Newspoll: 64-36 to Coalition in NSW; Galaxy: 66-34

GhostWhoVotes reports the final pre-election Newspoll provides yet more evidence that the campaign hasn’t changed a thing: the Coalition primary vote is at 50 per cent (unchanged on the last Newspoll), Labor is on 23 per cent (down three) and the Greens are on 12 per cent (up one). The two-party preferred result is 64-36, compared with 63-37 in the previous Newspoll. Kristina Keneally’s approval is down a point to 33 per cent, and her disapproval up one to 59 per cent; Barry O’Farrell is down a point on approval to 48 per cent and up two on disapproval to 39 per cent. O’Farrell’s lead as preferred premier is up from 48-35 to 48-32. More to follow, hopefully (metro and non-metro breakdowns in particular would be appreciated).

UPDATE: Full tables from GhostWhoVotes reveal nothing new. We will no doubt be hearing more from The Australian tomorrow.

UPDATE 2: It seems for every poll showing Labor getting away with 63-37 or 64-36, another has come along showing it at 66-34. Step forward Galaxy, which has Labor at 22 per cent of the primary vote (down one on three weeks ago), the Coalition at 51 per cent (steady) and the Greens at 12 per cent (down two). The poll was roughly Newspoll-sized, conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday from a sample of 1000 with a margin of error of 3 per cent. Barry O’Farrell leads as preferred premier 53-33 – 20 points compared with Newspoll’s 16. The poll 53 per cent favouring Kristina Keneally as leader over John Robertson (13 per cent) and Michael Daley (11 per cent).

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. If “visiting past transgressions demeans the quality of debate (sic)”, someone explain Frank Lalich’s leaflet to me then.

  2. Wollongong and Keira electorates during the past 5 years have seen the following funded and constructed:

    SeaCliff Bridge (connecting Thirroul/Austinmer to Helensburgh)
    Northern Distributor extension (Corrimal to Bulli)
    Bulli Pass flyover
    Wollongong Harbour foreshore refurbishment (Joint State and Fed)
    Free Shuttle Buses (Circling both directions from Uni to City)
    Free multi-story carpark at Wollongong Station
    Innovation campus (Joint State/ Fed/ plus hi-tech companies)

    Under Construction: WIN Stadium Western Grandstand

    But also,
    Odious parking Meters (State-appointed City Council Administrators)
    Cheap and nasty partial rebuild of Town Hall (Council Administrators again)
    Proposed over-commercialisation of Harbour including removal of fishing fleet

  3. laz,

    The NSW Branch is broke. Apparently the Federal intervention is to be underwritten by the Feds, but whether or not they will take on the NSW liabilities is anyone’s guess. Stephen Jones didn’t ends up as the Federal Member for Throsby because of his good looks. I suspect a lot of this intervention will be underwritten by the AMWU, the CPSU and the LHMU, that is, the Left.

    I think you know what that means.

    For the NSW right, it’s over.

    It will also see essential media replace Hawker Britton, and the AWU do what they did in 1955 – wake up and sm,ell the co=fdfee and get with the winning team. Howes is mates with emc, so that’s no biggie, and nleft-right hasn’t meant much at Unions NSW since Robbos day, so if the SDA, TWU and the ETU get shut out of any future deal no one outside them is going to cry into their soup.

    The left unions already have the RTBU and the USU onside m,ainl;y because these unions are having their balls busyted. The CEPU (same) will fall in behind whoever’s winning. No one has ever accused Jim Metcher of being crazy brave. And then there’s Borger.

    The role of Madam Defarge will be pl;ayed by Nathan Rees.

  4. Eddie,
    Don’t know if you saw my post that one of the likely ALP Cricket squad, Shellharbour’s Anna Watson, is an organiser for United Services Union.

  5. And where are the AMWU, LHMU etc going to get the money to do this underwriting?

    The fact is that intervention can only last for so long and then it comes to conference time and the right have the numbers there. Stephen Jones ended up at Throsby because the CPSU reaffiliated and it was part of the original deal dating back to when Jennie was put in that seat.
    If anything the ETU would be the richest of all those unions mentioned.

    Nice theory (but what do i know).

  6. Atticus,

    yes. Yes I did. And I lit a smoke, exhajed, anbd smiled. ANd felt all warm inside.

    And not just because I wasn’t outside Warilla Maccas on a Friday night.

    laz, all of those unions have coin. That is the least of their problems. You may be too young to rem,mebre what a Federal intervention is like, butr basically the Federal executive elects the state conference delegates. These delegates, in turn, will elect the new adminb ctee, whose name will be changed btw, tyhat’s how these things work – it will probably be given an emc inspired name like ‘consultative committee’ or ‘community ficus committee’. And there will be a new set of rules. That is what Luke Foley will be doing while the rest of us are having an Easter Holiday.

  7. Luke Foley!

    Now there’s a patriot who is going unrecognised.

    As I mentioned in one of my earliest posts, Luke’s name may be familiar to some ecstacy jangled synapses out there. Luke was JJJ’s correspondent for the Australian cricket team’s tour of the Caribbean in 1995.

    While joining the Lunching Council must be something of a comedown after lying on a floatie at square leg watching Steve Waugh peel off a double century at Barbados, Luke has personfully put himself forward in the earlier stages of this campaign to hurl mud when it was MEANT to stick. That was when he was “ALP campaign spokesperson”.

    He’s obviously had his ears clipped since Dastryari developed a communications strategy around Kristina and Foley was subsequently been told to have a big cup of shut the f^ck up, but when Carmel gets over the line Luke Foley will be the one person smiling. Which is as it should be given he is part of Albo’s cult and no one would expect him top do anything less for Mrs Albanese.

    Meanwhile, on Monday morning, the trains at Newtown will be too full to pick anyone up between 8.10am and 8.45am.

    Well played that fellow.

  8. And so the national executive (dominated by the national right) is supposed to intervene and give all this power to the left (albo left) for what reason? Because the left has backed the winning candidate in each of the recent national leadership ballots? Because of the organisational superiority of the left or because of some benovelent reason?

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