Newspoll state leaders and coronavirus polling

Persistent high ratings all round for state Premiers and the Prime Minister amid the coronavirus crisis, but signs the current Victorian outbreak may have cost Daniel Andrews some shine.

Courtesy of The Australian, Newspoll offers a repeat of an exercise conducted two months ago in which a large national sample is polled to produce state-level results on the popularity of premiers as well as the Prime Minister, both generally and in their dealings with the coronavirus. While the results are positive all round, they find Daniel Andrews falling from a top tier that continues to include Peter Gutwein, Mark McGowan and Steven Marshall, bringing him about level with Gladys Berejiklian but still clear of Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Andrews was down eight on approval to 67% and up ten on disapproval to 27%, while Berejiklian was down one to 68% and up three to 26%. Allowing for small sample sizes in the smaller states, Peter Gutwein took the lead (up six on approval to 90% and down three on disapproval to 8%) from Mark McGowan (down one to 88% and up three on 9%). Despite continuing to trail the pack, Palaszczuk recorded the best improvement with a four point increase in approval to 59% and a four point drop on disapproval to 35%.

However, Palaszczuk remains the only Premier with a weaker net approval rating in their state than Scott Morrison, who according to the poll has strengthened in Queensland (by five on approval to 72%, and down four on disapproval to 24%) but weakened everywhere else (approval down six to 61% and disapproval up five to 35% in New South Wales; down seven to 65% and up four to 30% in Victoria; down three to 67% and up two to 29% in South Australia; down three to 70% and up three to 26% in Western Australia; down four to 60% and up six to 37% in Tasmania).

Andrews’ deterioration on approval is more than matched on the question of handling of coronavirus, on which he now trails out of the Premiers with 72% for well (down 13 points) and 25% for badly (up 14). This pushes him behind Berejiklian (up two to 79% and down two to 16%), Palaszczuk (up four to 76% and down one to 22%) and Marshall (up five to 87% and down two to 9%). Still clear of the field are McGowan and Gutwein, who are tied at 93% well (down one for McGowan, up four for Gutwein) and 5% badly (up one and down three). Scott Morrison’s ratings on this score are little changed, and remarkably consistent from state to state — Queensland and South Australia are his best with 84% well and 14% poorly apiece, but his weakest result, in New South Wales, is still 79% well and 18% badly.

The poll was conducted from a national sample of 2949, ranging from 526 in Victoria to 309 in Tasmania.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Tell me Mr Blobbit, is there an economy anywhere in the world that isn’t going backwards right now?
    And why would that be?
    And why would you expect Australia to be able to perform significantly better than every other economy in the world right now?
    Just maybe there’s a reason why your economic statistics aren’t leading the news bulletins- because it’s not news.

  2. Oakeshott Country says:
    Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 10:16 pm
    Who exposed Leopold’s exploitation in the Congo and what eventually happened to him?

    That would be Ruairí Dáithí Mac Easmainn (Roger Casement, the Irish Freedom Fighter executed by the British in 1916)

  3. The British Diplomat Sir Roger Casement was commissioned to investigate the Congo for the British Government which led to the exposé Of Leopold’s crimes
    Casement also allegedly kept a personal diary of his time in the Congo which showed he had a particular penchant for young black boys with very large penises

    He was eventually hanged by the English for his role in the 1916 Easter Uprising. He attempted to import guns from Germany into the West Coast of Ireland.
    He is still commemorated as a hero in Ireland, where the authenticity of the diary is disputed

  4. “Even before the JobKeeper program started paying out any funds and prior to the COVID-19 JobSeeker supplement, Government spending was already at its largest share of the economy since 1994, even higher than during the Rudd government’s GFC stimulus programs.”

    And it was still tanking. But protests.

    Won’t anyone think of the poor statues.

  5. “Tell me Mr Blobbit, is there an economy anywhere in the world that isn’t going backwards right now?”

    Buce – not sure how you’re missing the pre covid bit.

    Engineering construction isn’t something that stops on a dime. The money being being spent in January through March would have all been committed. The effects of Covid on that spend will only start showing up now.

    You don’t think that the federal government were failing in managing the economy?

  6. “Bucephalussays:
    Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 10:40 pm
    Blobbit – people have moved on from the March Quarter results.”

    Ah, the old “it’s time to move on”. The handy final excuse when something is inexcusable.

  7. Shellbell

    Repeating a post is a bit self-important but here is Dyers having his conviction overturned in the High Court at the time Heydon J was sitting on the bench – but he did not sit on this case

    The parasitic claim brought by Jan Hamilton following on from the death of Dyers failed in the Supreme Court last month.

