Newspoll: 50-50

Scott Morrison gains further momentum in his remarkable but apparently voteless approval rating turnaround.

Courtesy of The Australian, the first Newspoll in three weeks is consistent with the last in suggesting the coronavirus surge in approval for Scott Morrison in translating into only a modest dividend on voting intention, on which the two parties are now tied after the Coalition opened up a 51-49 lead last time. On the primary vote, the Coalition is down a point to 41%, Labor up two to 36%, the Greens down one to 12% and One Nation down one to 4%. Despite that, Scott Morrison has gained further on his huge approval rating boost in the last poll, up seven to 68% — a level not seen since Kevin Rudd reached 70% in late 2008 — while his disapproval rating is down seven to 28%. Anthony Albanese is respectively steady at 45% and down two to 34% (I assume — the report says 36%, but this would be unchanged on last time), and Morrison’s lead as preferred prime minister is now 56-28, out from 53-29. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Saturday from a sample of 1519.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. When I read something like this in the press…’If Morrison is in any doubt about the force of Albanese’s strategy…’ I get a little bit of a stiffy.
    Is that wrong?

  2. Apparently the Singapore apps was released under the GPL, son will download when Australian Government respects the copyright ( modifications have to have their source code released under the GPL).

    Perhaps the treatment of MT book was the dress rehearsal for copyright abuse by the Australain Government.

    For those that are little interested in how it works, it is described here.

  3. Player1, you are clearly obsessed with me, and with re-stating that I am some kind of racist. I did not a address you, nor give you the slightest thought when I made the post you quoted. Why you feel the need to reply to it escapes me.

    I should be flattered, but strangely I’m not. In fact you’re starting to get creepy.

    You seem to be stalking me, feeling it necessary to respond to any post I make on the subject of the clear responsibility China has for both nurturing the coronavirus, allowing it to fester in its disgusting, cruel wet markets (which you, as a Green should be condemning vociferously), and then doing fuck all to stop it spreading to the West.

    Tonight’s naked threats of trade sanctions against Australia, should it continue criticising China, are another nail in your hysterical obsession with defending their totalitarian dictatorship at all costs… as long as there’s a cheap shot in it against another Bludger. Does China pay you? It seems so.

    If you spruiking for them for free, then it’s even more pathetic.

    Disgusting behaviour, but typical of the Greens hippie mentality: ditch your principles, ignore facts, pile it on, bludge off the public purse… anything to play the man, rather than face the truth.

    You’re a disgrace.

  4. Evening all. Not sure if these stories have been discussed earlier but I was wondering if they could be related.


    The ABC also mentions a big dividend cut.

    I doubt its a great time to be trying to raise capital. That saying about the tide going out.

  5. Newspoll has done a rating of the 6 premiers. WA premier the best, QLD premier the worst regarding the crisis. The PM ratings are very high in all states.

  6. Coatsworth is a far better communicator than Murphy. He should front all the CMO press conferences and leave Murphy in the national cabinet room.

  7. CC I loved how he accused the union gentleman of cherry picking. Then proceeded to do exactly the same. Didn’t even blush.

  8. This is concerning

    Dr. Dena Grayson
    Police cars revolving lightBREAKING: UK doctors warn of a sharp rise in cases of children with a mysterious inflammatory state—including the heart—requiring ICU care. Blood test abnormalities resemble #COVID19 disease, but some kids test negative for #coronavirus.Face with monocle


  9. Pretty sure it was Coatsworth Confessions. Scott did a pretty good line in shovelling.
    I’m assuming that’s the former ABC boss.

  10. “Coatsworth is a far better communicator than Murphy. He should front all the CMO press conferences and leave Murphy in the national cabinet room.”

    No. The less well they communicate their twisted view of the world the better.

  11. Poor BB. He’s so misunderstood and victimized. He bloviates and hperventilates as he condemns and judges others. Life must be difficult when you have such a huge ego as he has and yet don’t receive the level of recognition and plaudits he believes he so richly deserves.

  12. “CC I loved how he accused the union gentleman of cherry picking. Then proceeded to do exactly the same. Didn’t even blush.”

    Aqualung I tuned in late. What was that about?

  13. Trump won Ohio by 8.3 points in 2016. Now behind 44/45

    Not a highly rated polling group. Adds a little weight to the other polls showing Trump slipping in the midwest.

