YouGov: 56-44 to Labor in South Australia

Labor set to be swept to power in South Australia on Saturday if the second major poll of the campaign is any guide.

Tomorrow’s Advertiser is running a YouGov poll for Saturday’s South Australian state election, and while none of the polling news has been good for the Liberals, this result is something else: Labor leads 56-44, compared with 53-47 in the Newspoll (likewise conducted by YouGov) published in The Australian two-and-a-half weeks ago, for a swing of 8% compared with the 2018 result. The primary votes are Labor 41% (up two on Newspoll, and compared with 32.8% in 2018), Liberal 33% (down four and compared with 38%), Greens 11% (up one and compared with 6.7%) and others 15% (up one).

The poll gauges personal ratings for the two leaders “since COVID”, which put Steven Marshall on 46% approval and 48% disapproval and Labor’s Peter Malinauskas on 51% and 32%, with Malinauskas leading as preferred premier by 45-40. Crucially, health and hospitals has been rated the most salient issue of the campaign, with 39% rating it most important and 26% second most important, ahead of cost of living on 28% and 26%. Labor, which has built its campaign largely around the issue of ambulance ramping, a promise to divert money from other projects to the health system and overall theme of offering the “right priorities”, holds a 42-26 lead as best party to handle health and hospitals.

The poll was conducted last Monday to Sunday from a sample of 835.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. HHB
    4500 is pretty grim. I think the real figure is higher. I can’t remember a time when so many people I know are Covid positive or close contacts. The election will be a superspreader event as well.
    Nicola will be pushing to bring back restrictions if the hospitals start filling up.

  2. Diogenes, me too. In my profession until recently it was big news if someone had covid. Suddenly, a LOT of people I know are either close contacts or have it. The numbers are massively under-reported at the moment IMHO.

  3. Simon Katich – yes, my perception is that the commercial world is absolutely out of control in Adelaide. Business booming for many – feels like 20-odd years ago.

  4. @Holdenhillbilly

    It’s laughable by the media; of course Rob Lucas is saying labor’s numbers are rubbery it’s like asking an ex for a reference.

    The unemployment figures aren’t good for the liberals. Give plenty of ammo to Labor tomorrow to push that if they choose.

    Seven news tonight is saying that Davenport is in play. From a Labor insider, I have heard the same information today too.

    I highly doubt Black is in play, yes it has strong Labor Federal vote in Trott Park/Sheidow Park area but will that be enough? Saying that it might be in play as today there was a dirt file dropped to the media about the labor candidate.

    It could be a long couple of days ahead, after Saturday night, with plenty of counting. The sign for Labor on Saturday night, will be the swing, if there is one, it will show.

  5. Seeing other SA bludgers comments on friends with covid In Adelaide I can confirm similar stories amongst people I know for the first time.

    This is already having real world consequences. One large engineering firm I do work for, plus another government office, are already back to working from home with Teams meetings for all non-essential contact. So we are soon back to square one for getting some activity back into the city. I’d hate to own a coffee shop.

    Even worse Xanthippe knows four clinicians who work at the W&C who are off on covid or isolation. So you can forget about elective surgery.

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