BludgerTrack: 52.1-47.9 to Labor

Not much movement in the weekly federal poll aggregate, although what little change there has been is consistent with a recent trend to Labor.

Only one new federal poll this week, that being the always reliable Essential Research, and it has made only the most negligible of differences to the weekly BludgerTrack poll aggregate numbers. Nonetheless, the 0.2% shift to Labor on two-party preferred is sufficient to score them an extra seat in Queensland on the seat projection. Essential also provided its once-monthly new data point for the leadership ratings, and while Bill Shorten is up a little on net approval, here too there is no real change worth writing home about.

If you’re after a meatier read than this post has been able to offer, you may enjoy my paywalled article in Crikey yesterday on the apparent leftward drift in voter sentiment over the past two decades, and the absence of the growing polarisation so widely noted in the United States. I also have a rather extensive new post on developments in the Victorian election campaign.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [c 1783 – Yes if this Newspoll blows the Libs out of the water what will Hartcher and all the sycophants at The Australian say about TA’s performance at the G20?]

    Personally I’m not fussed about the Newspoll, but that our govt is clearly out of step with the rest of the world, such that almost everything Abbott opened the weekend conference with to the leaders ended up being undermined by the resultant communiques.

  2. A lot of good-hearted teasing of Turnbull going on. He is enjoying it while half-heartedly defending the honour of his Dear Leader.

    Turnbull looks a bit like he knows what the Newspoll figures are…

  3. Ben Elton is excellent value. He is saving Tanya Plibersek from having to do a lot of work. As a non politician in shorter time too.

  4. [Samantha Maiden @samanthamaiden · 15m 15 minutes ago
    Love that Libs are rolling out @TurnbullMalcolm and @JulieBishopMP to clean up G20. Interesting.]

    Someone made that same point earlier.

  5. Evidently the Hilton staff report that Putin had a taster for his food.

    I’m pretty sure he’d be aware polonium is tasteless and takes days to work.

  6. LOL the Daily Telegraph doesn’t push a particular political agenda, but campaigns for the interests of its readers!


  7. [
    Hey. Plibersek just channelled DTT.]

    Plibersek said “darkies in Africa”?!

    I find that very hard to believe, but this is Qanda’s awful format after all.

  8. Newspoll

    55-45 2PP to ALP

    Primaries: Coalition 36, ALP 39, Greens 11

    Abbott: Satisfied 36, Dissatisfied 55
    Shorten: Satisfied 39, Dissatisfied 41

    Better PM Abbott: 37, Shorten 43

    Nov 14-16

    1166 sample

  9. Tony Burke, that glorious representative of ALP integrity and intelligence (or just a typical ALP political careerist??)… dismissed Islamic State terror as no different from the IRA, which to him was just the same as a “Catholic State!”!

    The fact that this is so untrue and dishonest is hardly surprising given that the ALP is just a more effective tory party than the blue tories in delivering the poor and working class to neo-liberal exploitation.

  10. Enjoyed watching Angela Merkel answering questions at Lowy Institute today. Had PJK chuckling whilst JWH 2 seats along looked like he was asleep.

    Despite giving her speech and answering all the questions in German, the last question from the moderator included an aside which was a thank you to Merkel for helping him with some technical problem earlier in the day, saying it was helpful to have a physicist as a leader.

    To which Merkel replied in perfect English, “Yes, but I was a theoretical physicist, so I only helped you in theory.”

    Ji Xinping also speaks perfect English, as does Putin. Both choose to give their speeches and pressers in their native tongue.

    Our English born PM is monolingual.

  11. s

    The IRA did not decapitate people live on the vid but it was a very, very nasty sectarian-based brutal murdering organisation which dealt in the coin of terror.

  12. [Our English born PM is monolingual.]

    And has expressed a desire for deeper ties with the Anglosphere.

    Keating was right: you change the govt, you change the country.

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