Sunday polling snippets

In my continuing quest to keep the posts ticking over until the paged comments problem is fixed, some polling nuggets that had previously escaped mention:

• Dennis Shanahan of The Australian reports on Essential Research polling on what ails Labor, which was conducted for Troy Bramston’s newly released book Looking for the Light on the Hill. The poll has only 12 per cent believing the party was “clear about its goals and objectives”, with only one in three party supporters believing the party had clear goals and principles. The Coalition was rated equal to Labor or better on “the values of sharing economic prosperity; social justice, fairness and compassion; security defence and active foreign policy; and extending opportunities. On the issue of environmental sustainability, Labor scores behind both the Greens and the Coalition with a vote of just 22 per cent among ALP voters.”

• The Nielsen poll a fortnight ago came with questions on mandatory pre-commitment for poker machines and the carbon tax which I had previously neglected to mention. A telling gap in acceptance of the poker machine reforms was evident between Victoria, where 70 per cent were supportive, and New South Wales, where it was only 52 per cent. Nationally it had 61 per cent support (down five on April) and 34 per cent opposition (up five). The policy was more favoured by women (65 per cent to 58 per cent) and young people (72 per cent of 18-24, 53 per cent of 55+).

Andrew Crook of Crikey has been told of Labor internal polling suggesting Labor would easily recover Melbourne from Adam Bandt and the Greens if the Liberals put them last on preferences, as they did at the state election. Said to have been conducted by UMR Research from a sample of 400, the poll had Labor’s primary vote steady since the election at 38 per cent, the Greens down three to 33 per cent and Liberals up four to 25 per cent, which would translate into a 58-42 win for Labor or a 54-46 win for the Greens depending on what the Liberals did with their preferences (80 per cent of which went to the Greens at the federal election, compared with 40 per cent at the state election). This stands in very stark contrast to polling conducted for the Greens by Galaxy and published in the Sun-Herald last week, which had the Greens at 44 per cent against 29 per cent for Labor and 23 per cent for the Liberals, translating into a Greens two-party win of either 65-35 or 56-44. Andrew Crook’s report in Crikey also related that Cath Bowtell, ACTU industrial officer and state party president, is likely to run again for Labor after failing to succeed Lindsay Tanner as member at last year’s election.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [Keg767 Keg
    #qantas staff would like to apologise to passengers for the disruption caused by the actions of CEO and board. Appreciate your support.

  2. geeksrulz Kinder Gentler Geek
    WOW! RT @Davis_GM: Peter Reith had been advising Joyce according to a national party backbencher #auspol #Qantas gets messier by the hour
    1 minute ago

  3. The plot thickens:



    MT @Davis_GM: Peter Reith had been advising Joyce according to a national party backbencher #Qantas gets messier by the hour #workjoyces

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  4. geeksrulz Kinder Gentler Geek
    by Thefinnigans
    WOW! RT @Davis_GM: Peter Reith had been advising Joyce according to a national party backbencher #auspol #Qantas gets messier by the hour

  5. Thefinnigans TheFinnigans天地有道人无道
    if Reith really did advise Joyce. Abbott is fucked as well. #qantas
    7 seconds ago

  6. the Qantas dispute has brought out the gallows humor which we are known for in rough times. Below is a selection of the better ones today

    ** apoligies for the language in advance **

    [geeksrulz Kinder Gentler Geek
    In cunning move by Alan Joyce to boost profits, frequent flyer points can now be used at new onboard #pokies on stranded #qantas planes
    7 hours ago

    Ben Pobjie
    benpobjie Ben Pobjie
    Back on #imaginaryBoltReport Andrew has donned a captain’s uniform and vowed to “fly these motherfuckers myself”
    9 hours ago
    sheumack Sheumack

    At least the grounding of #qantas will have a positive impact on Carbon emissions
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  7. [Latika Bourke
    Economic forecaster Chris Richardson now giving evidence at the FWA hearing into the #Qantas dispute.]

  8. [Latika Bourke
    Economist Chris Richardson supporting #Qantas’ arguement that certainty can be best provided by terminating and not suspending indust. actn.]

  9. Frank

    [Peter Reith, impartial and expert commentator on industrial m atters, thanks to our ABC. Thanks #abcmarkscott.]

    that is to balance out the wall of negativity otherwise on the ABC

    why is no-one asking Abbott does he welcome Reith’s intevention?

    and where is Senator abetz, gone missing in action?

  10. [Is tweet re Reith advising Joyce fair dinkum or just rumourmongering?]

    vic, who cares. #qantas has been spreading plenty of rumours. remember the so called death threats

  11. [Latika Bourke
    Cross examination – Richardson asked what basis to assert Virgin could not pick up the slack – is asked if he directly knows Virgin’s model.]

  12. I have a niece who works for QANTAS in an executive position & who has been called into to work – on a Sunday, my sister just informed me.

    Her husband, who’s also so employed, has been called in too.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall at QANTAS HQ.

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