    No self important at all – this is a pretty serious business that has flown under the radar.

    I have known about Kenja since 2002, and I thought at the time I when was invited to a “Klowning” event, with glossy brochure, and a cost of around $80, that it seemed like a scientology-like cult to me.

    The young woman who gave me the brochure (as well as other members of staff) had been very pushy about getting extra help with her work – no particular problem to me, I help those who ask me – but also went out of her way to “personalise” the professional relationship.

    I some how missed the subsequent history of Kenja, but it gels with my uneasy feeling that this was a cult.

    I came across them again a decade later, once again with a young woman who wanted mentorship. I was happy to help, but the demands kept increasing, and I wen on sabbatical and “lost contact”.

    My impression was that these young women were sent on a mission to become “extraordinarily successful at a young age”, so that it could be used as evidence that the cult was shown to be successful in helping its members achieve success.

    I also felt sorry for the young women. They were very obviously on a mission from their family / cult, and could not enjoy the opportunities to delve into science they were offered.

  8. Indeed Rakali
    For 40 years the Irish Government petitioned the English for the repatriation of his body from Pentonville Prison.
    The Tories would hear nothing of it but Harold Wilson allowed it in 1965, which resulted in one of the largest state funerals in the history of the Republic. I have visited his grave in Glasnevin, it is the same row as De Valera.

    The joke at the time was that the English had forgotten which hole they had thrown his body into in the prison yard ( this part may be true) and sent Crippen’s bones instead

  9. “The head of Tasmania’s powerful hotels association has credited his contact book with helping ensure mainland construction workers were able to finish building Hobart’s newest hotel in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.”

    But “There were no rules broken or anything like that,”

    Oh, that’s ok then.

  10. “Bucephalussays:
    Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 10:58 pm
    Blobbit – call the Police. I believe Dreyfus has the number.”

    Whatever. Been worried about any statues lately?

  11. Mundo

    Does anyone know what happened to terrorism?
    Is that over now.?

    Just wondering, because Scrooter doesn’t mention terrorism any more.

    Pay attention Mondo.

    The terrorism threat is gone.

    We have the new Cold War with China. it comes with the added element of Yellow Peril, making it more serious than the old Cold War with eastern Europe. You can now tell at a glance you the enemy is.

    On a more serious note, I do not even need to go to facebook to work out what the conspiracy theorists are saying. I just need to catch a bus from Waterloo into the city.

    Real conversation overheard on bus:

    “Person 1: Bloody China is trying to take over Australia. They are buying all our property.

    Person 2: Yeah, and that is why we have to live in the shit dirty flats. They are taking over everything.

    Person 1: I reckon they should have the army out on the streets with machine guns, to stop the bloody Chinese taking over.

    Person 2: Yeah. We really need to get out and fight this Chinese takeover.”

    Two years ago they would have been up in arms against muslims and sharia law.

    sigh …..

  12. “Bucephalussays:
    Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 11:06 pm
    I don’t condone vandalism or breaking the law.”

    People should just move on from it.

  13. “Two years ago they would have been up in arms against muslims and sharia law.”

    It’s ok D&M, they’ve moved on from it.

  14. Douglas and Milko,
    Two years ago they would have been up in arms against muslims and sharia law.

    I’m tired and I’m in pain so I really can’t give you the expansive reply that I think your comment necessitates, however, suffice to say that I think you’ve got a hold of the wrong end of the stick here. Frankly, I, for one, am so glad that, and you can argue whether it was by fair means or foul, I can again go into the city and about my life and feel relatively safe doing so. This is as a direct result of feeling that I can walk past a rubbish bin, get on a bus or a train, go to the city and walk past monuments in Martin Place, or go to the Lindt Cafe, and not be looking over my shoulder for the person who wants to behead me or blow me up or shoot me or stab me to death while shouting, ‘Death to the Infidel!’ Which is pretty much a result of our country having dealt, more or less, with the terrorist threat. Which wasn’t a bad thing at all. And that ignorant/uneducated people on a bus put that sentiment crudely, or, express crudely what is a growing threat from a hegemonic China seeking to flex its new muscles, is to me a sign that even people like that get it. And it is, again, a threat we need to deal with as a nation.

