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Antony Green is live-blogging the Brisbane City Council election count (first results should come through in about 30 minutes), so rather than set up in competition with him, I think it’s best if we all head over there.

UPDATE: Feel free though to use this thread to discuss the results if you’re finding Antony’s multiple posts problematic.

UPDATE 2: You can also feel free to discuss councils other than Brisbane.

UPDATE 3: Looks like I can’t help myself. Live blogging follows below:

7.30pm Brisbane time: ABC computer now predicting a huge win for Campbell Newman plus a Liberal majority on council, though Antony still expressing caution about the latter.

7.40pm: Although it seems Ross Vasta’s bid for Wynnum-Manly has failed with a vengeance.

8.05pm: The Liberals needed a notional gain of three seats to win the council. As I see it, they have won Marchant and Holland Park. Parkinson, Enoggera, Doboy, Central and Northgate are all in play (perhaps also Jamboree, where counting proceeds at a snail’s pace), but the Liberals only lead in the first two. I suspect Labor will pull further ahead in Central as more figures come in.

8.35pm: Further figures have moved Holland Park back to the doubtful column, but the Liberals are now home in Parkinson. So the Liberals still need to bag one more doubtful ward. Holland Park is the only one where they are ahead – they are slightly behind in Enoggera, Doboy and Northgate. Labor pulling further ahead in Central, but Greens preferences are a possible wild card here.

8.47pm: Antony Green says Jamboree is now in the Liberal gain column, but the ABC computer figures are lagging badly here. The ECQ shows a Liberal 54.25-45.75 lead on two-party preferred with 44 per cent counted, which sounds pretty convincing. So you could almost call it for a Liberal majority at this point.

8:54pm: More figures in at ABC, and the Liberals have recovered their earlier handsome lead in Holland Park, probably putting any doubts about their majority to rest.

9.04pm: Antony, who has more up to date figures, suggests the four Liberal gains are all holding firm and they are only slightly behind in Enoggera. Doboy still looks in doubt to me, but maybe Antony knows something I don’t.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Ferny Grover – I agree totally.

    There was NO plan – which was reflective of the lack of a strategy of how Labor was going to deal with being in a majority with a hostile Lord Mayor.

    I know Labor supporters were very angry last Saturday. They saw that Labor had not campaigned and ‘rewarded’ the ALP with its worst City result in 20 years. To see solid Labor booths in my own area swing heavily to the Liberals is indicative of this.

  2. The Liberal Party now has 16 seats and the ALP has 10 seats in the Brisbane City Council Chamber. This is one of the worst ALP results in a Brisbane City Council election since the late 1980s. I was very surprised on Saturday night, that the Liberal Party got a large swing in the ALP heartland of Brisbane.

  3. Yep, it’s a sad thing when you want to vote for a party but you genuinely can’t with a clear conscience.

    Many Labor voters felt that way last Saturday. For gods sake Labor, next time mount a credible argument (this time you mounted no argument at all!), and back it up with candidates that we can have confidence will represent our communities. The candidate in Enoggera didnt even live in the ward! For a range of reasons he was found wanting – and consequently threw away a huge margin.

    So now we have to put up with some Liberal kid with a seriously bad haircut who is just out of school and knows nothing about local government.

    Well done Labor.

  4. I for one am glad we have someone who is a bit younger and energetic to actually get something done. Better than Bennison who just dances to her own tune and better than some career politician with no real job experience apart from Labor staffing.

    Given he has lived in the area his whole life I’d hazard a guess he knows a lot more about the needs of Enoggera than Dart.

    Nice one Labor. Epic fail.

  5. This is an amazing result for the Liberal Party. The last time the Liberal Party got a large swing in Queensland, was of course in the 1996 Federal Election, when the Liberal Party/National Party won every single seat in Queensland except Brisbane and Rankin. There is definately a groundswell and anger going against the Bligh Government.

  6. Neville T, if you think this will translate into a good result for the libs in the state election I think you could ‘write your own ticket’ with any bookie about the Libs beating Bligh, so go on get on, or maybe your just talking thru your hat?

  7. Neville,
    Aussies have a wonderful ability to tell the difference between Commonwealth, State and Local governments. They can quite happily vote one way in a federal election and within weeks vote for the other side in a state or local council election. The candidates, policies and issues are entirely different and the electorate is well aware of this.

    Which means that the BCC election tells us precisely nothing about the mood towards the Bligh government. The demise of the Labor state government has been loudly predicted by many loud voices at every election for the past 10 years. The result is invariably a thrashing of the Coalition.

    Here’s a bold prediction – Labor will remain in power until the Libs become the dominant partner in the state coalition. Why? Because the great southeast (where most of the population lives) will not stomach a National Party premier ever again (and no, a new amalgamated conservative party headed by old Nats will not change a thing. It will, in all likelihood, cost them votes as rusted on Lib and Nat voters feel their side has ‘sold out’ by any merger and cast their votes elsewhere. Watch for the rise of conservative independents if this happens).

    So….I’d suggest you grow to like Anna. She may be around a while.

  8. I think the only real message from the BCC election is weak pathetic oponents will be crushed!

    It is hard to imagine the liberal party in Queensland being anything other than weak pathetic and lets through in self obessed for good message!

  9. It is a bit sad that my home city of Brisbane, is now in full control by the Liberal Party. How could Brisbane voters give the Liberal Party the council and the mayor at the same election? Giving the Liberal Party full control of Brisbane is just as bad as giving Howard full control of the Senate. David Hinchcliffe was doing a wonderful job, shame on you Brisbane.

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