South Australian election live

A thread for discussion of tonight’s South Australian election count as the results roll in.

As I type, polling booths in South Australia are set to close at any tick of the clock. I do so from the studios of ABC Television in Adelaide, where I’ll be standing in for Antony Green, who spends the evening grappling with Tasmania’s high-maintenance electoral system. Obviously I won’t have much to offer in the way of live commentary on this site, but here’s a thread where you can call the toss as the results roll in.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Also pre-polls etc are going to heavily favor the Liberals, if Labor is not clearly winning a seat then they could be caught on those votes.

    Adelaide might be doing better for Labor than expected.

  2. ROSS MCGEE 19”

    In Vic one of the worst of tory election night know-nothings was Michael Kroger…who was a regular on panels and was always wrong ,and lacked info from the booths as the night wore on

    I recall one election where Richardson demolished him, with some very accurate predictions early in the evening which turned out to be true…while Krogers predictions all went astray…a really stupid and partisan commentator !

  3. Member for Adelaide whingeing about preferences.

    No sympathy from me. She’d be singing the praises of preferential voting if they were all going to her.

  4. Ah, its on ABC 24. Seems it isnt going quite as great for the LNP as it hoped.

    Perhaps it was the Oppo leader’s urging a Labor win yesterday. LOL!

  5. SA going to be interesting. Looks like our William has got the interesting gig, while Anthony Green has to tear his hair out over the Tassie system.

  6. Rau makes a very good point about the increased prepoll and postal votes meaning traditional campaigns get short-circuited by early voting.

  7. imacca:

    Tassie is done and dusted insofar as an overall outcome is concerned.

    Plus William got the tamer, less partisan panel.

  8. Dio:

    I myself haven’t voted on an actual election day for years now. I happily tell all my friends and family and colleagues the benefits of early voting (no queues, no HTVers etc), and have managed to convince most of them to either early vote or postal vote.

    I think Rau’s point is a very salient one these days.

  9. My two bobs worth – has the completion of the South Road extension, Adelaide Oval and the RAH underway proving to people that the ALP does get thing done? Plus how were the Libs going to pay for everything if you going to cap rates, cut taxes etc – something has to give.

  10. Tonight might hopefully lead to bigger and better things for William.

    He seems to be getting some regular ABC spots here and there.

  11. 3% swing away from the ALP. I can’t see them getting a majority.

    My prediction of a Lib minority government is looking pretty good.

    19 Lab
    19 Lib
    2 Indies so far

  12. @Psephos 87

    Check the Seats in Doubt though – two more ALP seats have the Libs ahead (a third in doubt seat, Wright, has the ALP ahead).

    If those go the way they are, we will have 23 ALP, 22 LIB, 2 IND.

  13. Ashford will probably go too though (ABC computer hasn’t made a prediction, but the swings off the early booths look easily big enough to knock it over).

    That’d give us 23 Libs, 22 Labor and 2 Independents.

  14. Colton would be the next target for the Libs after that, to get a 24th seat. Early booths look like Caica is holding on though.

  15. …and Adelaide is no longer listed as an ALP gain. On the plus side for the ALP, they’re still in front in Colton and Elder, and a small swing to them has appeared in Mitchell.

  16. [Tonight might hopefully lead to bigger and better things for William.
    He seems to be getting some regular ABC spots here and there.]

    I hope he does not forget us.

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