ReachTEL: 53-47 to Labor

After a fortnight in which Nielsen found the Coalition back in front and Newspoll found Labor further ahead than ever, the monthly result from ReachTEL has Labor maintaining the lead it recorded in the previous poll a month ago.

GhostWhoVotes relates that a ReachTEL poll, which I take to be its monthly poll for the Seven Network, has Labor’s lead unchanged on a month ago at 53-47, from primary votes of 40.3% for the Coalition, 39.2% for Labor and 10.5% for the Greens. The poll also finds Malcolm Turnbull to be favoured over Tony Abbott by 53.2% of respondents with only 27.7% opting for Abbott (and 19.1% for Joe Hockey), but this is down to a massive disparity between Coalition supporters, 58.6% of whom favour Abbott versus 27.6% for Turnbull and 13.8% for Hockey, and Labor supporters, of whom 76.5% favour Turnbull, 17.9% favour Hockey, and only 5.6% favour Abbott.

UPDATE: Essential Research has the Coalition up 51-49, reversing the result from last time. The Coalition is up two on the primary vote to 44%, with Labor and the Greens each down a point to 38% and 8%.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Further echoes of the Crimea crisis….
    ___________________ Yesterday I suggested that real difficulties will emerge in the next few weeks in Kiev and new troubles on the streets, as events undergo a big change of course

    US Counterpunch looks at these difficulties facing the new far-right wing Govt in Kiev,as they make plans to force a massive austerity. action..a Greek style one…on the fairly unaware Ukrainians ..who are in for a terrible shock as their new Western Banksters friends who will screw them to the floor ,before they loan them a penny…and they need $40 billion…bad newsis on the way the Banksters will cut,cut.cut in re health.pensions/jobs/wages /public sewrvices..the lot
    The full Zorba said…and he was a Greek
    The Greeks could tell the Kiev folks what is on the way

    When the IMF is finished with them Putin will lool like a kindly old uncle

    The neo-Nazis in the Govt now will take to the streets rather than be caught as the authors of such an unpopular series of measures
    watch for fireworks in Kiev in the next few weeks !

  2. MB I understand the theory. The trouble is business has to deal with realities.

    Can you produce aviation fuel from renewable sources given the current hardware?

  3. Davidwh

    I am not sure, i have always preferred an ETS than a carbon price for as you say it is somewhat difficult for an airline to find alternative fuels.

    Gillard’s biggest mistake was entering into a fixed price carbon price with increases overtime, thankfully she never endorsed the Greens preferred price.

  4. For the record, claims that there is a PB consensus are just as ridiculous as claims that the Carbon price has no impact.

  5. davidwh@1497

    In the case of QANTAS there is no renewable energy powered aircraft so they have to look to replace less fuel efficient aircraft, 747′s, with more fuel efficient aircraft if they want to stay competitive. Either way it comes at a cost to QANTAS. It can’t be a zero sum game for them.

    That is true David regardless of whether or not there is a price on emissions. Basic maths, less fuel used per mile of flight equals less cost to the carrier and in turn bigger margin on the price. While other companies where replacing their fleet with 777s and new fuel efficient Airbus aircrafts, Qantas management was busy grounding their fleet and throwing a tantrum like a spoilt child.

    Carbon price as I understand was only applied to the local market and there every company was in the same boat and like they did with the increase in fuel costs I would think they passed the cost to the costumers.

  6. [Can you produce aviation fuel from renewable sources given the current hardware?]

    Yup, although there are the same issues (food competition) that are common to most biofuel production at the moment.

    Personally, i suspect that GM algae derived biofuels will evetually be the go.

  7. [Bowling at tailenders Johnson should aim at the stumps]

    true. i can tend be vindictive with Saffers though. Particularly after Clarke’s treatment in the first innings.

  8. Roger

    Last time I looked at booking qantas to go to Lomdon they were offering Perth to Singapore to pick up another flight. Now with the emirates tie up they don’t need that and is Singapore a big tourist destination in itself these days.

  9. Imacca’s

    Michael Holding had an interesting take on the treatment of Clarke, he suggested he keep his eye on the ball and get out of the way, just as batsmen did in pre helmet days. If you turn your back you can’t complain about getting hit.

  10. qantas could save heaps by cancelling all its flight. wait a minute didn’t they do that once?

    what is difference between a russian autocratic rules and an autocratic head of a major australian airline? one tries to do publicity
    how are they similar? you cant remove them
    how are they similar? they are both psychopaths who enjoy seeing others suffers to keep themselves in power

  11. Well done the Australian cricketers. For a team which was given little chance at the start they really did well apart from a few sessions. And Clarke and Lehmann will get some well-deserved praise for building and holding the team together.

  12. As I understand it, Qantas make money on their domestic routes (where the carbon tax applies) and lose money on their international routes (where it doesn’t apply). So Joyce is obviously right to say the tax is not the reason for their financial difficulties. It’s just another expense, along with fuel, landing fees, leasing charges, marketing and labour charges they are having trouble recovering.

    Qantas should focus on their domestic routes where they are dominant and their brand means most, and be far more selective about the international business where they are placed at a disadvantage and fail to compete successfully.

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