Essential Research: 54-46 to Labor

Most post-budget opinion poll stasis, this time from Essential Research.

No change on voting intention from Essential Research this week, at all – Labor leads 54-46, from primary votes of Coalition 37%, Labor 38%, Greens 10% and One Nation 6%. Nonetheless, there is a net positive response for the budget, which records 41% approval and 33% disapproval, and for each of eight individual measures, ranging from 82-7 in favour of a levy on vacant properties owned by foreign investors to 49-39 for the Medicare levy increase. However, 56% felt the increase should be higher for high income earners, as per Labor policy, with 27% favouring a flat increase (though no allowance was made for those who didn’t think it should happen at all). For all the “Labor lite” talk, the Liberal Party’s reputation dies hard, with the budget rated best for “people who are well off” and “Australian business”, and worst for “you personally” and, suggesting at least some insight as to what the budget specifically contained, university students. On the question of preferred Treasurer, Scott Morrison (26%) and Chris Bowen (22%) ran a distant third behind “don’t know”.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Boerwar
    Russians will love a bit of global warming all that lovely crop land becoming available. Not so good in places like WA’s wheatbelt. Fluck knows how they manage now. Would not take much drying of the climate to wipe them out. Not to mention salinity probs.

  2. I assume that some journalist will in due course ask the Swedish prosecutors to explain which changed facts caused them to drop the investigation.

    Maybe the 2 women involved have moved on with their lives and they can’t be bothered putting their lives on hold to go through a court case?

    Anyway, Julian has as near as dammit been in prison for years over it anyway and he’s lost his youthful good looks. So, win-win for the ladies, I reckon.

  3. Fun Food Fact: A couple of Dietary Science researchers in Australia have come up with the statistic that Australians spend 58% of their Food Budget on Junk Food, even though it is more expensive than fresh food!

  4. P
    Re the Russians our suggestion was the one that Putin and Medvedev were spouting for a while.
    During their most recent one-in-a-thousand stinking hot drought (and with wheat exports banned) I watched an interview of a Russian wheat farmer.
    He was distinctly unimpressed with the newly available opportunity to go farm in the melting permafrost amongst the huge sinkholes, cracked buildings, newly-formed lakes, mosquitoes, methane belching holes in the ground, drunken forests, broken roads to nowhere from nowhere, and the smell of newly-rotting mammoths.

  5. Boerwar
    As for Russia, when all that methane gets released from the thawing of the permafrost it “won’t matter a hill of beans” we will be cactus.

  6. MikeHilliard,
    Ecuadorean Embassy. But same crop. In fact, Julian may be tempted to go on a holiday there after he gets out:

    LIMA, Peru — Ecuador is on the brink of decriminalizing the use of all drugs.

    President Rafael Correa’s grouping in congress is pushing a watershed bill that would regulate consumption of outlawed drugs, including marijuana and cocaine, along with alcohol and other legal highs, like industrial solvents.

    The draft for a new drug law says narcotics use should be managed “not by control, repression and even criminalization, but from the perspective of prevention”

  7. BW,
    Yes, yes, yes, but all the fat, salt and sugar is worth every penny.
    …to the companies making a motza out of our addiction to junk.

  8. P
    It is getting to the stage where the disinformation is disinforming the disinformation.
    Two former heads of Mossad have both heavily criticized Trump for leaking Israeli information.
    You would have to think that Mission Control would have given them leave so to do.
    Possibilities abound: the Israelis stole it from the Jordanians before Trump stole it from them…

  9. boerwar @ #1177 Friday, May 19, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    That is not a global warming issue.
    That is the same issue we have right now with the 500 million who go to bed hungry each night.
    My view is that at 4 degrees we can probably feed everyone should there be the political will.
    The resources and the techniques are available now.

    We have the food right now. There is no shortage of food. We have distribution problem. We have waste problem. I’ll say it again, there is no shortage of food.

  10. Poroti
    I imagine that historians of the future, such as have enough time left fighting with rats for morsels of food, will have a name for it: The West Australian Wheatbelt Culture.

  11. player one @ #1180 Friday, May 19, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    boerwar @ #1177 Friday, May 19, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    The resources and the techniques are available now.

    I find it amusing that you are using exactly the same argument that Trog uses to claim that solar PV will save humanity.
    It is simply not credible.

    It is credible because it’s true. A few months ago I saw 1,500 tonnes of perfectly good potatoes that Coles/Woolworths/IGA had deemed too big/small/cosmetically blemished to sell to their customers fed to cows.

  12. AR
    What matters is whether Trump observed the rule that you don’t use somebody else’s intelligence without their express permission.
    My guess is that he did not even know that the rule existed and did not read the brief that would have told him not to flap his lips, for just once in his whole life.
    Trust lost, so does the flow of information.
    It has happened in the past (the yanks thought the brits had been penetrated by the russkies so the flows dried up)… but it is unusual for a POTUS to fuck it up like this.

