Pennsylvania minus five weeks

Another thread for discussion of matters American. Since the last instalment we’ve seen Barack Obama win Mississippi 61-37 (19-14 in delegate terms), before running into his first bit of serious campaign turbulence courtesy of the audaciously hopeful Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Poor Christopher hitched his ride to the neo-cons when he realised he was a washed-up and irrelevant commentator. His political trajectory mirrors the radical feminists who decided that Reagan and HW Bush would be good allies. Narrow, stupid, and devoid of any credibility forever more. And in the Hitchens case, so incredibly shrill.

  2. Jen – Ah – codger wants your noseclips.
    I guess all we Obamabots are practising the same synchronised routine – the one where we all do a heads-down and waggle our legs in the air for a couple of minutes in time to “We are the Champions”?

  3. jv- I did tell codger I couldn’t help him with the nose clips although I offered him a lend of my cigar, oops knee massager.
    Can’t wait to get the routine together. Finns is dong a tap dance I believe so it’s the least we can do. Then we could put out a youtube PB talent video. I might do some pastor sauce recipes too.

  4. Well, I’m off – like a Clintonian cloak of inevitability.
    Hope to get in a pool session on the way Jen – got my underwater walkman with me!

    I hope – Finnigans – you look at those full clips by tomorrow and tell everyone if you have had a conversion on the road to Destruction.

  5. #1096 – Jen – [Happy to add hypocrite to list if you can show me clear examples] – not hypo. but hunting as a pack again, actually more like a lynch-mob.

    That’s OK because comes November it will be handy. As Obama lost your POTUS, you guys can lynch him properly as there’s been plenty of practice here. To paraphrase KR’s fav expression, pass the noose.

  6. Too right, Harry at 1093. Misspoccio Warmonger had been effectively “strangled by triangulation” before lurching onto the campaign trail proper. This nefarious malady is generally the province of high-powered and over-paid spin-doctors, personal handlers and war-room minders and has been correctly categorized by others far wiser than ourselves as a self-inflicted wound, but in this paticular case, the whole Team HRC screwed up major.
    Tues.March 25: Tank-Girl Clinton Cuts Loose With The Truth Incident.;_ylt=AkbcoFrmNrHLWPcu6PcJBKJR_b4F

    Tues. Mar 25: Political Hall-Of-Fame Wannabes.;_ylt=AjQ0M31X4MCQuoXjrcpYBO8l6ysC

    Tues Mar 25: Why the Dems need to sort it soon.;_ylt=AtIIlSHxuWQw2qD9kJb7fmJN_b4F

  7. The interesting thing about Hillary’s latest lies is that they have been exposed while Obama’s race speech is still fresh in people’s memories.

    So, on the one hand, we have Obama confronting an issue head on, displaying signs of strength, integrity, transforming fear and smear into hope for the nation’s future.

    While on the other hand, we have Hillary, caught out in yet ANOTHER bold-faced lie, dishonestly trying to puff up her CV in order to get herself elected.

    The contrast could not be any more stark.

    For Hillary, this latest lie is another indication of what I was talking about yesterday – she is so desperate and obsessed with gaining the presidency, she quickly becomes blind-sighted, losing judgement, no longer being fully cognizant of the effects of her actions and the consequences of her words. I mean, seriously, how did she ever expect to get away with such an obvious lie when the evidence was on television footage??

    If this is how she is when trying to gain the presidency, just imagine what she would be like while trying to HANG onto it.

    Anyway, Hillary is lucky the PA primary isn’t happening for another month. Then again, who knows what new lie will surface, only to be exposed, before then?

    p.s. Jen, I’d love to try some of your pastor sauce!

  8. Sorry, not an issue.

    Slated address by Obama’s ex-pastor scratched
    By Fredreka Schouten, USA TODAY

    TAMPA — The first public appearance of Barack Obama’s controversial pastor since his inflammatory comments rocked the presidential campaign was abruptly called off Tuesday………. A few hours before Wright’s scheduled sermon Tuesday, the church’s minister, Earl Mason, said the event had been canceled for security reasons and to remove “a negative cloud” from the celebrations.

