls would have to say about that?’
    ‘Let’s go to Engadine’s!’

  21. Labor email news. Has Grimace been around lately, I’d love his thoughts on her preselection.

    Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts is WA Labor’s pick to take on Christian Porter in the seat of Pearce at the Federal Election.

    Tracey is a remarkable woman – local mayor, cancer survivor, mum, and community champion.

  22. zoom
    Really sorry.

    I can only give the excuse that I had a brain malfunction somewhere between my intent and what I actually said :P.

  23. Another fact most Indigenous people were meant to have been in one of the highest categories for vaccination.
    Why have the population in towns like Dubbo and Walgett not already been covered???

  24. Pretty much sums up the situation.

    Craig Emerson
    The Federal & NSW governments’ initial “gold standard” lockdown lite that created the NSW debacle & has now hit the ACT (that was Covid-free for a year) will afflict the nation. No state government will allow free movement of NSW residents into their states. National leadership?

  25. Epic 8 hour wait at ACT testing station…
    South coast cops to check ACT plated cars. Not sure on what grounds.
    There is no fluffy bunny barrier at, say, Berejiklian’s Braidwood or Berejiklian’s Brown Mountain.
    There are no relevant NSW health orders.
    If they made it across before 5pm they’re in the clear.
    Must just be discrimination.

  26. Deborah Cheetham described how the Walgett community had pulled together to stay safe and what a tragedy it would be if after months of effort the virus reached them.

    And now…

  27. Well, there is one way to force politicians back to the people who have so unwisely chosen them. Threaten them with being locked up in Canberra for a week.
    Today was like the stampede of the Gadarene Swine.

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