  13. Boerwar

    That’s the problem about tail chasing. You may end up like the OMG named James Jesus Angleton and the crippling effects of uber paranoia

  14. boerwar @ #1181 Friday, May 19, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    We are as one in relation to maintaining biodiversity. In fact I may even be more passionate about that than your good self.
    But that was not actually the issue which was whether billions would starve to death at 4C.
    My view is it that that is not inevitable.

    My personal view is that once the Western world started to get hit with really severe consequences that we’d see colossal scale geo-engineering projects to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The West has seen similar large-scale efforts during WW2 and with US and its space race in the 60’s.

    I don’t find this desirable, and I personally do what I can to reduce my impact on the environment, which doesn’t change the fact that there is little I can do at a personal level to materially impact CO2 emissions in Australia. We humans are a stupid species and will spend an enormous multiple on geoengineering as it would have cost not to have the problem to begin with.

  15. Very strange this Manning getting out and Assange charge dropped – Putin certainly knows how to pull strings. I don’t think Vlad has anything to do with Rolf Harris though, although Donald might.

  16. darn @ #1187 Friday, May 19, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    Friday, May 19, 2017 at 6:19 pm
    rex douglas @ #1100 Friday, May 19, 2017 at 4:46 pm
    I suspect Albo is just a stalking horse for a fresh new ALP leader being prepped for 2019….
    Shorten is on track to win 100+ seats in the HOR, and will get very close to control of the Senate. He’ll be as close as you can get to Labor leader for life with that achievement.

    Just a tad optimistic I would say Grimace. But Labor should win and win clearly IMO. It is their’s to lose.

    I was a part of WA Labor’s effort and we won 55.5% TPP, which is not very far from where Federal Labor are at the moment. It’s worth remembering that WA Labor exceeded expectations in the polls, and their campaign was good enough that every single close contest fell Labor’s way.

    Looking through the L/NP’s review of the 2016 election campaign and considering the child that Turnbull has appointed to run the next election campaign, the L/NP are heading for a hiding that they’ll take at least 2 elections to recover from. Between the problems that beset the L/NP’s campaign machine and the fires that the parliamentary L/NP has lit under the progressive base, the hiding they are heading for risks terminal damage to the L/NP.

    The tax cuts for our richest companies combined with cuts to penalty rates are going to hurt the L/NP all the way to the next election with the Unions have promising Your Rights at Work on ice, GetUp! is going to yell “the richest in our society get a tax cut while you get a pay cut!” and Shorten is going to continue to do Turnbull slowly.

  17. sohar @ #1230 Friday, May 19, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Very strange this Manning getting out and Assange charge dropped – Putin certainly knows how to pull strings. I don’t think Vlad has anything to do with Rolf Harris though, although Donald might.

    Manning’s release was set in place by Obama.

  18. The Swedes drop rape charges against Assange. Expect full blown overly dramatic piousness from St Wikileaks in 3…2….1.


  19. “Intel Trump gave Russians came from Jordan, not Israel – report”
    I think anything the Israelis say can be taken with a pinch of salt.

  20. Re Trump’s intel leak, it doesn’t matter who the intel came from, the ignoramus shared classified intelligence with a country generally regarded as hostile to the US and the West more generally because he wanted to gloat about what he had.

    In the process, this moron has probably cost the source their life and made anyone else thinking of acting as an intelligence source for the US or the West think twice.

  21. Hi. Karaoke tonight. Looking for a song called Turnbulls Downfl but it is not here. Can someone write it for me please?

  22. Regarding a realtime view of society, Google, Facebook and Amazon have the best picture of what is on people’s minds.
    Google knows what people are searching for, Facebook knows what is in their news feed,and Amazon knows what they are buying.
    If there is a flu or other disease outbreak Google will know before anyone else due to people searching for the symptoms.
    The Economist wrote that these companies won’t fall to competitors as they will be the first to be aware of their presence.

  23. Far as I’m concerned if charges are dropped the “no smoke without fire” argument is contrary to the spirit of our system of laws. People are free to say whatever they want short of defamation etc but I’ve always subscribed to the principle of innocent until proven guilty

  24. Thank the gods we have boerwar here to save us. Fresh from his campaign to save Australia by helping to re-elect the Turnbull government, and saving Australian fauna by using it for sport, now he’s solving world hunger by feeding us all frankenfood.

  25. With Assange I remember reading something about there being a time limit for charges to be laid, which was due to expire around this time (hence why Assange was willing to wait it out in the Ecuadorian embassy.

    Not sure if this is because the time had expired or as a result of his recent questioning by the Swedes

  26. I would say that I do not like or agree at all with the idea of statutory time limitations on prosecution especially in the case of allegations of serious and violent crimes against a person

  27. Actually this from August 2015 in The Weekly:
    “It is now unlikely he ever will be, as the statute of limitations on one allegation of unlawful coercion and two of sexual molestation expires within the next seven days. However, an allegation of rape will not expire until 2020.”

    So looks like it wasn’t due to a statute of limitations so ignore my previous post (and this one if you’re so inclined)

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