  9. For once an article in the US press that bears a trace of psephological literacy!
    It argues that Obama’s problem in Ohio was a drop in support amongst the college educated section of his base and that his race speech may therefore help him even if Pennsylvania’s Archie Bunkers are unimpressed.
    Also there’s been a couple of poll numbers that have improved for Obama. Rasmussen has him only 10 points behind in Pennsylvania. It could be an outlier or a post speech bounce. The Gallup tracking has him back in front as well. In general, regarding the Gallup tracking, another pseph-literate post on Pollster points out that Clinton/Obama have basically locked in place since Super Tuesday:

  10. Wow what a pick of the Democrats…

    A liar and someone who who supports black radicalism…

    Makes the old geezer look good when you think about it!

  11. Yep Finns – I’m good at slip knots.
    Glen –
    Howard made lying an art form (Hillary could have done with some tutoring from him).

  12. Can I just point out to bloggers mentioning the seven stages of grief that it is more complicated than the list suggests. The stages are not always sequential and some people skip back and forth up and down the list. You can be in more than one stage at a time. I personally will be in all seven simultaneously if Billary wins. 😈

  13. Glen – Obama does not support Black “radicalism”. He talks about healing old prejudicial divisions between many different ethnic groups, including hispanics and asians.

    Hardly anything radical about that. It’s just the right thing to do.

  14. But seriously for 3 people, one of which will be President look at what the US has to offer…

    A Geezer Veteran
    A Liar of a First Lady
    A Black Man who supports Black Fundamentalist Preachers

    Seriously is this the best the US can come up with i mean out of 300 million people and one of these 3 will be President?

  15. agreed on the first 2 Glen, but Obama has clearly stated he does not support Black Fundmentalism, so we will have to differ on that point.
    Besides any of them – even McCain is a zillion times better than the guy that still has the gig today.

  16. Jen if he did not support it why did he take his wife and family to listen to Wright every Sunday, i’m sorry but if you will sit and listen to black fundamentalism say that someone who sprouts fundamentalism is your friend and not condemn someone for saying disgraceful and untrue things about your country then Obama is no saint…

    Ever wondered why Obama is the only politician just about on Capital Hill who doesn’t wear a US flag on his lapel…it tells alot about Obama frankly he is the lesser of two evils when it comes to the Democrats but he is no saint in my books.

  17. Jen – this one is for you. I have been saying about this all along!!!!

    McGovern: Hard to Elect Female President

    WASHINGTON — Former Sen. George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic presidential nominee, said Tuesday it would be easier for a black man to be elected to the White House than a woman………. “I have a feeling that in this country where we’re at today in our thinking, it’s going to be harder to elect a woman than to elect a black man,” he told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “I wish that weren’t true … I’d love to see Hillary as president.”

    McGovern says he occasionally chats with men who don’t think a woman is ready for the responsibility.

    “Some guy will say, ‘Well, I think that’s too big a job for a woman, I don’t think she can handle those terrorists,'” he said, adding that he seldom hears the same thing said about a black man.

    “I think we’ve never had a woman so well-qualified that’s on the national scene,” he said of Clinton.

    McGovern, who centered his 1972 campaign on his opposition to the Vietnam War, has been critical of the Iraq war, calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney earlier this year. He said Clinton and Obama have reasonable plans for ending the conflict.

    He says he likes Obama but didn’t know much about him when he endorsed Clinton last year.

    “I think very highly of him now,” McGovern said.

  18. Finns –
    I completely agree with you that the idea that a woman could not be POTUS because she is female is wrong.
    But the idea that Hillary Clinton should be POTUS Becsause she is a woman is equally wrong. If she showed the character that Obama has shown and was a woman then I’d be delighted, but she hasn’t.

  19. Glen- I know it’s not exactly the same thing but would taking your children to an unspecified Church every week mean that you support pedophilia, or covering it up? You don’t have to agree with everything the priest/church etc says or does to go to their Church.

