Essential Research: 52-48 to Labor

Essential Research proves very unlike Morgan in showing a slight improvement of the Coalition vote, but opinions on the future of the Liberal leadership and the result of the next election would wipe any smile off Tony Abbott’s face.

Essential Research bucks the trend a little in ticking back a point to the Coalition, with Labor’s lead now at 52-48. The Coalition gains a point on the primary vote at Labor’s expense, respectively putting the parties at 40% and 38%, with the Greens and Palmer United steady at 10% and 2%. However, the fun for Tony Abbott ends there, as the poll turns in the remarkable findings that only 29% think him likely to be Liberal leader at the next election versus 51% for unlikely, and that 46% consider Labor to win the election versus 27% for the Coalition. Forty-seven per cent think Bill Shorten likely to remain as leader against only 20% who don’t. Further questions relate to climate change, a semi-regular question finding 57% (up one since September) relating it to human activity and 29% (down one) expressing skepticism, and fully 51% saying they are more concerned than they were two years ago against 9% for less concerned. Twenty-six per cent think Australia is doing enough versus 51% not enough, but opinion is even more negative about the responses of the United States and China.

Roy Morgan has turned in an eye-opener with its final poll of the year, recording a blowout in the Labor lead to 57.5-42.5 on respondent-allocated preferences (53.5-46.5 last time) and 56.5-43.5 on previous election preferences (53-47). On the primary vote, Labor is up 3.5% to 41%, the Coalition is down 4% to 35%, the Greens are down 0.5% to 11.5% and Palmer United is steady on 2%. This is not in fact the worst result for the term recorded by the Coalition, having been surpassed by the poll of June 7/8. However, that was a single weekly result rather the a combined fortnightly one in Morgan’s usual fashion. If combined with the poll of the following week, the result comes out as comparable with this one.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Did I miss something (like a couple of years)?

    The side bar says “Bludgertrack 2016”.

    It also says the current update is Dec 4, but should be Dec 11, I think.

  2. [ Bilbo
    That sounds like nothing that a good splash of methylated spirits wouldn’t fix ]

    What about Bishops cure for skin conditions? Kero wasn’t it?

    Briefly @ 991…. 🙂

  3. I think Abbott is just finding out now that you can try and insert yourself too much in national/international incidents that do not directly involve yourself. Though you would have thought he might have already learnt that after MH370 and MH17. In the end this is not about the PM, and Peta would be well advised to tell him to leave everything up to the appropriate authorities, which does not include him.

    The general public sense very quickly when someone is over-milking the situation.

  4. Thanks for your response Dio.

    In other news, I am rather saddened to realise that The Colbert Report and, thus, the satirical persona of Stephen Colbert ends this week.

    One of the best and most amusing modern satires there is – especially in the American satirical comedy genre.

  5. [There have been 17 942 reported cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD), with 6388 reported deaths.]

    Somewhat short of the million predicted by a poster here.

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  7. Briefly

    For someone who makes much of their intellectual capacities, I suggest you stop reading the headlines only of WHO reports and read the text.

    Liberian data is for two days ONLY so needs to be treated with caution.

    Sierra Leone and Guinea is encouraging.

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