Essential Research: 56-44 to Coalition

The latest Essential Research poll has Labor losing the ground it gained in last week’s result: their primary vote has dropped a point to 31 per cent, with the Coalition up one to 49 per cent, the Greens steady on 11 per cent and two-party preferred out from 55-45 to 56-44. Furthermore:

• Little change has been recorded on the carbon tax since an improved result a fortnight ago: approval is steady on 39 per cent and disapproval up two to 51 per cent. Exactly half of all respondents believe that Tony Abbott either doesn’t believe in or doesn’t care about climate change.

• The government’s “Malaysia solution” on asylum seekers has suffered a sharp decline in popularity since June 16: support is down nine points to 31 per cent and opposition up 14 to 53 per cent.

• “Trust in organisations to handle personal information” runs, from highest to lowest, the medical profession, banks, governments,Australian companies, online companies, political parties, foreign companies and the media.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [Gusface, not for the first time, the purpose of your comment needs to be explained to me.]

    Bilbo, gus cant handle question marks, too may got him confuse.

  2. My first computer was a 386 with 1MB of RAM. Favourite software was a freeform database called Scraps. A shareware product written by a guy in Hong Kong. With Scraps you could store notes – addresses, recipes, quotes, whatever – on individual pages called scraps. Then, via a Function key you brought up a search engine (though they weren’t known as that, then!) and retrieve any scrap by keyword. Very useful for research and organising information. .. Oh, yeah, and there was Wolf3D, fantastic game. Many hours spent there pursuing Nazis up and down corridors, plundering treasure …

  3. [

    gordongrahamGordon Graham

    #Galaxy always asks about “Julia Gillard’s carbon tax” … a rise in support on that poll is good news for the government #auspol

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  4. [GhostWhoVotes

    Posted Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 10:18 pm | Permalink

    2350 by Frank Calabrese,

    The poll was paid for by the Australian Coal Association.

    Nuff said – but interesting re te rise in support 🙂

  5. Glen, Gillard has put a bottom on the all poll numbers

    From now on until Nov 2013, it’s UP UP and UP as your hero Abbott like to say. We like to do you and Abbott slowly 😛

  6. Glen


    I loved that game!

    “Luftwaffe!!” die you Nazi scum bam bam!

    I remember playing Keen3 on one of my first computers.]
    Then of course there are the classics. Impossible Mission,Trolley Wally and Duke Nuke’em.

  7. [2364

    The Finnigans

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    Gus, he he he, sucking up to Bilbo. it tasted good

    It’s that Saltwater taste from living in fremantle which does it Finns 🙂

  8. Glen,

    I’ll never forget the time I got to the end of the first episode and encountered The Boss. Opened a door, a snatch of scary music, and there was this ENORMOUS Nazi, a huge gun blazing in each hand. Took a bit of trial-and-error to work out the tactic to defeat him. You had to stay far enough away from him to avoid taking too much damage, while all the while moving and pumping the ammo into him. When the ammo ran out (he still wasn’t dead), open a secret door to a weapons cache, reload, then back to pumping him with ammo. Repeat as necessary till the job was done. 🙂

    After a Wolf I toyed for a while with Duke Nukem 3D, Blake Stone, Doom, a bit, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Somehow nothing matched the magic of the original Wolf, though looking back now it was certainly primitive (though innovative for its day), with blocky, pixellated characters …

  9. Just saw MT on Lateline (from the NPC today) correcting his leader on whether CO2 is weightless. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

    Tone would be absolutely livid.

  10. Tony Jones just put Joe Hockey through the ringer with a very well thought out and probing interview. Hockey was exposed on several fronts.

    If this is a sign of things to come it should be very entertaining.

  11. [Tony Jones just put Joe Hockey through the ringer with a very well thought out and probing interview. Hockey was exposed on several fronts. ]

    The transcript is quite funny to read.

    TONY JONES: But are you discussing this with Tony Abbott? I mean, a 15,000-strong green army is quite a big thing to be talking about, particularly if it does end up blowing out to, you know,$750 million a year.
    JOE HOCKEY: We are going through every line item of the budget at the moment.
    TONY JONES: Have you been through that one?
    JOE HOCKEY: We’re spending days and days going through every line item of budget.
    TONY JONES: That’s quite a big line item by 2020: $750 million a year.
    JOE HOCKEY: We can keep going on about it. We can keep going on about it, Tony, but we are going through every line item in the budget and we’re being fair dinkum about it and our numbers stack up.
    TONY JONES: And you’ve had a chat with Tony Abbott about it?
    JOE HOCKEY: I talk to Tony on a regular basis about a range of things.
    TONY JONES: About the army?
    JOE HOCKEY: Ah, well, I think the Army’s doing a great job in Afghanistan and I think …
    TONY JONES: I’m talking about the green army, which doesn’t exist at this point.
    JOE HOCKEY: Oh, the green army. Well, the green army is – you know, we went to the last election with a firm policy; we’re committed to it.

  12. Thefinnigans TheFinnigans
    The only people who know what is happening on the market are the trading speculators, the #MSM commentators are just farting in the wind
    5 seconds ago

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