Cabinet and counter-cabinet

As the dust settles (for the most part) on the election count, both sides get their line-ups in order.

There is a post below from Adrian Beaumont on the unfolding drama in British politics and another one here relating the last scraps of counting for House of Representatives seats. As for this post:

• Both sides now have their front benches in place, the announcement of the Albanese government’s front bench last Monday resulting in promotion to cabinet rank for Murray Watt and and Clare O’Neil, respective beneficiaries of Left and Right vacancies caused by the electoral defeats of Terri Butler and Kristina Keneally. Anne Aly of the Left and Anika Wells and Kristy McBain of the Right have been promoted to the outer ministry, filling vacancies created by the promotion of Watt and O’Neil and the relegation of Shayne Neumann to the back bench as his Left faction sought to achieve gender balance.

• Peter Dutton’s shadow ministry was unveiled yesterday. The Nationals’ relative electoral success resulted in them gaining a sixth position in cabinet, their new entrants being Susan McDonald in resources and northern Australia, Perin Davey in water and Kevin Hogan in trade and tourism. Seven Liberals won promotion to shadow cabinet: Jane Hume in finance and public service, Andrew Hastie in defence, Julian Leeser in attorney-general and indigenous Australians, Jonathan Duniam in environment, fisheries and forestry, Ted O’Brien in climate change and energy, Michael Sukkar in social services and NDIS and Sarah Henderson in communications. Angus Taylor was rewarded for his record of integrity with Treasury and Alan Tudge is definitely in education now. Stuart Robert (Liberal) and Andrew Gee (Nationals) have been demoted to the outer shadow ministry, Alex Hawke, Linda Reynolds and Melissa Price (Liberal) and Keith Pitt (Nationals) are relegated to the back bench, and Marise Payne is now shadow cabinet secretary after apparently having “asked not to be considered for a prominent role”. Others formerly present and now absent: Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg, Ken Wyatt and Greg Hunt.

The Australian reports Scott Morrison is “expected to weigh up his future in the coming months, but is understood to be in no immediate rush to quit politics”.

UPDATE: A discussion of various matters relating to the election between me and Ben Raue of The Tally Room:

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Upnorth at 10.19

    I’ve just returned from a very quiet pub in East Maitland.

    I hate it when my team loses because they didn’t play well enough.


    NSW to win Game 2 so Ch9 gets ratings bonanza for Game 3.

  2. Nuclear is only ever raised as a wedge and a diversion. Anything but renewables. Meanwhile, we keep on burning fossil fuels.

    We missed the nuclear bus in the 70s. If anyone wants to invest in nuclear, let them justify it on commercial grounds. Meanwhile, we proceed with the transition.

  3. C@tmomma says:
    Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 10:49 pm
    Upnorth @ #844 Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 – 10:19 pm

    Well a top Game of Football Bludgers. The good guys win and the Blues go down again.

    I remember the first week of the campaign when Albo made the “Gaffe”. A couple here panicked at the first whiff of Grapeshot.

    I used Queensland and the State of Origin analogy. We always come from behind and never give up.

    Albo might be a bit disappointed by tonight’s result but – Go Queenslander!
    We’ll be back! There’s two more games to go.
    I still love you C@t.


    @ Jaeger – I will pay that cobber


    Snappy Tom. You might be right digger. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the game in Bangkok but my daughter kept dad dutifully informed whilst wearing her Maroon Jersey (or is a Guernsey)?

    BTW Troops Brisbane has had its coldest start to winter for 110 years.

    I’m glad I’m Upnorth!

  4. Mr Ed @ #848 Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 – 10:46 pm

    How much does the Federal Treasurer make each year? If that is less than $500k, that salary level should be the line.

    “(I)n addition to their base salary, certain parliamentarians get an “additional salary” by virtue of being a minister (including a parliamentary secretary) or holding a specified office.

    The treasurer’s salary is $396,094, or $1,085 a day (base salary of $211,250 and additional salary of $184,844).”

  5. Steve777says:
    Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 8:06 pm
    Howard’s GST in 2000 wasn’t important?
    You’ve missed the point.
    It wasn’t a Labor Government initiative.

  6. YouGov which manages Newspoll

    Bosses at YouGov suppressed publication of a poll during the 2017 election campaign because it was “too positive about Labour”, a former manger at the pollster has claimed.

    Chris Curtis said a poll conducted after a key leadership debate showed Jeremy Corbyn had won “by a country mile” but that the pollster banned its release while under pressure from its Tory MP founder.

    YouGov denies Mr Curtis’s characterisation of events and says the poll was in fact pulled because it had “a skewed sample” – but Labour figures branded the claims “shocking” and said they raised questions about “the health of our democracy”.

  7. Curtis claimed that when they ran a poll that showed a positive set of figures for Labour, the founder of You GOV (a Tory MP today) threatened to sack workers.

  8. Another once in a 100 year event:

    A huge cold outbreak will affect all major Australian cities except Perth over the next week, with temperatures not seen so low this early in the year in decades.

    Temperatures in Brisbane are forecast to drop to just 6C on Friday. The city has not seen a week so cold this time of year since 1904, according to Weatherzone.

    Melbourne is looking at its coldest week this early in the season since 1982 and Sydney since 1989.

    By Thursday, even Cairns and Darwin will be “notably cooler”, according to Sky Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

  9. I think we’ve seen a massive realignment this election, teals/Greens are likely to be Labor aligned and the remaining LNP members are unlikely to do much to arrest that. The Libs thought we are a mini-USA but that’s not the case. WA is a precursor of where the Federal Libs are heading if they can’t break out of manipulative politics.

  10. I saw a comment on twitter a few days ago that Shorten had terminated all the Inhuman Services callcentre contracts.

    I haven’t seen anything in the media along those lines so I’m not sure if thats correct. However some of the job network processes seem to have changed. I had a cold last week, and for whatever reason I forgot to fill out 20 questions for the Job Network – work I’ve been applying for.(Too excited about the election result?) In the past this would have required a call and reconnection appointment I believe. This time I simply belatedly filled the form, and within 5 mins of completing that I got an automated text thanking me, informing I was reconnected, a much saner, more civilised approach.


    The extended LNP media tantrum will only serve to underline why we rejected them. Theyre gonna teach us what a terrible decision we made by rubbing our noses in it. A loser strategy. They’ve shown they’re gonna defend every last dumb decision and position they took, climate war, culture war. The only diff is slightly lower emphasis of religious ratbags, but even that theyre not admitting. Brother Stuie was saying that freeing the Murugappans was a decision lacking grace yesterday!!

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure that Anika Wells, the Member for Lilley is aligned with Labor Right, considering that she has the backing of the AWU, a notably right-aligned union.

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