  14. Cud Chewer, the union guy was pointing out contradictions like children being banned from playing in public playgrounds but allowed to play in school playgrounds.
    Also being kept from grandparents while teachers who might also be grandparents are going to teach full classrooms with no social distancing.
    The union fellow was simply pointing out contradictions in messaging which was confusing and Coatsworth jumped down his throat and claimed he was cherry picking.
    Not sure if it was Coatsworth or Scott who then claimed school playgrounds were going to be miraculously sterilised where public ones aren’t.

  15. Aqualung

    On SBS news a couple of nights back they covered the issue of that non peer reviewed report from NSW schools using very limited data. Unlike the ABC’s coverage, SBS provided a little balance.

    They had someone on who said the study was worthless because it used data over a period where few kids were in school. He then went on to give figures. Firstly he mentioned that there were the school holidays and then he said that before that there was very limited attendance in the weeks before the school holiday. I can’t remember the exact numbers but he did give exact numbers. Clearly someone who knew the facts.

    Btw I asked some practising teachers to confirm what he said about limited class numbers before the holidays and it is correct.

    I’d like to know who that was. Maybe it was the union guy on Q+A?

    I suspect a little skullduggery on the part of the NSW bureaucracy/government.

  16. And where will the 11% fall in that poll? Yes, the head to head suggests a big swing but Biden polling just above Clinton. So Trump voters have gone to the unknown column, not to Biden.

    Just 1 lowly rated poll.

    FWIW, last three highly rated pools had Biden well ahead in Ohio, pulling in around 50pts.

  17. Simon in the past election there were a lot of Trump leaning voters that who didn’t like Hilary but didn’t particularly like Trump – but moved after the FBI guy said he was reopening the investigation of Hilary. I suspect its the same group. Conservative leaning but getting increasingly frustrated with Trump.

    I think they call them the double haters.

  18. suspect a little skullduggery on the part of the NSW bureaucracy/government.

    At a time we need fair, independent honest advice. We shouldnt be fed cherry picked BS.

    The time to send your kids back to school is when they are taking up all your time, constantly fighting with each other, not helping with the jobs around the house, whinging about the homeschool work they have to do and driving you generally insane (did I say that out aloud?).

  19. I think they call them the double haters.

    DOuble haters gonna hate.
    And Barr, Fox etc will give them something to hate Biden about. Will they fall for it?

  20. CC, when it was pointed out the survey was done when the children were not at school Coatsworth and Scott both poopooed that notion. I think Hamish was pointing that out. Hamish actually came across as being in possession of the facts compared to the other 2 and seemed like they were shovelling a fair bit of the proverbial.

  21. Newspoll state leaders ratings:

    Berejiklian 69% approval, 23% disapproval
    Andrews 75% approval, 17% disapproval
    Palaszczuk 55% approval, 39% disapproval
    McGowan 89% approval, 6% disapproval
    Marshall 68% approval, 21% disapproval
    Gutwein 84% approval, 11% disapproval

    Handling of coronavirus:

    Berejiklian 77% well, 18% badly
    Andrews 85% well, 11% badly
    Palaszczuk 72% well, 23% badly
    McGowan 94% well, 4% badly
    Marshall 82% well, 11% badly
    Gutwein 89% well, 8% badly

    Samples all around 520 for the mainland states, 309 for Tasmania.

  22. CC

    Apologies for providing the link so others can hear firsthand for themselves who said what rather than just accepting what you have to say on the matter.

  23. Premiers riding a wave of popularity

    “State premiers are riding a wave of unprecedented popularity, earning approval ratings ranking alongside Scott Morrison for their handling of the coronavirus crisis, with the exception of Queensland’s ­Annastacia Palaszczuk.

    An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian shows West Australian Labor Premier Mark McGowan, who faces an election in March next year, enjoyed the highest support for his handling of COVID-19, with 94 per cent saying he had managed it well.
    Ms Palaszczuk’s approval ratings were lower than her counterparts by a large margin, suggesting broader economic issues were in play in Queensland as they head to the ballot box on October 31.
    While 72 per cent of Queensland voters said Ms Palaszczuk had performed well, this had not translated into the same gains as other leaders, with her overall approval rating at 55 per cent satisfied and 39 per cent dissatisfied.

    Ms Palaszczuk’s approval rating was still ahead of her previous highest score of 53 per cent in September 2015, and well ahead of the pre-2017 election poll when only 40 per cent of voters said they were satisfied with her performance.”

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