Newspoll: 54-46 to Labor

Turnbull down on approval, but steady on voting intention.

The first Newspoll result from The Australian in three weeks has Labor’s two-party lead unchanged at 54-46, from primary votes of Coalition 36% (steady), Labor 37% (down one), Greens 10% (up one) and One Nation 9% (up one). Malcolm Turnbull’s lead as preferred prime minister has narrowed slightly, from 42-31 to 41-33, and he has taken a knock on his personal ratings, with approval down three to 32% and disapproval up four to 56%. Bill Shorten is respectively steady on 33%, and up two to 55%. The poll was conducted Thursday to Sunday from a sample of 1583.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Re the Aussie Anthology

    Each writer was asked to provide an intro – specifically why they had chosen the particular work.

    This is David Malouf’s contribution:

    “I prefer not to write an introduction. My own feeling is that the story now has its own life to lead, among readers, and should be left to get on with it, with no further word of mine to speed it on its way. Any comment I would make now would be be superfluous — if it isn’t, it ought to have been in the story itself.

    “What writers have to say about their work is sometimes illuminating but is more often I think misleading. We do not always know more than a good reader will see for himself or herself — what we know are sometimes the wrong things, things that would get in the way; and our personal involvement with the events or characters will already have been transmuted into the quite different medium of fiction—or ought to have been—so there can be no significant residue, that is worth talking about, of that.

    “The story now belongs to the reader. The writer’s part is finished and he had better retire and let it become part of the reader’s life, in that passionate, private and instant relationship (if it happens at all) that needs no further mediation and to which the writer, if he has done his job properly, can add no single word.”

    He’s a bit stuffy, is David Malouf!

  2. hey, Tim Fischer is on QANDA. A decent bloke, for a NAT. Bridget Mckenzie (also on the panel) could take a couple of lessons on decency and general public appearance approaches.

  3. ABC Q&A‏Verified account @QandA 24m24 minutes ago
    In the #QandA audience tonight: COALITION 36%, ALP 30%, GREENS 13%.

    I thought when they first started selected audience by voting intention it would be according to the polls. If this is the case the Labor voters in the audience should be 37% and GReens 10%.

  4. So I see that Bob Weinstein is now throwing his brother under the bus. Apparently Bob’s indiscretions seem to be being ignored as well.

  5. The conservatives are still staying away from the Turnbull Party, as they prefer Tony Abbott and his values and ideas. This must be irksome to Mr Turnbull, but his chief advisor did say conservatives “don’t matter” directly after TA was knifed. I bet he desperately wishes he never said that.

    Also concerningly, the Greenish elite moneyed sector – those in top public service, lovers of the ABC and sympatico with journalists such as Sales, Mark Kenny, Hartcher, J Faine, J. Green etc etc. They have, perhaps temporarily, withdrawn their support for Mr Turnbull. He is their choice, an urbane, wealthy, art/opera lover – a man of progressive ideas. They have much in common, but M. Turnbull is struggling to show his true colours for them.

    What to do?

  6. Ides:


    I don’t mind Tim Fischer and Jimmy Barnes has been around so is always interesting. Mackenzie I’m not so sure of, and I haven ‘t seen the Yank before.

  7. IoM

    Bridget Mckenzie (also on the panel) could take a couple of lessons on decency and general public appearance approaches.

    She’s trying hard at the moment to appear ‘tough as’, so she has a chance of being Nats leader if the HC decide to give Joyce, Nash and Canavan the flick?

  8. CTar1

    Doesnt the leader of the Nats have to be a lower house MP? (Trying to think of high profile Nat MPs that could take the role, Darren Chester?)

  9. Ides:

    Why does the Nats leader have to be in the HoR? Unless it’s a specific line item in the coalition agreement, I don’t see why the party leader couldn’t sit in the Senate.

  10. KayJay @ #460 Monday, October 16th, 2017 – 7:41 pm


    I may have missed your report.

    Were you not Doctoring today ❓

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and rememberences, Monsieur Kay Jay. : )

    Twas but a BCC, thankfully, but my kind Dr Kumar, an Indian with an Oxford English accent, resident on the Central Coast of NSW (what a combo!), decided to burn a hole in my back where the deviant cells were located, just to be sure that it was sent to hell in a hot handbasket!

    However, he reassured me, which it didn’t but it sounded that way, in his soft and dulcet, perfectly articulated tones, there is usually at least one cell that gets away and pops up somewhere else and starts a new BCC colony. So make an appointment for 6 months time on your way out. : )

    At least I’ll likely still be alive then to do it all again though. Which is good. : )

  11. “. . . they prefer Tony Abbott and his values and ideas”

    What a contradiction in terms.

