BludgerTrack quarterly breakdowns

The BludgerTrack poll aggregate brings you a probe deep into the innards of the parties’ fortunes state by state.

Essential Research will end the silly season polling drought early next week, and we might also get a Morgan result if the precedent of last year is anything to go by. Newspoll is probably about three more weeks away, Ipsos maybe another week after that, and with Galaxy and ReachTEL you can never really tell. In the meantime, you can enjoy the detailed state breakdowns from BludgerTrack which I have taken to publishing on a quarterly basis. If you’d like commentary with that, you can read it at Crikey if you’re a subscriber, as you should be. If looming state elections are more your bag, check the two posts beneath this one for fresh polling from Queensland and New South Wales.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. sohar,

    No doubt your fine reputation as a marketing guru will scare off the McDonalds Group. They’ve only got 50 years of successful marketing to fall back on. No match for the pearls of wisdom and insight that you can offer.

  2. lizzie,

    No. Stupid little brown bird buzzed off before I could grab my Simpson and Day. 😉

    It was nice to flick through it again. Havent had time for that luxury in years. And while I did it a spine-bill and silver eyes and flycatcher went past so it was time well spent.

  3. William Bowe@798

    McDonalds hamburgers are the worst. They are worse than Burger King. A Big Mac has 26 grams of fat. A Quarter-Pounder has 28 grams of fat.

    Not in all cases… 😀

    To explain, one of my sons had a mate working at a Hungry Jacks when the griller broke down.

    So they dropped the burgers into the deep fryer. 😮

    None of the discerning clientele complained as they were obviously either craving a higher fat content or couldn’t tell the difference. 😆

  4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder for Abbott.

    GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes · 2m2 minutes ago
    #Morgan Poll 2 Party Preferred: L/NP 45.5 (+3) ALP 54.5 (-3) #auspol

  5. Bemused and Lizzie

    I thought nurses were angels but I guess they still have human frailties. Given the stress levels sometimes associated with their jobs why would we be surprised?

  6. Re MacDonalds: the food is not unhealthy as such if consumed in moderation. ‘Junk food’ is a bit like alchohol but unlike tobacco or hard drugs in that regard. As an occasional treat I see no problem, especially when other aspects of lifestyle are healthy.

    As for McDonals in hospitals – well in an ideal world essential services like hospitals would have all the funding they need and no need to seek additional revenue, but we’re not in the ideal world.

  7. rossmcg

    I’m sure that the need to stay awake on night duty encourages smoking. With all the physical work they do, on their feet all day, I was honestly surprised at their weight.

  8. Compared to the State polls, this Morgan shows Abbott is toxic.

    GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes · 2m2 minutes ago
    #Morgan Poll QLD Federal 2 Party Preferred: L/NP 46 (+0.5) ALP 54 (-0.5) #auspol

  9. GG,
    Maccas are declining in many places. For example, in the UK recently I would frequently walk past almost empty McDs and Burger Kings – day and evening. I found it difficult to understand how they could afford to operate. The fish’nchip shops and the Indians still do well, though. Every bit of negative publicity erodes them.

  10. Simon K

    Thornbills and scrubwrens are constantly busy around my verandah and windows catching insects to feed babies. Hard to identify when they won’t keep still 🙂

  11. [A pretty high smoking rate too in my observations.]

    Nurses smoke at about the average rate for the population. Doctors smoke at a very low rate, about 3%.

  12. lizzie,

    this little one bumped the window too hard and was still for long enough for me to realise it wasnt one I recognised.

  13. sohar,

    I wouldn’t be making too many predictions of the demise of anything based on the limited anecdotal experience of one tourist.

  14. I don’t really care much whether the nurse who might be treating me is obese, a smoker, a Buddhist, baptist or Jew … Or even Muslim.

    What I really care about is whether she is good at her job.

  15. Diognes @ 794

    How do you know for certain “there aren’t any kids in hospital because of eating McDonalds”?

    I’m staggered by your comment.

    Perhaps I’m too emotional on these matters.

    So I’ll back off.

  16. Does the camera lie? Can you believe everything you see in the media, social or otherwise?

    You be the judge

    @sprocket___: Well who knew? The neatly cropped photos earlier alluded that the 40 leaders were leading 2 million people #auspol

  17. the reason Newman called the election for January 31 was because he was about to be rolled by his party room so he called the election and then it was too late. reliable source…Ken

  18. the reason Newman called the election for January 31 was because he was about to be rolled by his party room so he called the election and then it was too late. reliable source…Ken
    no I haven’t said it before only two other posts about unreliable Murdoch numbers and reliable numbers from QLD

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