Essential Research state and federal leadership polling

High and improving personal ratings for all incumbent leaders, as concern about COVID-19 eases just slightly.

The latest fortnightly Essential Research survey includes the pollster’s monthly leadership ratings, which find Scott Morrison up three on approval to 66% and down two on approval to 25%, Anthony Albanese down four on approval to 40% and up four on disapproval to 39%, and Morrison holding a 53-24 lead as preferred prime minister, out from 50-25. There was also a six point increase in the government’s good rating on COVID-19 response to 67%, with the poor rating steady on 15%.

As it did a fortnight ago, the poll also asked about the mainland state premiers from the small sub-samples in the relevant states: Gladys Berejiklian was at 75% approval (up seven) and 17% disapproval (down four); Daniel Andrews at 65% approval (up four) and 28% disapproval (down five); Annastacia Palazczuk at 65% approval (steady) and 27% disapproval (up three); Mark McGowan at 87% (up nine) approval and 7% disapproval (down five); and Steven Marshall, who was not featured in last fortnight’s polling, at 60% approval and 21% disapproval. State government handling of COVID-19 was rated as good by 82% of respondents in Western Australia, 76% in South Australia, 75% in New South Wales, 71% in Queensland and 59% in Victoria.

Respondents were asked how much attention they had been paying to recent news stories, with 73% saying they had closely followed the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, 68% the US presidential election, 36% the allegations of sexual misconduct raised by the ABC’s Four Corners, and 29% Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation from the shadow cabinet. It also finds an easing in concern over COVID-19, with 27% rating themselves very concerned (down three), 44% quite concerned (down two), 23% not that concerned (up three) and 6% not at all concerned (up two). The peak of concern was in early August, when 50% were very concerned, 40% quite concerned, 7% not that concerned and 3% not at all concerned.

The poll was conducted Wednesday to Monday from a sample of 1010.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. davidwh
    Politicians do slogans, stay away from reality, its the Australian way, Australian made so to speak.
    Morrison does Australian made slogans, everything else the LNP touch turns to ….
    Thinking Australians wonder about bringing back Australian made. Unlikely!
    The yobbos and bogans just want another cap, look at the PM.
    There exists a great disconnect between voting and reality.
    The amazing response from the individual Australian states is Australian made! (or Victorian or Queensland or)
    The cartoonists get it and show it. The PM gets it and uses it.
    Australian made products are hugely expensive and not economical to produce. The LNP know this but find the concept useful to manipulate the cap wearers, bash the unions and sell off the farm for selective pockets.
    Joe Hockey killed off Australia’s car industry but it was happening anyway!
    Labor’s “bold plan” with a thoughtful Marlesy shouldn’t frighten the cap wearers’ horses, if fact its so good that the current cap wearer PM will own Labor’s bold plan by the next election. The yobbos and bogans will take the milk from the saucer.
    A good maneuver by Labor, no game breaker, a shot in the right direction.
    Australian made, just a curiosity in reality, without requiring too much thought.
    Don’t waste too much time on the “how”.
    Elections are decided by “Labor will steal your utes”
    Elections are decided by Labor will steal your (non existent) franking credits.
    Or Labor will steal everything with “death taxes”
    Or Labor will cause a blackout on a hot day!
    How’s Tony’s Minister for Aborigines going?
    GBR all good now? Water flowing along the inland waterways? Inland railway? Bushfire rebuilding perhaps?
    Coal still ” good for humanity ” is it ?
    The current PM least problem is “how you go about…….”
    That just complicates the mechanism under the cap!

  2. rhwombat:

    Dunno. This is PR speak for finance, not integrated reporting for clinical use.

    Now we have three phase three trials reporting 90% something, or perhaps 95% something (or something else?)

    It has gone the way of James Halliday’s wine ratings, where halving the distance to 100 doubles the quality (asymptotic though not asymptomatic)

    Presumably there will be some non PR results when someone feels like it?

    I do see an upside – anything above 90% (whatever) is presumably somewhat effective – so they all (all five?) go into scale production, and this may well help with the distribution problem.

  3. Did no-one see the train wreck that was the first question on Q&A last night, re: Gladys Berejiklian not self-isolating while awaiting COVID-19 test results after losing her voice? Her actions in ignoring the advice to self-isolate were (of course) defended by Liberal NSW state MP Stuart Ayers, stating in effect that she didn’t need to self-isolate because she felt OK and wasn’t displaying any symptoms. He then went on to state that you don’t need to get tested for COVID-19 unless you are displaying symptoms.

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