Newspoll: 50-50

Scott Morrison gains further momentum in his remarkable but apparently voteless approval rating turnaround.

Courtesy of The Australian, the first Newspoll in three weeks is consistent with the last in suggesting the coronavirus surge in approval for Scott Morrison in translating into only a modest dividend on voting intention, on which the two parties are now tied after the Coalition opened up a 51-49 lead last time. On the primary vote, the Coalition is down a point to 41%, Labor up two to 36%, the Greens down one to 12% and One Nation down one to 4%. Despite that, Scott Morrison has gained further on his huge approval rating boost in the last poll, up seven to 68% — a level not seen since Kevin Rudd reached 70% in late 2008 — while his disapproval rating is down seven to 28%. Anthony Albanese is respectively steady at 45% and down two to 34% (I assume — the report says 36%, but this would be unchanged on last time), and Morrison’s lead as preferred prime minister is now 56-28, out from 53-29. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Saturday from a sample of 1519.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. William Bowe @ #795 Monday, April 27th, 2020 – 9:12 pm

    Newspoll state leaders ratings:

    Berejiklian 69% approval, 23% disapproval
    Andrews 75% approval, 17% disapproval
    Palaszczuk 55% approval, 39% disapproval
    McGowan 89% approval, 6% disapproval
    Marshall 68% approval, 21% disapproval
    Gutwein 84% approval, 11% disapproval

    Handling of coronavirus:

    Berejiklian 77% well, 18% badly
    Andrews 85% well, 11% badly
    Palaszczuk 72% well, 23% badly
    McGowan 94% well, 4% badly
    Marshall 82% well, 11% badly
    Gutwein 89% well, 8% badly

    Samples all around 520 for the mainland states, 309 for Tasmania.

    I know they’re small samples, but for all the talk on here about Andrews being a star, it seems he’s being (ahem) trumped by McGowan with Gutwein as a runner up.

  2. In Victoria there is no bipartisan approach to handling COVID with Liberal opposition routinely on the attack.

    These figures are fantastic for Andrews. Especially since he has been in power the longest.

  3. beguiledagain
    I was pointing out to Guytaur that i wasn’t talking about the American system because that is an entirely different system and quite frankly an embarrassment for a so called rich country.

    I have no issue with the Canadian system or the NHS and consider them far superior to the American health system.

    The point i made to Guytaur was what is the point of the state taking over private hospitals because there is little clear benefit to public hospitals but at the sametime transferring the cost of running the former private hospitals to the state.

    It is not like the private hospitals have a mass number of empty beds that would add capacity to the public hospitals so there wont be much impact on waiting lists.

    There are large private hospitals in growth corridor areas that might be useful inclusions into the public system but the real problem is that the public hospitals tend to be centrally located or the suburban hospitals are in many cases build too small to limit cost then there is the inflexible budget management process.

    Adding the private hospitals to the public health system wont make much different because the health system will still be cost driven and will not want the duplication in services.

  4. NSW Coalition in power since 2011 – 9 years
    TAS LIBs in power since 2014 – 6 years
    VIC Labor in power since 2014 – 5 1/2 years
    QLD Labor in power since 2015 – 5 years
    WA Labor in power since 2017 – 3 years
    SA Libs in power since 2018 – 2 years.

  5. Those figures for premiers’ popularity also put Scomo’s numbers in perspective (68/28 approval). Only one premier is doing worse.

    Perhaps people are realising who has been responsible for making the really important decisions.

  6. Anastasia will win again. QLD has been basically a Labor state for over 30 years which makes their federal results somewhat strange.

  7. Despite taking credit for the Premiers’ initiatives at every opportunity, the best Morrison could do was score an equal second-last of 68%

  8. DP

    “Naturally the Arsetralian is portraying the Premier’s numbers as “riding on the coat-tails” of ScoMoFo.”

    That is showing some pretty remarkable reinterpretation skills, considering that Scomo had to be dragged kicking and screaming into a lockdown by Andrews and Berejiklian. Even then he thanked Gladys by blaming her for the Ruby Princess docking after it being let in by Dutton’s AFP.

  9. The real test of his ‘leadership’ will be when we find out which LNP members send their kids back to school as Morrison has commanded we do.
    I’ll be especially interested in his excuse for not sending his kids to school, too.

  10. Pegasus

    The link you provided can be critiqued a number of ways and its been posted here a number of times. I’ve also posted it. Its not peer reviewed and its being misrepresented in several ways.

  11. Socrates

    And how do you ride on someone else’s coat-tails when your popularity ratings are higher than theirs?

    Which is probably why the Oz separated the popularity stories, and relied on the goldfish brains of their readership

  12. Maud Lynne

    At this point (and for some time) the Australian’s political “journos” and opinion writers are for all practical purposes off-book Liberal party staffers.

  13. It’s quite depressing, Socrates.
    Even members of my family (of similar age to me, not the younger ones, thankfully) give me the disinformation spread by the MSM.
    I battle to show them where they are in error, but the eyes just glaze over.

  14. MB on some of the key stats there is not a lot between Canada and Australia. We have a slightly higher life expectancy and slightly lower child death rates. We have a higher ratio of doctors and nurses to population. Canada finds its total health cost 70% public and we are 67%.

    Certainly Canada has a truly social system for hospitals and doctors. No gap fees. However they do not have a PBS system like we do and do not provide in home health services.

    It’s not true to say they have no private health insurance because many Canadians take out private insurance for prescriptions and dental care.

    As I said the stats show there is not much between our respective systems. Oh and QLD has had free hospital care for over 70 years.

  15. Mexican

    Mr Rudd outlined exactly why we need radical change. To me it’s going to happen with the collapse of private insurance.

    We can stop taxpayer money going to multinational corporations that run the private sector.
    Maybe in Sydney that will mean eventually an even spread of hospitals instead of the high concentration in the eastern suburbs.

    It won’t happen if it’s not fought for.

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