Newspoll: 55-45 to Coalition

GhostWhoVotes reports the latest Newspoll is Labor’s equal worst since the Rudd government came to power: the Coalition lead is out to 55-45 from 52-48 a fortnight ago (matching Labor’s previous nadir of April 1-3), from primary votes of 31 per cent for Labor (one point higher than the poll of March 4-5), 46 per cent for the Coalition (equalling the previous peak of May 13-15) and 11 per cent for the Greens (down three after a four-point increase in the previous poll). The poll also confirms the picture from Essential Research of Julia Gillard’s personal ratings hitting new lows: her approval rating is down five points to 30 per cent and her disapproval is up one to 55 per cent, while Tony Abbott is respectively down two to 35 per cent and down one to 52 per cent. Gillard’s lead as preferred prime minister is now just 41-38, down from 44-37 a fortnight ago.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [vp

    Posted Friday, June 17, 2011 at 9:35 pm | Permalink


    Someone’s trying to scare the Labor horses.

    would love to see the Green vote.

    This is all due to the Live TRade issue.

    Rural independents are boosting the liberal vote.

  2. Boerwar
    anti grammar nazi liberation front
    Tsk, tsk. The Committee may have to send you to a re-education camp.”
    Or as we peasants would say a “re-edumacation camp”

  3. If Laborites self-indulge in bad grammar and atrocious pronunciation it is little wonder that only 27% of the populace want anything to do with them.

    After all, who wants to be hyperbowling in high dungeon?

  4. Poroti 4364 Re Hughes
    If you want a real picture of Hughes get a copy of Donald Horne’s book..”In search of Billy Hughes”…it captures the full horror of Hughes bastardry,and his warmongering,and his willingness to send Australians to their deaths on the Western Front in a “dirty trade war”(as Dr Mannix styled it )and all in the interest of the British Empire.

    A great read in is Prof David Day’s bio of Fisher ,the Labor PM who preceded Hughes
    You should get both in any good library…the Fisher bio is still on sale…as are David Day’s two biographies of Curtin and Chifley
    With three great biographies Day remains THE greatest writer on Labor PM’s…and has been much criticised from the Right for his showing of Menzies many weakness in 1939-41…bu then the truth hurts !

  5. Frank, I’m getting really scared about this. What’s the MOE, 3%? In other words, its almost definite that the ALP primary is below 30%.

  6. Oh well. Stick Phat as the coach would say.
    Will make the next election win even sweeter than the sweetest victory of all.

  7. Blossom

    Finns, Boerwar & Company employ only the bestest and we pay the mostest. Your explanation of the grammatical reasons underlying choices about when to use ‘who’ and when to use ‘whom’ indicate to us that, when we wish to confuse clients or taxation investigators, you have some sterling qualities.

  8. Boerwar
    “If Laborites self-indulge in bad grammar and atrocious pronunciation it is little wonder that only 27% of the populace want anything to do with them.”
    How can Labor ever communicate with “middle Australia” if they do not indulge in “bad grammar and atrocious pronunciation” ? If someone shows even the slightest hint of having had an education they are immediately run out of town as ivory tower dwelling latte sippers.

  9. To win some friends for the Federal Govt
    Announce SOON …a withdrawal from AFGHANISTAN.
    Obama will soon do so…but Julia will be seen then as just following on…but a decision to get out NOW will satisfy a large group of voters…,and might actually seem in line with Labor’s traditions re overseas war’s

  10. You ignore that the announcement was going to be leaked anyway. If they’d said nothing, it just would have fed into Abbott’s rants as the government being unaccountable and secret.

    Why did it have to be all or nothing. It is not a world of absolutes. They could have said we are exploring a regional alternative with other nations including Malaysia PNG etc.

    Instead, they came out with “we have a solution that we know will work”

  11. The carbon tax is a case of the government going for absolutes, we must have an economy wide tax on carbon, not something that we ease into.

    They could have introduced a carbon tax on electricity producers based on carbon produced and given the money raised to wholesale electricity purchasers regardless of how it is produced wind, hydro etc.

    Probably impact 100 or so companies and not electoral suicide.

  12. The NBN is another case of absolutes. We must have the absulute best to every single household regardless of cost.

    My thoughts on the current NBN structure
    (1)Competitive Neutrality rules mean the government must charge to cover the capital cost as if it were a private provider who is a potential competitor.
    (2)It would have been possible to have the country areas subsidised by the federal government. This would have had the effectively removing the high cost of capital per customer from the calculation but this was defeated in parliament. The government chose to hide the cost having the city users subsidise the country but not quantifying it.
    (3)The NBN is therefore potentially more expensive per household than it otherwise would be under different circumstances.
    (4)Currently, almost all households earning $80,000 have internet and below $40,000 only a third have internet. This suggests that price is an issue in determining willingness to access.

    I would favour a NBN that either
    (a) gave fibre to the home in high density areas and suitable cost effective alternatives in lower density.
    (b) Subsidised provision of fibre to the less cost effective regions with a transparent subsidy from government to any suitable provider not from other users.

  13. Labor just has to stick phat.
    The next election is still 2 years away.
    I hope any nervous nellies in the caucus and the faceless men hold their nerve.
    I tell you what, given all that is arrayed against the govt right now if we win the next election it will be the sweetest victory of all!

  14. @ifonly/4522

    Rubbish, Price is not an issue as such as getting access in the first place and a monopoly provider that did nothing, all your doing is spreading misinformation to distract the NBN from Archiving it’s goal, how about ROLL ON the NBN and let the regulatory & pricing issues to the Regulator.

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