    Tony Abbott’s values: if there’s a dollar, he’s in/on it, especially if it’s sucking on the public pursel

    Ideas? What’s that but pugilistic fantasy: If it bleeds when punched it must be good.

    Pity he’s a shadow boxer.

  12. Fess

    By tradition if the PM is in the lower house, surely the DPM has to be? If under a Coalition the Nats get DPM, then a lower house Nat is required.

  13. prettyone,
    What to do?

    I think the Right are very much in ‘falling to pieces’ mode. That’s what they will do. Malcolm Turnbull is trying to hold both ends against the middle and barely holding it together. I don’t think it is a situation that can be sustained, quite frankly.

  14. Emma Alberici did a very polite, congenial and friendly interview with Tony Burke earlier.

    No constant interruptions or talking over the top of the person she’s interviewing. She still managed to get her point across but was also allowing Burke to make his.

    This is quite a change from many interviews she has done with Labor Party guests on her show for quite some time.

    You’d think she was interviewing a Coalition guest …

    I wonder what has changed?

  15. C@tmomma

    Thanks for the report.

    We are so clever to know about BCC and SCC. My Marie had many such with various treatments.

    We are also very pleased to know such gems as your reported Dr Kumar and my wonderful Dr Chen.

    But of course the really import matter is. Did you have to take your own balloon and lollie ❓

    Brown Bear and I are glad you survived and live to do it all over again.

    Good evening to you and poll bludgers everywhere.


  16. IoM

    Doesnt the leader of the Nats have to be a lower house MP?

    I don’t think it would be considered essential bearing in mind the Nat’s are a smaller sized party and they are simply a minor Coalition component.

  17. Fess

    Im basing this on tradition. (I dont believe there is a piece of law or the constitution that explicitly states the PM needs to be in the House)

  18. CTar1

    She knows in verbal stoushes he would romp home. I noticed on RN a few years back that some pollies rode over the top of “but but but” with barely a break in stride. Albo was one of them. IMHO it was the tone of voice and an attitude that you were in charge and not the interviewer. Or something like that 🙂

  19. Zoomster,
    I do hope your dog recovers. Maybe he/she was bitten by something that caused the paralysis. If you wait it may wear off. If not, it is best the dog does not suffer. You have my sympathy.

  20. Ides:

    If there’s no Constitutional requirement for the PM to be a HoR member then it wouldn’t matter about the DPM, esp even more so in a temporary scenario such as a by-election in New England with Barnaby re-contesting.

  21. Fess

    I’m basing it on tradition cause I have nothing else to rely on. I can only think of Gorton being a senator and PM for a couple of weeks before winning a byelection.

  22. Ides:

    I’m just saying that if such an occasion arose that Joyce wasn’t the Nats leader for whatever reason, and a Nats Senator was, it wouldn’t be a problem that the DPM was in the Senate.

    It is absolutely convention that the PM/DPM are in the House, but there doesn’t appear to be anything precluding these positions being filled from the Senate.

  23. Confessions @ #536 Monday, October 16th, 2017 – 10:24 pm

    Fischer just rolled his eyes at Mackenzie’s affirmation that he’s on the wall of the Nats partyroom.


    It’s obvious to me that Mr. Fischer has been attending Nationals Anonymous and his recovery continues apace.

    Also Jimmy Barnes story is not sad – it’s wonderful ❗
    There are countless similar stories of self recognition and recovery but unfortunately many fall even further by the way.

    Goodnight again.


  24. IoM

    I think for the short and infrequent times she was Acting PM it wouldn’t matter at all.

    If the absences of the PM only occurred while Parliament was not sitting I can see no problem at all.

  25. Kayjay:

    I never said Jimmy Barnes’ story was sad. Not sure where you got that from.


    Remember that George Christenson is in the House. Surely that’s got to be the best reason for looking to the Senate for possible Nats leaders!! 😀

  26. poroti

    I think the change in Alberici’s behaviour may have to do with the dawning of the understanding that these Labour shadow ministers may very shortly be removing the ‘Acting’ part of their titles … so best not to ‘pi#s’ them off too much.

  27. Ides:

    Which brings us full circle on that issue by going back to the original comment that Mackenzie may not be so bad as Nats leader if she was genuine contender in a Joyce absence.

  28. IoM

    Are you talking about Nash being acting DPM?

    I was talking about Joyce, Nash and Canavan being flicked by the HC.

    But I don’t think it would matter much that the Deputy Leader be a Nat Senator . When parliament was not sitting I think it matters not at all.

    So if Nash became leader it could managed for her as well.

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