Presidential election minus 19 weeks

Introducing another round of comments action in the endless US presidential election campaign. Participants are encouraged to try their luck in the IRC room:

The Poll Bludger’s irc gateway, using the PJirc applet.

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Most of you will just need to enter your preferred nickname under “Type your Nick” and hit:

Or, if you know how to use an irc client, just connect to server, #pollbludger.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Who did I insult?
    If I am going to be executed i at least want a reason – and I want it taped, like Obama has demanded,. (I do try to keep it relevant William).

  2. I have actually seen guillotine. It was portably small wooden frame, with a metre-long chute for the severed heads, painted a very thick black, quite battered around. It was the real article, in familiar use by the French in Vietnam and is now in a museum in Hue. To me, it is an unforgettable symbol of immense bravery as well as numbing injustice and cowardice. No laughing matter.

  3. Ron,
    I appreciate your response there and your gracious acceptance of my apology. Now, that i have things in perspective, I can view your posts in a new light and in good faith, I will do that.

  4. Come back her & see Jen & CodgY , after Optimist

    We now have 3 different lines of attack against Ron here The first one , my interpretation was Optimist was not actually attacking me but seeking some clarificaition only , so I think I haven’t misrep what optimist was asking and I’ve responded to optimist And EC the refs Bronson dots were correct , the fighter just misundrstood the other was not a Famechon Now Now Jen , have you ever considerd you under sold yourself The guy was probably so loving of your warms personality , he was shy tosay so For me by the way , I said don’t care what I am , just repeeted here prevous insulters insults elsewhere word , that I try ignored anyway Not sure why everyone is so worried about my alleged problem when I do not Now codgY , I replied once before in detail a week or so to you , based on the cricxket only issues raised , and also the Indian etc blogers flooding ‘oz’ sites pretending to be ‘aussies’ to imply most aussie public were against the ‘oz’ team & how I responded to thems with my tactikal response Tonite I think you ar inferring something else , a racial by me of anti black feeling , like anti to black Inians and by extension me against Obama because he is black Now if that is your view CodgY why not just say so or are you jesting

  5. Optimist ,

    I posted the abov post without first “refreshing” the net after Codgy ‘s post an hour ago and you’ve since posted which had not seen to now Anyway i just said in the post above you were just seeking claification above & nothing bad about you , and thank you for the coutesy of replying Optimist

  6. Oh sorry Jen , you have posted since also My Amigo was really only jowsting you , there is no way a ‘greens’ person could ever be put underthe guillotine , one should only keep that for the neocons like the rodent and his mr Smirk and Dolly the anti Kyoto heathens

  7. Ron @ 2106: Find inner dwalfy; squeeze. Failing that; find ‘horse’ and shoot; lotsa luck…

    jen; yes but froggier & froggier north; scottish heritage! But only if KR IS!

    PS EC: 20 or 144, slacker!

  8. Breaking News ….

    Obama plane has mechanical trouble
    Sen. Barack Obama’s plane makes an unscheduled landing in St. Louis due to mechanical problems. NBC’s Lee Cowan reports.

    Oh gosh, …
    Does this mean Fins et. al. will be raising another flip flop issue – we have Obama promising the media contingent a landing in North Carolina, instead we end up in Saint Louis!

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