  20. #1126 – jen – we are not talking about Hillary in this instance. we are taking the social reality that sexism is harder to overcome than racism. for a progressive Green, you surprise me or maybe your hatred of Hillary has blinded you about the real underlying issue here.

  21. If you knew they were then yes…

    Obama knew all too well the viciousness of Wright’s anti-white/anti-American sermons and still took his kids to hear it and made friends with such a person…that’s why it is a big deal!

  22. Glen, you constantly visit Poll Bludger. 95% of bloggers here lean away from the conservative side of politics.

    Using the smeared by association argument that Republicans and the Liberal Party like to use, then I can only conclude that you also lean away from the conservative side of politics.

  23. Not everybody on Pollbludger is left wing…if they were your argument may have some credibility as this is not the case your argument fails Noocat.

  24. Glen 1129

    That … part of your answer says a lot. Even I am not going to say that going to a church means you are supporting/tolerating pedophilia or its cover-up. You really are a bad, bad man… 👿

  25. Finns – I do not HATE Hillary. I actually admire lots of things about her, but I prefer Obama as POTUS (IRAQ…).
    AS for not having a stand on sexism vs racism: they are both intolerable, and I have worked for many years in women’s services and community NGO’s dealing wihth both these issues. I don’t think that my support for a socially progressive politician is any indication that I am blinded to the underlying issues. Just as my support for Bob Brown does not mean that I do not have great admiration for Julia Gillard.
    Julie Bishop and Sophie Mirrabella on the other hand, female though they may be… need I say more.
    Tokenism is not the answer to any of these issues.

  26. [viciousness of Wright’s anti-white/anti-American sermons]

    Erm, just a tad exaggerated there. From what I have read of Wright’s sermons, I mostly agree with what he says. He is simply stating the painful, but obvious, truth.

    I’m heartened Obama has been exposed to viewpoints that challenge the typical propaganda about the U.S. having some of its destructive actions and decisions being for the good of all, or worse, being God-ordained.

  27. [Not everybody on Pollbludger is left wing…if they were your argument may have some credibility as this is not the case your argument fails Noocat.]

    And not ALL of Wright’s sermons are vicious displays of being anti-white or anti-american, so your argument ALSO fails.

  28. bTW Finns-
    He says he likes Obama but didn’t know much about him when he endorsed Clinton last year.

    “I think very highly of him now,” McGovern said.


  29. Yours is a silly argument.
    If you listen to someone sprouting hate and continue to do so you condone it.
    If you listen to crazy lefties on pollbludger and voice your own conservative opinions that doesn’t make you a lefty…

    If Obama disagreed with his sermons he should of said something and being that they were that vile he ought to have stopped going hell any average christian person would have.

  30. jen, [Finns – I do not HATE Hillary] – noted. i have always said “Hillary, warts and all, the good, the bad and the ugly”. I am a taoist (the way), believer of timing to ensure harmony. just feel that Obama’s timing is all wrong and therefore is disrupting the harmony of things. the young man is too impatient and i particularly dislike the way he used his grandma. it shows he has no respect for his elders.

    the result is chaos and the consequence is the opposite prevails, namely the Repugs will win.

  31. I didnt mean that Jen i was merely making a point with Noocat, i dont think left wingers are crazy i may disagree with their point of view but they are not mad for thinking their own beliefs.

  32. Glen, you forgot to mention that the Geezer Veteran will be doing everything he can to get the support of a whole bunch of White Fundamentalist Preachers. Moreover, White Fundamentalist Preachers who want to start the world war to, literally, end all world wars as a means of bringing on the rapture which supposedly will wafting them skywards.

    But what we’ll get won’t be rapture, just millions of dead bodies stinking up the joint, probably including yours and mine.

    Seeing he’s your preferred candidate you may not be dismayed at the prospect of a senseless death, but I was rather hoping to get whacked by the jealous boyfriend of the young chick I seduce at my 100th birthday party!

