Essential Research 2PP+: Labor 51, Coalition 43 (open thread)

Essential Research finds no sign of buyers’ remorse from the election of the Albanese government, and a strong appetite for government regulation of rents.

The voting intention numbers from the latest fortnightly Essential Research poll, which include a 6% undecided component, have Labor and the Coalition tied on 33% of the primary vote, with Labor steady and the Coalition up three. The Greens are up two to 14%, reversing a dip last time, while One Nation are down three to 5%. Labor’s lead on the 2PP+ measure is at 51-43, in from 52-42 last time.

Also included in the poll was a forced response question as to whether respondents were glad Labor had won the last election or if they felt it would have been better if the Coalition had been re-elected, with respective results of 57% and 43%. One of the pollster’s two leadership ratings, this one inviting respondents to rate Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton on a scale from one to ten. This found 37% giving Albanese a rating of seven or higher, up a point on a month ago, with a new peak of 29% rating him a three or lower, up two. Peter Dutton was respectively steady at 27% and up one to 35%.

Respondents came down heavily in favour of regulation of rents, with 34% favouring a freeze until economic conditions improve out of four options on offer, another 44% favouring a once-yearly increase capped at the inflation rate, 11% favouring an uncapped once-yearly increase, and only 10% favouring no limits. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Sunday from a sample of 1151, and can be viewed in full here.

Elsewhere on the polling front, this week’s Roy Morgan result has Labor’s two-party lead in from 54.5-45.5 to 53-47, from primary votes of Labor 34% (down one-and-a-half), Coalition 36.5% (up two) and Greens 12.5% (up half), and the RedBridge Group result referred to in the previous post can be viewed in full here.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar rover (Pragyan) has descended onto the lunar surface on 23 August 2023, observed by the Chandrayaan-3 lunar lander (Vikram).

    I read that the expected life of the lander and rover was one day, and thought “you better get cracking!”
    It was one _lunar_ day i.e. two weeks. 🙂

  2. Mark Humphries’ comedy sketch cut from 7.30 in ABC’s latest cost-cutting drive

    They’ve removed the only investigative & intellectual bit of the 7:30 Report .. clever

  3. Team Katichsays:
    Friday, August 25, 2023 at 7:57 pm
    Be brave. West Coast to beat Crows.
    Will stick with the Crows.

  4. Henrysays:
    Friday, August 25, 2023 at 8:00 pm
    Melbourne will beat Sydney.
    Great to see Tippa retiring again tonight.
    Yes maybe. That tip will made at the last minute based on whether Melbourne rest Gawn.

  5. Very unhappy to hear that about Mark Humphries being sacked like that from 7.30. But I think he’ll have a future elsewhere.

    Humphries really gets satire in ways that others just don’t, and I’d venture in saying that he could be a successor to Shaun Micallef in Australian comedy if he plays his cards right.

  6. Vensays:
    Friday, August 25, 2023 at 8:32 pm
    When did Tom Mitchell moved to Collingwood?
    2023. Hawks had a clean out to free up salary cap space.

  7. Discussion on Words Matter mentioned doctors observation on Trumps height & weight… due to age …
    Trump is 5’11” & around 300lbs.. categorised as morbidly obese
    Also they thought Rudy’s numbers were pure fiction..

  8. If Trump has put an inaccurate height and weight on his form, he has lied to a court already and possibly hindered their ability to identify him….

    Not a great start.

  9. Sceptic @ #959 Friday, August 25th, 2023 – 10:10 pm

    Discussion on Words Matter mentioned doctors observation on Trumps height & weight… due to age …
    Trump is 5’11” & around 300lbs.. categorised as morbidly obese
    Also they thought Rudy’s numbers were pure fiction..

    Accurate BMI (weight/(height)^2) calculations require barefoot height (which varies by up to 1 cm over the day) and naked weight . The Shelton County figures are bullshit designed to keep Il Douche’s BMI 30 (ie obese).

  10. Trump is rather too identifiable.

    Didn’t they allow a surrogate to list his height weight? So not a biggie. Although…. Probably come back to bite him when he gets his orange suit.

  11. Will stick with the Crows.
    I will stick with bagging the crows. I tell ya, it has been rich pickings this week. I have made hay and the locals, allergic to such banter, are not impressed.

  12. TK. Crows supporters have really put in a performance this week. David Penberthy in the Advertiser today a standout.
    No guarantee that Sydney wouldn’tve kicked a goal in the last minute. No guarantee that they would make finals anyway even with Sydney win.
    But the compo for AFL not fixing a goal umpire error easily calculable and huge.
    Cry me another one.

  13. Spence, the excuses run long and thick with these ones. Normally they run out of them around mid season, but this year we got the joy of seeing their hopes linger a little longer before being crushed.

  14. Tonight I saw an advert on Channel 7 for the AFL finals. The backing music to the advert is “Flashdance… What a Feeling”. Irene Cara*, one of the composers and original singer of the song performed it at the 2006 Grand Final. She passed away in November last year. So, I don’t know if using her song in the advert was just a coincidence or a tribute. If the latter, then good on Channel 7.

    * Yet another talented performer screwed over by her management.

  15., “They had trouble walking and driving, but when fire roared through Lahaina, the tight-knit residents of one complex were left to rely on each other — or no one”, “We don’t want to be the next Maui”, about evacuations from fire or flood zones down single roads

    Why aren’t govs focused on public safety?
    More safe corridors, instead of stadiums or moving attractions.
    Air tankers instead of subs.
    Civil defence/ SES instead of expanding AUDoD and allies and partners and friends bases/ national security.
    Less building in unsafe locations, floodplains included, communities with one tiny road in/ out.
    Rather than wedge referendums.
    First of all do no more harm, end exploration for fossil fuels, new mines, mine extensions.
    Upping efforts in context of IFCCC/ IPCC/ COP commitments of making sure to stay below +2C, may be less.
    Time to up honoring threats/ risks.
    Well-being over wealth?

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