South Australian election live

A thread for discussion of tonight’s South Australian election count as the results roll in.

As I type, polling booths in South Australia are set to close at any tick of the clock. I do so from the studios of ABC Television in Adelaide, where I’ll be standing in for Antony Green, who spends the evening grappling with Tasmania’s high-maintenance electoral system. Obviously I won’t have much to offer in the way of live commentary on this site, but here’s a thread where you can call the toss as the results roll in.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Sky reporting exit polls 52-48 to Libs with 3% swing in marginals so easy Lib win.

    Then again, they also said that last time.

  2. As I said in the other thread… let’s remember Newspoll’s Federal Election exit poll, which had the LNP winning 97 seats and Griffith at 50/50…

    I mean, I fully expect a Liberal Government one way or another… but Australia still isn’t really that good on exit polling.

  3. Listen to ABC Radio coverage.

    For what it is worth Liberal Jamie Briggs did not seem confident of the Liberals claiming Ashford but extremely confident of picking up Torrens.

    Michael Atkinson seems to be a bit worried about Giles.

  4. Confessions

    There used to be a tradition years ago where election night coverage was a time to just step away from partisan positions in the interests of informing the brewers
    I think nick Minchin is one of the first I saw throw that in the bin and if has got worse since.
    I imagine watching Abetz tonight will be even more stomach churning than usuall.

  5. GG


    So did you!]

    That’s true actually.

    When I put on the TV and said to Mrs Diogenes (who has seen William once before) that William was on, she said which one is he. I replied the one whose hair looks like mine.

  6. Edi

    [I cannot stand Vicky Chapman, she just annoys me every and any time I hear her.]

    Most people in the Liberal Party think the same.

  7. rossmcg:

    Experience has taught me it’s often the charming ones you have to be wary of. Minchin comes across as quite engaging and personable, despite having a ruthless, cunning undercurrent.

  8. At least the discussion on the SA panel is a long more diplomatic as compared to the one of the Tasmanian panel. Abetz and O’Connor are at it.

  9. What a shame for Jay!

    The Federal factors and the unpopularity of Shorten was the extra bit of lead in the saddlebags that’s cost him a surprise win!

  10. Everyone has their human side. Minchin quit politics after his son was badly injured in a boating accident. My former boss has a lot of respect for him. But he was the intellectual leader of climate denialism in the Liberal Party.

  11. Seems much of the swing to the Libs has come from others, yet others are on track to win 2 seats.

    If edwina wants to get on the table and dance, it may be a tad premature.

  12. [But he was the intellectual leader of climate denialism in the Liberal Party.]

    As well as the scientific evidence around exposure to second hand smoking and its manifest harmful effects.

  13. Early figures might be misleading but it seems we are not heading to the close election that Newspoll indicated, more of a Reachtel result election.

  14. [Portolesi and Fox GONE!]

    ABC says otherwise, no seats have changed so far. Get your knickers wet somewhere else if you wish to provide false facts on an election thread.

  15. According the ABC radio Hartley and Bright are down as losses . Also Tom Kenyon in trouble in his seat. Big swings in Mawson as well. Giles might be in trouble as well.

  16. Ed?? Edwina ?? St John
    Only you could be stupid enough top think that Shorten could have any effect on the SA Election

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