  33. “If Obama disagreed with his sermons he should of said something and being that they were that vile he ought to have stopped going hell any average christian person would have.”

    Glen, a couple of simple facts:

    Wright’s sermons were not “vile”. Sure, a couple of them veered to the extreme side, but from what I have read, a lot of what he said is simply uncensored truth.

    Obama kept going because he actually AGREED with much of what Wright said over his many countless sermons over 20+ years. Obama had a lot of respect for Wright. But this does not mean that Obama agrees with EVERYTHING that Wright says in every single of those hundreds of sermons.

    Your logic is flawed on every level. You firstly misrepresent Wright and his sermons and then conclude that Obama agrees with this misrepresentation because he listened to Wright’s sermons. Only the most gullible would believe this.

  34. Hey Glen, how bout constructing an argument rather than the muckraking? Here’s something to think about:

    “Last week, Dean Snyder, the senior minister at the Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington D.C. — which the Clintons famously attended while in the White House — released a little noticed statement offering a sympathetic defense of the totality of Wright’s work.

    “The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is an outstanding church leader whom I have heard speak a number of times,” Snyder wrote. “He has served for decades as a profound voice for justice and inclusion in our society. To evaluate his dynamic ministry on the basis of two or three sound bites does a grave injustice to Dr. Wright, the members of his congregation, and the African-American church which has been the spiritual refuge of a people that has suffered from discrimination, disadvantage, and violence. Dr. Wright, a member of an integrated denomination, has been an agent of racial reconciliation while proclaiming perceptions and truths uncomfortable for some white people to hear. Those of us who are white Americans would do well to listen carefully to Dr. Wright rather than to use a few of his quotes to polarize.”

    And Finns – the lynching and black guy jokes aint all that funny.

  35. #1145 – amigo, [And Finns – the lynching and black guy jokes aint all that funny] – we are having a comprehensive conversation on race here, everything is on the table. No sacred cow here. May i suggest you get a copy of Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles. You might get to enjoy it.

    Today, many Mel Brooks fans who are looking at much of the junk the man has put out recently (Before Hollywood kicked him out and Brooks found his second wind on Broadway) wonder “Why can’t the man make another Blazing Saddles?” The answer is: It’s a good thing that he made Blazing Saddles when he did, because if he made it today it would never get released. That’s because Blazing Saddles is easily the most politically incorrect movie ever made. Regardless of where you stand on the political line, there is bound to be something in here that offends you and a great deal more that will keep you laughing………. It’s a testament to his ability (and Brooks’ script) that he is able to make things that wouldn’t ordinarily seem funny, such as lynching jokes, work.

  36. Pancho #1145,

    I don’t have a particular problem with what you’re saying, but remember that hte Huffington Post in pro-Obama. Just like RCP is pro-Clinton.

  37. MayoFeral.

    If rejoicing in your own ignorance and blatant bigotry is the key to intelligent political comment on this blog, then you have the franchise completely sewn up.

    Many Republican supporters are religious as are may Democrats. Not every person who believes in God is a nutcase. Most of the people who have supported the Republicans over the last forty years are normal middle class people like those that vote in elections here in Australia.

    You seem to have a lot of firm opinions learnt solely from your twisted interpretation of the media.

    Can’t possibly take you seriously.

  38. I’m a huge fan of Mr. Brooks, and respectfully Finns, you aint no Mel. Don’t get me wrong, some of your schtick is funny – particularly the Hillary is still in the race bit 🙂 .

    Mathew Cole, what I have posted is basically a direct quote from a mainstream and apparently influential minister whose church the Clintons attended for years. Yes I have linked to the Huffington page where it is reproduced, but I don’t see that as effecting the substance of the remark.

  39. psst GG, your ‘rile me up’ button is showing. Don’t let too many folks get a clear sight of it. And I think it is a fair comment to make note of the fact that McCain does have, and has been courting, the support of loons like John Hagee and Jerry Falwell.

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