    To the extent that, as with the terrorism threat, we now have our Muslim citizens able to cohabit successfully side by side with the rest of us. Hopefully, equally promptly, we, via our representatives in the Labor Party and the Coalition, devise a way to deal with China’s overweening attempts to infiltrate our body politic. As we dealt with Russia via the Petrov Affair.

    Then we can co-exist happily together again without fearing the worst.

  15. “Rio Tinto compensation call after NT mining town Nhulunbuy left in dark for 17 hours”

    Must be the solar panels.

    I guess the peeps should just move on from it.

  16. I’ve developed an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia with the re-emergence of The Yellow Peril. I’m not sure whether Morrison sees himself as a 21st century Napoleon or perhaps Captain Mainwaring. Probably I’ll Duce is his best model.
    The coming unemployment crisis to be solved by the construction of internment camps for all Chinese nationals?

  17. ‘Phillip Adams
    Twiggy Forrest arrested by AFP following ASIO investigation revealing close links to Chinese communists‘

  18. “…. Trump escalating a trade war with China while privately cutting election-dirt deals with Xi Jinping;
    Trump ignoring November 2019 intelligence warning of a dangerous virus outbreak in China due to his business interests in Beijing;
    or Trump promoting a dangerous and ineffective treatment for COVID-19 at the behest of his richest campaign donors.
    (at risk of sounding melodramatic…)
    With Donald Trump, all roads lead (by design) to personal enrichment. “
    -Seth Abraham’s 3rd book in the Proof series, “Proof of Corruption “

    Am still reading the first book, and find it mind-blowing, showing Trump’s brazen sense of untouchability .
    His alleged Chinese links in this coming book are interesting, especially in light of our recent interactions with China.
    At least with pickpockets of old, it was limited to the odd wallet or two but Trump is the global disrupter (in cahoots with big players ) using Politics as the means to fleece the rest of the world, Mafia-like, on a grand scale.

  19. “ But as it has gained steam, his political career has demonstrated repeated, and cumulatively stunning, contempt for opponents, rules and the truth, and as that strategy has gotten bolder, it has continued to work. As the director of the Vote Leave campaign, he authored the famous, flagrantly untrue, but compelling slogan that Brexit would mean £350 million more per week for the NHS. ”
    On Dominic Cummings- a good read:

  20. The decision in Dyers v the Queen represented one of a few cases in which Justice Calllinan persuaded fellow High Court judges to uphold, to an almost extreme, the sanctity of the right to silence and the right of the accused not to call evidence without a jury drawing any conclusions from that silence or absence of evidence.

    In that respect: he was somewhat of a progressive for the rights of ordinary citizens against the state.

    It’s a bit ironic that he proved to be more progressive on criminal matters in the High Court than Justice Virginia Bell given Callinan was a pretty hard arse prosecutor (see the prosecutions of Lionel Murphy) and Justice Bell’s legal career included significant work for the public defender.

    This is a reminder as to what the High Court appointment can do on legal philosophy.

    Another example is Justice Deane who was almost a radical progressive on the High Court although at the bar he represented alleged tax avoiders in bottom of the harbour tax schemes.

  21. Whether true or not it’s a funny yarn which i am following on twitter. Written by an British writer in France (dual national) about the travails of English neighbours who voted brexit but have a holiday house.

    I know it’s childish to take a certain satisfaction in others deserved problems and I think the Germans have a word for it. 🙂

    RS Archer
    Just had conversation with a British couple who have a holiday home near us. They voted for Brexit and have made no arrangements whatsoever for what happens on Jan 1. They have now discovered the reality of their situation.

    The blame apparently is with “Brussels”.

  22. Oakshott Country

    The joke at the time was that the English had forgotten which hole they had thrown his body into in the prison yard ( this part may be true) and sent Crippen’s bones instead.
    Thanks OC.

    I hope the Irish did a DNA test on the bones. Who knows what the English would have sent over!

  23. GG: “We are the people that dreamed spectacular dreams and we called it…..

    Now come on GG (and Donald) and let’s all sing along.

    “Bright light city gonna set my soul
    Gonna set my soul on fire
    Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn,
    So get those stakes up higher
    There’s a thousand pretty women waitin’ out there
    And they’re all livin’ devil may care
    And I’m just the devil with love to spare…”

  24. I know that this will not stop the eternal bickering in the Labor and Greens war but when will you antagonists and protagonists on this blog realise that not you green atagonists but the green punters out there decide how they will vote and history shows that some 70 to 80% of Greens votes usually finish up with the Labor Party in the HOR and no amount of bickering on here is going to change that fact. Why don’t you all give it a break?

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