Morgan face-to-face: 58.5-41.5 to Coalition

Morgan’s latest weekly face-to-face poll has the Labor primary vote falling a point on last week to 30 per cent, which I believe to be an all-time low in a series noted for being biased in their favour. The Coalition is up one to 47.5 per cent, with the Greens down half to 12 per cent. Labor has improved slightly on the headline respondent-allocated two-party preferred measure, on which the Coalition leads 58.5-41.5 (59.5-40.5), but gone backwards on the methodologically preferable previous election measure (from 55-45 to 56-44).

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [Harry “Snapper” Organs
    Posted Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 8:39 pm | Permalink
    Joe6pack, thanks for your response. Very depressing, I think. This boils down to people being seriously misinformed about what is going to happen to them and their children and grandchildren due to climate change.
    Not to mention the horrible effect of Murdoch and his regime changing.]

    can i ask this harry? Murdoch is 82 I think and has been in control of news ltd papers in aus forever and we have grown up in that time.
    Are you worse off because of it? is any one?

  2. classic push polling by Galaxy – who pays the piper..

    [Does Julia Gillard’s reluctance to demand the resignation of Peter Slipper and Craig
    Thomson demonstrate her loyalty to those that have supported her or does it
    demonstrate her poor political judgement?]

  3. [BK, I have lurked for a while, but have only been commenting for the last few days. However, I am, and have been, “active” elsewhere for eight or nine years]

    hi fiona, long time no hear. margo will be pleased 😉 pf

  4. sprocket @3303,

    Well, that question is no longer relevant !

    I bet they already had the copy ready to go bagging the PM on that one question alone.

  5. Bemused
    It is no good being part of a herd that has got it wrong.

    I agree. But who decides when the herd is wrong? Murdoch? Newspoll? Galaxy? Or do we go with the democratic decision of the caucus? I’m not yet ready to say the labor “herd” has it wrong. It’s clear you have made that call.
    I fully respect your right to that view and to try to change my (and others’) minds. But I also feel like there is a higher responsibility on alp supporters to use the next few months to try to turn this around.
    But I’m naturally a glass half full kind of guy…

  6. you cant help but to lol @ the biased of these opinion polls questions

    the thing what the pro coalition media doesnt like to see is 56-44
    they would be hoping 60 or 62% 2pp in favor of the coaliton

  7. Borewar, Wilkie is an opportunist, we seem to suffer one of these ponces every term.In the long run , he is matterless

  8. BK
    [Uhlmann is sickening on ABC News.]
    Hard to say that I have seen anything quite so ostentatiously superfluous as Uhlmann on ABC TV tonight – like what was his value add?

    At least I now know why he and Abbott seem to be a perfect match ; they are both “look at moi! look at moi!” prima donnas

  9. pf @ 3304 – hmmm, several possibilities there, but is it – could it possibly be – the inimitable PF?

    Greetings, friend.

  10. or

    You can, as I do, look at it this way.

    It’s cold wet and miserable. The external world dark and foreboding. What is going to comfort you? Probably are warm, rich welcoming casserole with a depth of flavour that enhances not only the senses but the soul. Sounds good. The pertinent conversation, however, is how did the casserole come about? Pretty much this way.

    Someone made a stock.

    They roasted bones and aromatic vegetables and took great care not to burn or dry them out, even though they were only bones. They then transferred the mix into a big pot, deglazing the roasting tray to get the maximum amount of flavour, added water, a herb mix and let it simmer for 5/6 hours. When the impurities rose to the top they were skimmed and discarded. After all of this the stock was strained, tasted and adjudged as perfect. Then…..

    Someone made a casserole.

    They tossed the meat in flour and seasoning, then browned it. They also sweated off carrots, onions and celery. Tomato paste along with red wine was used to deglaze the pan and all the ingredients were put into an oven proof dish, with herbs, garlic and then covered with the above mentioned stock and seasoned to taste….not too much, just enough. The dish was covered and put into the oven at the optimum temperature for slow cooking a casserole.

    This is where we are;

    The casserole, the product of such a diverse effort from a range of disciplines, is cooking. The depths of its flavour are developing, the meat tenderising and the integrity of the dish strengthening. The casserole is now becoming of and for itself.

    There is 18 months to an election. The casserole’s just gone into the oven. Don’t be browbeaten by those who live on McDonalds or KFC. The healthy life and soul sustaining sustenance will be along when it’s ready.

    Do what you wish…me? I’m preparing creamy garlic mash, fresh corn, steamed green beans and toasted ciabatta.

  11. grrrr
    fran asks greg combet question – he answers comprehensively
    fran repeats same question – greg combet ditto
    fran only interested in slipper and thomson – not the slightest bit interested in combets answers

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